Why Can’t I Inspect On Chromebook? Easy (Explained)

Inspect element is a modern Web browser feature that allows anyone to view and edit the source code of a website, including its HTML, JavaScript, and media files. Modifications to the source code using the inspect tool are shown live within the browser window.

Inspect Element is an excellent way to learn the Web’s working principles and discover what needs fixing on your sites. Developers, designers, and marketers utilize it to peep into any website to preview content, fix bugs, and study the overall build-up of a particular website.

The inspect element feature is a straightforward yet powerful feature for Web developers.

Why Can’t I Inspect On Chromebook? 

If you cannot use the “Inspect Element” function on your school Chromebook, it is evident that the school administrators have disabled it. If it’s essential to work, you can reach out to your school IT teachers and tell them about it.

Why Can’t I Inspect On A School Chromebook? 

Why Can't I Inspect On A School Chromebook

Usually, schools disable the inspect function on a Chromebook; they probably do not want you to have access to just any website. Thus, only school and academic-related works are your Chromebook’s priority. 

How To Enable Inspect On Chrome? 

Launch Google Chrome and navigate to the Web page you wish to inspect. Click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner of your screen. From the menu on display, click on more tools -> developer tools. 

Windows Users can use Control + Shift + C as a shortcut.

How To Inspect On Chromebook If Blocked?

Unfortunately, you cannot do this; if inspect is blocked on your Chromebook, you can’t enable the inspect function using the normal method. 

You’ll have to unblock it to access this tool. 

What Is Inspect Element Shortcut On Chromebook?

Ctrl + Shift + C 

Use Ctrl + Shift + C to access the Developer Tools in Inspect Element mode on your Chromebook using a Web browser.  

How To Unblock Inspect Element On School Chromebook? 

On your school Chromebook, open a Web browser and double-click any tab, and press the Edit option. Erase or delete the URL, paste your inspect code, and rename your tab “Inspect Element,” enter Done. 

Click on any text, and you can edit it to your own. 

Why Is My Inspect Greyed Out?

Inspect element is greyed out when a user enters location information. Most browsers and devices have permission to access the user’s geographical location.

Why Is My Inspect Element Not Working?

This may be a cache issue; try clearing your cache to free up space. Or it could be that your inspect element is blocked; you can also try to unblock it. 

Is It Illegal To Use Inspect Element?

No, it is not illegal to use inspect elements; however, exploiting the vulnerability of websites for profit and fraudulent acts is illegal. 

How Do I Unblock Developer Tools On Chromebook?

Put your device into Recovery Mode to Unblock Developer Tools on your Chromebook. You can execute this by holding the Escape + Refresh key and pressing the Power Button

This will reboot your Chromebook and prompt you to finalize the initial setup process again. Now, you’re all set with Developer Mode on your Chromebook.

Can Teachers See If You Inspect Element?

No, the teacher will not be aware, and they wouldn’t be notified because Google Forms doesn’t have such functionality. 

However, if you’re using an account managed by your school, the school administration system will have access to your account activity on your Chromebook.

Can You Get Caught Using Inspect?

Yes, you can get caught using Inspect. Some developers have cookies on their websites and always have your browser’s cookies. So whenever they want to check your activity, they actually can.


Inspect element” can grant access to website source codes and files; however, there might be restrictions to doing this as most website developers put in protective measures to disallow malicious users from manipulating their Web pages.

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