Can Chromebook Annotate On Zoom? (Explained)

The rapid spread of COVID-19 forced millions of people to stay indoors, cutting off physical socialization. However, this didn’t tarry long as virtual socialization became established via media channels and video conferencing services such as Zoom.

During the pre-COVID-19 era, Zoom was unexplored and relatively unpopular. It became prominent more than a year into the pandemic, serving as an indoor platform for virtual meetings, gatherings, and parties. 

Zoom annotations, a function within the Zoom software, allow partakers to outline, type, and write over a general screen in a meeting. These annotations enable the meeting members to communicate ideas and information relatively clearly. 

Can Chromebook Annotate On Zoom?

Chromebooks cannot annotate on Zoom, at least not directly. The annotation function is unavailable for ChromeOS, and an alternative is to download and install the Page Marker Google Chrome extension. 

Students with Chromebooks must install the Zoom Rooms Application to enable the annotation feature.

How Do You Annotate On A Chromebook With Zoom?

How Do You Annotate On A Chromebook With Zoom

To Annotate on your Chromebook, all you need to do is follow these simple steps;

  • Ensure you have downloaded the page marker extension on your Chromebook.
  • Enter into a website you would like to share with your Zoom Participants. 
  • Open a worksheet you wish to Annotate. 
  • Tap on the page marker tool and select. 
  • Start annotating on your worksheet screen. 

Why Can’t I Annotate On Zoom On Chromebook?

Annotation on Zoom on Chromebook is impossible because Chromebook Operating software (ChromeOS) does not support annotation on Zoom. The zoom annotation function is unavailable for your Chromebook. 

How To Annotate On Zoom As A Participant?

Annotation on Zoom is relatively easy once you’ve enabled the particular function. Once the annotation is enabled, tap on the annotate tool in the toolbar. To find the annotation icon, tap on the view options at the top of the screen; this will lead you to the annotation menu. 

The Annotate menu displays the available annotation tools. Texts and drawings can be made, as well as highlights on details. 

How To Annotate On Zoom On iPad?

The annotation tool is available for Apple mobile devices (iPad or iPhone). To Annotate on Zoom using an iPad, all you have to do is;

  • Tap on the share screen icon using your apple pencil or finger.
  • Go to the annotation toolbar icon. 
  • Tap or select the function you wish to execute, whether the draw, text, highlight, or spotlight.

Zoom Annotation Tools Not Showing?

Access to Zoom annotation is by permission from the host or Zoom administrator, and your Zoom annotation may as well be disabled. In most cases, you’d have to communicate with your host to allow you to Annotate on the shared screen.

How Do I Draw On A PDF In Chrome?

The Chrome browser is generally regarded as the most powerful, although you cannot draw on a PDF file in Chrome. To get started with drawing on a PDF,  you need to;

  • Firstly, open the PDF file via Adobe Acrobat.
  • At the top right corner, you should see the annotation toolbar. Tap on it. 
  • The toolbar displays several options; tap on the drawing tool, and you’re all set to work. 

How Do You Annotate On Someone Else’s Zoom Screen On A Chromebook?

Your Zoom host permits you to do this. Annotating on the Zoom admin’s shared screen is done on a Chromebook simply by joining the host/admin shared screen as a participant.

After that, tap the annotate icon on your screen-sharing toolbar to display the annotation tools. The tools on display can be used for texting, drawing, highlighting, or stamping respectively.

Note that, to Annotate, you must first enable screen sharing and then enable annotation. 

Can Students Annotate On Chromebooks?

As students, you must install the Zoom Rooms Application to enable the annotation feature.

Students can annotate on Chromebooks using PDFs or the Chrome browser. You can do this successfully without downloading and installing additional software, such as Adobe Acrobat.


Chromebook features may be limited regarding Zoom, but they still get the work done. Regular upgrade of your Chrome OS enables you to experience certain features on your Chromebook. Zoom Annotation on Chromebook serves you better with an upgraded system; version improvement allows you to utilize specific functions within the software entirely.

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