About TechFixify & The Story Behind It

So, here on TechFixify, we focus on solving people’s queries about tech gadgets. We have in-depth articles on Laptops, PlayStations, Smartphones, and many more.

Here’s more about our author and founder of TechFixify.

About Ramesh Devasi

Hey, I’m Ramesh Devasi, the man behind TechFixify. A geek and a bibliophilic guy. I have been in this digital world for over 5 years, and I love sharing my experience here.

I love to read books, one of my favorite hobbies since childhood. Other than that, traveling has inspired me to be calm. 

And yes, I’ve been artistic since my school days, so designing is something which I’m very interested in. 

So, how did I start TechFixify?

Story Behind TechFixify

In my summer holidays in 10th grade, I started a website called CauliTech on the blogspot platform. For a year, I kept writing articles related to technology on that platform. 

Later I moved to WordPress, and after almost four years and nine months, I decided to re-brand my website from CauliTech to TechFixify.

In my college days, I had a deep interest in the digital world, and from then up to now, I just loved to share my ideas and solutions through articles with you guys.

I have a Samsung Laptop with 8GB ram and some 512GB storage which my dad gave me when I was in the 6th grade in 2013, and at that time, I just used to listen to songs and nothing else.

As a hostel kid, I got significantly less time to explore that laptop as I was mainly in the boarding school.

I still have that laptop, which is very close to my heart, which is why I started this tech blog.

Also, my sister has a Lenovo Laptop’s base model, which is often used to get into some issues 3-4 times a week. 

And I, as a geeky-technician guy in the house, would solve it proudly, and everyone would be happy that the repairing cost of the laptop is saved, lol!

So solving these minor issues of laptops, and smartphones, I got my way here.

As a tech enthusiast, I love sharing my experience on this blog.

Now, I’m using the Apple 2020 Macbook Air M1 (8/256) with a BenQ 23.8-inch external monitor. 

I love to use both of these operating systems – Windows and Mac!

As for my certifications, I’m done with my secondary education. 

During the 2018 summer holidays, I’ve also done the most popular IT Literacy course in Maharashtra, India, where I live.

This course is called – MS-CIT.

I have done many more certifications, and I am a lifelong learner, always eager to expand my knowledge and skills.

You can get in touch with me here, Contact Page.

Keep Reading, and Keep Sharing!

Ramesh Devasi.