Do Chromebook Chargers Go Bad? How Long Do Chromebook Chargers Last? (Explained)

The charger is one of the essential accessories for your Chromebook, so you must maintain this vital part of your computer. While they have the potential to serve you for a few years, they are also susceptible to damage.

Since chargers are relatively cheap, most people don’t care to prevent them from going bad. Before even talking about chargers going bad, why don’t we start by checking if Chromebook chargers do go bad in the first place?

If you’re experiencing charger issues with your Chromebook, you needn’t worry, as this article will answer some of the frequently asked questions about Chromebook chargers and provide a few tips on how to get the best out of your Charger.

Do Chromebook Chargers Go Bad? How Long Do Chromebook Chargers Last?

Chromebook chargers are like most other computer accessories; they have a lifespan and will stop working once their tenure is due. However, a charger may stop working due to a high power current or physical damage. Whichever scenario you find yourself in, you can get a replacement for your charger at most online or offline computer stores.

Should I Try A Third Party Charger For My Chromebook?

charging chromebook with usb c

Your best option is to use your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) charger to charge your Chromebook. If the included charger is faulty, you can use a third-party charger to charge your Chromebook, but you shouldn’t expect the same results as with the OEM charger. In some cases, external chargers may not even work for your Chromebook.

Why Do Chromebook Chargers Keep Breaking?

Your Chromebook chargers might be substandard if they keep breaking even after repairing them countless times, and it could also be because you applied too much pressure on the cable. The most important aspect of maintaining your Chromebook’s charger is to use it under the best possible conditions and protect it from unnecessary force.

What Does Low Power Charger Mean On A Chromebook?

The low-power charger is a notification that signals to you that your Chromebook isn’t getting enough charging power while in use. Your Chromebook signals that it’ll take longer than expected to charge. You’ll likely get this problem if you use an external charger that’s not as strong as the included one.

Why Isn’t My Chromebook Charging When Plugged In?

If your Chromebook isn’t charging, it’s usually due to a faulty charger. If your charger is good, check if the charger and adapter cables are correctly connected on both ends. If they are, it’s likely due to a faulty charging port. Software issues might also cause charging problems for your Chromebook.

How To Turn Off Low Power Charger On Chromebook?

Since you know the primary reason your computer displays the “Low Power Charger,” the next step is getting rid of it. Solving this issue is pretty straightforward; suppose you follow due process. Here are two ways to correct the “Low Power Charger” issue.

Change Your Charger

If you’ve been using your charger for a few years, it might be time to replace it with a new one compatible with your Chromebook. Chargers only cost a few dollars, so you shouldn’t expect years of use from one. Check the charging port for dirt and debris and remove them, as they may also cause charging problems for your Chromebook.

Perform A Hardware Reset

If replacing your charger doesn’t work, you should consider resetting your Chromebook. Performing a hard reset on your Chromebook will fix issues with the major hardware components and hopefully erase the “Low Power Charge” error message.

Why Did My Chromebook Charger Stop Working?

Your charger may stop working if it’s damaged or faulty. You may need to replace your charger when it becomes defective since repairing a charger is not recommended. Before replacing the charger, however, consider testing it with another outlet to confirm that the problem isn’t really with the outlet itself.

How Long Does A Chromebook Charge Last?

Chromebooks have the most robust battery life among laptops, which isn’t an exaggeration, with the average Chromebook having 10 hours of battery life. If you want a computer that undertakes lightweight tasks with lengthy battery life, then Chromebook is a perfect choice.

Can You Replace A Chromebook Charger?

If your Chromebook uses the standard USB-C charging connector, the charger you use for your other devices should work with it. Otherwise, you should be able to find a replacement charger in online and offline stores for a couple of bucks. 

How Much Does a School Chromebook Charger Cost?

The price depends on your type of school Chromebook. However, according to various online stores, the price range for school Chromebook chargers should be around $5 to $30. You can also use the charger that already works for your phone if it uses the USB-C connector.

Are All Chromebook Chargers The Same?

Most Chromebooks have a USB Type-C port with a plug adapter; some use the port as their primary charging outlet. USB Type-C ports are becoming more popular among smartphones and computers, making your Chromebook likely to have one. However, not all Chromebook chargers are the same.


When replacing your Chromebook charger, you should consider paying top dollar to get the best quality charger. Given that the top dollar in laptop charger terms is around $20, you shouldn’t be shelling out a lot of money either way.

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