Why Does My Chromebook Keep Restarting? (11 Fixes)

In computing, restart means rebooting and reloading the operating system. It is the process of Re-running a computer system, intentionally or unintentionally. 

In most cases, a computer restart is done because new software or hardware installation requires it or perhaps due to applications not responding. Restarting a computer system can also help to fix slow-running applications. 

However, your computer system may auto-restart for other reasons, probably due to hardware malfunction and power disruptions. In this situation, specific measures must be taken to ensure the safe recovery of your computer system from becoming completely crashed. 

Even sometimes, the Chromebook keeps restarting unexpectedly, and many people face this issue.

So what are the reasons behind it? Here’s a complete guide with 11 Fixes for your Chromebook that keeps restarting unexpectedly.

Why Does My Chromebook Keep Restarting?

Your Chromebook keeps restarting because of overheating of the system. Chromebooks are customized so that if the temperature limit has been reached, it instantly turns off automatically.

11 Fixes For Why My Chromebook Keeps Restarting (Solutions)

Like any other laptop, Chromebooks are prone to having issues, and some of the challenges encountered by Chromebook users can sometimes prove cumbersome to resolve. The Restarting challenges you’re facing with your Chromebook can be solved by discovering quick and easy fixes for your Chromebook issues.

11 Fixes For Why My Chromebook Keeps Restarting (Solutions)

1. Hardware Reset

Simply turn off your Chromebook by holding down the Power button. Afterward, press the Refresh + Power button to turn the system back on. Once the Chromebook starts up again, release the Refresh button. 

2. Browser Reset

Power up your computer and open Chrome. At the top corner, click more, then setting and open Advanced. After that, click Reset settings > Restore settings to their original defaults> Reset settings.

3. Factory Reset (Powerwash)

Simply sign out of your Chromebook, press and hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift + r, and select Restart. You should see a box on display, select Power-wash and continue. Follow carefully the instructions that appear on the screen.

Sign in with your Google Account. However, remember that this account will be the Chromebook’s owner account. After completing the reset, follow the onscreen instructions to finalize your Chromebook setup.

4. Do A Recovery

Press and hold Esc + Refresh; press the Power button and let go of Power.

5. Ensure Proper Shutdown & Reboot

To do this, firstly, save your progress and log out of your user session. Now, press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds, and you can reboot by pressing the Power button. 

6. Try Soft Reset

Press and hold the Refresh button and then press the Power button. 

7. Is Your Chromebook Overheating

Chromebook Overheating can be resolved by closing too many open tabs and apps and through a system reset by shutting down for some minutes and then Pressing the Power button to reboot. 

8. An App Or Extension’s Interference

Chromebook app interference can result from Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connections causing Chrome OS to experience glitches and sometimes might also cause Chromebook apps to crash. 

9. Wrong Shut-Off Settings 

Shutting down your Chromebook wrongly can result in system failure, and the wrong shutting off on your Chromebook can be due to Overheating. Other than that, it may be that your Chromebook’s Power button is malfunctioning and needs fixing. 

10. Charging Issues

If your charger or adapter cables are fully plugged into your Chromebook charging port and the wall socket/power outlet. Ensure the power outlet is working. Remove and replace the Chromebook battery. If the charging issue is still unresolved, then retry charging.

11. Software Updates

To update your Chromebook software, go to settings, enter About Chrome OS at the left corner, then click the Check for updates icon on your screen. If any software update is available, your Chromebook will start downloading automatically.

After the download, Restart your Chromebook to finalize the update when notified. Ensure you have an internet connection available before initiating software updates. 

What To Do If Your Chromebook Keeps Turning Off? 

Chromebooks turning off without any control can be due to faulty hardware. Try doing a hardware reset and browser reset also as a follow-up. If the issue persists, you must do a Factory reset (Powerwash). If the issue is not resolved after this, make a system recovery, and this should be done after all other measures have been employed. Contact a repair agency if you’ve done all the above resets and turning off the problem still indicates a hardware problem. 

Why Does My Chromebook Keeps Restarting After Powerwash? 

Your Chromebook seems to have faulty hardware if, after a Powerwash, it keeps restarting. A Powerwash or Factory reset completely restores your Chromebook to its original state as made from the factory. If the Restarting persists, make a Recovery, which will reload the Chrome OS and clean up from developer mode.


Why Does My Chromebook Keep Restarting When I Close It? 

Usually, when Chromebook is closed, Chrome OS goes into sleep mode; this happens when sleep is enabled in the Chromebook settings. However, if it restarts instead of going into sleep mode, it simply means your Chromebook is Overheating and needs cooling. 

Why Does My Chromebook Keep Turning Off When I Move It?

There might be a hardware fault on your Chromebook. Although, in most cases, it is usually the battery that might be unstable. Try removing and replacing the battery. 

Why Chromebook Randomly Shuts Off And Won’t Turn Back On?

Check your Chromebook battery life; the battery could need to be charged. Also, it can be due to Chrome OS requiring updates. 

Why Does My Chromebook Keep Restarting Unexpectedly?

Unexpected or uncontrolled Restarts can result from faulty hardware and system Overheating. You also might be experiencing this because your Chromebook battery is malfunctioning. 

Why Does My School Chromebook Keep Restarting?

Outdated software, faulty hardware, overheating, and other software glitches in your Chromebook can lead it to keep restarting.



Unexpected and random restarts can indicate major faults to your Chromebook system, hardware issues, or battery problems, and restarts on your Chromebook should be followed up by system diagnosis and software updates.

Persistent Restarts can be further resolved via hard reset, factory reset, or system recovery. If all efforts to ameliorate the problem fail, contact a repair facility to fix the issue properly.

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