Do Chromebook Keys Come Off? How To Reattach? (Explained)

Like every other laptop device, Chromebooks have a typing keyboard comprising different keys to help you navigate the Internet or perhaps gaming. Keyboards are crucial in laptop setup and operation; most programming and designing require using keys.

Now, you might wonder, what if the keys start to malfunction or, perhaps due to overuse, begin to come off one after the other? Well, most certainly not in all cases of long-term usage of laptops, as manufacturers and laptop engineers ensure that the keyboards are appropriately set up and fixed firmly in the correct order. 

Do Chromebook Keys Come Off? Can You Take Off The Chromebook Keys?

Chromebook keys only come off when you try to pry them out. You can even reinsert the key as long as you have the key and the keyboard undamaged.

My Chromebook’s Key Have Came Off; What Can I Do Now?

Firstly, please don’t panic about it. You can reinsert it back into position so long as the key is with you, and also, there has been no damage to either the Key or the keyboard. 

Should there be any damage sustained, you may require the services of your laptop support center. 

How To Put A Key Back On A HP Chromebook?

Chromebook's Key Have Came Off

To do this, you have to; 

  • Access the damage to know if the Key that came off can be replaced.
  • Check out the clip and Keycap on the keyboard.
  • Observe well enough where the Key plugs in.
  • You should see a rubber knob on the opening where the Key fell out.
  • Ensure the metal bracket and Keycaps are in shape.
  • Insert into the position gently and precisely.
  • Press down moderately using your finger; as you do this, you should hear a click sound, indicating that the key is well placed. 

How To Put Chromebook Keys Back On?

Simple, all you need do is to follow these instructions;

  • Underneath every key, there is a retainer clip; ensure the retainer clip is firmly attached.
  • If the clip isn’t in place, fix it into position; on doing this, you should hear a clicking kind of sound indicating the accurate placement of the retainer clip.
  • Get your key and directly place it on the retainer clip.
  • Gently put the keycap back on and push softly. 

How Do I Take The Keys Off My Chromebook?

Chromebook keys come off easily if you try hard enough. Here’s how it’s done;

  • Make sure your Chromebook is turned off.
  • Get a flat-head screwdriver; the smaller, the better, though.
  • Gently insert the screwdriver onto the top of the retainer clip underneath the keycap.
  • Pry out the key with a little push of the screw head upwards.
  • The key should come off after a slight push.

Can You Take The Keys Off A Chromebook And Put It Back On?

Yes! Of course, the Chromebook keys are removable, and you can even put it back on; Chromebook keys are not so difficult to remove and replace. Although, you have to be careful not to damage any part during removal. 

Can Chromebook Keys Be Replaced?

Yes, the Chromebook keys can be replaced, and broken or damaged keys can be changed and still work perfectly. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Key On A Chromebook?

The Chromebook keyboard key is an entirely Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product. To replace a key on a Chromebook keyboard costs $8-$10; you can also decide to get it fairly used at a lower price, say $5. 

How Do You Fix A Broken Key On A Chromebook?

Assess the keycap’s state and closely observe the broken region to see if it can be reattached to the Chromebook keyboard. When the broken key cannot be reattached due to damage to its parts, it must be replaced.

How To Put A Key Back On A Chromebook Acer?

It would be best to look at the position where the key came off; then, carefully insert the keycap (the plastic covering over the key switch) onto the keyboard and press down gently. You should hear a snap indicating the key has been appropriately placed.

How To Put A Key Back On A Dell Chromebook?

To put a removed key back onto your Dell Chromebook, you need to;

  • Assemble the retainer clips that hold the keycap in place, and ensure they are adequately adjoined.
  • Attach the assembled clips to the keyboard.
  • Place the rubber knob in the center; this sits directly in the middle of the assembled clips.
  • Place your keyboard key on the retainer clips; the keycap should fit firmly on the rubber knob.
  • Softly push the key so it locks in. 


Do Chromebook 11 G5’s Keys Come Off?

Yes, the keys come off and can be removed and replaced. 


Chromebook keys are sensitive to touch and sometimes delicate but are masterfully engineered to stick firmly to the keyboard. Even when they come off, they are easily reattached except in broken keycaps and retainer clips. 

Overall, Chromebook keys are highly functional and seldom require replacement from mechanical damage.

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