How To Remove School Administrator From Chromebook? (2023 Guide)

If you got a new Chromebook on eBay, the chances are that it is still enrolled with an organization. That means you’ll be unable to use the device until it’s unenrolled by the school that’s currently the Chromebook’s administrator.

The best way to bypass this is to remove the school as an administrator from the Chromebook. While that is certainly not easy, it’s also not impossible, and this article will take you through a step-by-step guide on removing a school administrator from a Chromebook.

How To Remove School Administrator From Chromebook? (Step-By-Step)

You can remove a school administrator on a Chromebook. The easiest method way is to power-wash the computer. However, you should note that it might be illegal to power wash an active school Chromebook unless you get permission from the administrator to do so. Follow these steps to power wash your computer.

1. Switch To Developer Mode

Switching to Developer Mode is the first step toward resetting your Chromebook. Combine the “ESC,” “Refresh,” and “Power” Buttons to enter developer mode. The computer will send a message asking you to insert recovery media since the operating system is damaged.

Once the message appears, press the “CTRL” and “D” buttons simultaneously and Enter. This action sequence will restart your computer and take you directly to the Chrome OS developer mode afterward.

2. Reset The Computer

Lastly, press the “CTRL” and “D” buttons again. This time your computer will finally power wash. A power wash is just like a factory reset on a Windows computer; the Chromebook will wipe out all the files, videos, and accounts on it.

The resetting process will take some time, depending on your computer model and the internet speed. When the process is complete, you must enable system verification and return to default mode. Completing this process means your computer is free from school or administrator control.

You can even take help from this video; thank me later 😉

How To Get Rid Of Administrator On Chromebook?

Simply go to the Chromebook sign-in screen, where you will see a list of profiles. Select the user you want to remove and click on the down arrow next to the profile name. Finally, select Remove the user, and the computer will remove the user.

How To Unenroll A School Chromebook Without Developer Mode?

You’ll have to enable developer mode before unenrolling a school Chromebook. After that, you must go to the Chromebook OS recovery mode, where you can power wash your Chromebook to successfully unenroll it from the registered institution.

How To Remove Owner Account From Chromebook?

Removing the owner account in your Chromebook is necessary if you want to sell it or give it away. Unfortunately, the only way you can do this is to powerwash your Chromebook. You can reset your system through the settings; resetting the computer will erase everything on the Chromebook.

How Do I Get Rid Of Managed By Administrator On My Chromebook?

You can get rid of “Managed by Administrator” on your Chromebook through the Google Admin Console. Removing managed by administrator means you can now set your Chromebook to be managed by you rather than a third-party administrator.

How Do I Turn Off School Restrictions On Chromebook?

The only way to turn off school restrictions on a Chromebook is by having the school remove them or power wash the device. Since it’s virtually impossible to get your school to remove the restrictions on your Chromebook, you’re only left with the power wash option.

Can You Powerwash A School Chromebook?

You can power wash a Chromebook from a school by following the instructions provided above. However, you should be wary of doing this, as it may be illegal in some circumstances. Also, power washing a Chromebook given to you by your school might be a breach of the school rules, which might be punishable.

What Happens If You Powerwash A School Chromebook?

Power washing a school Chromebook may remove the school’s administrator account, enabling you to use the device without the school’s restrictions on their computers. However, this doesn’t always work since some managed Chromebooks can survive a power wash.

How Do You Unlock The Administrator On A Chromebook?

Hold the escape key and press the power button to boot the computer to recovery mode. Follow the on-screen instructions to erase the reset and remove admin instructions.

Can A School Chromebook Be Tracked?

If your Chromebook was given to you by your school, the school is undoubtedly tracking your activity. They can see all you do on the Chromebook, although they don’t typically spend much time doing that. If you are breaking school rules, you better not do that on the school’s computer.

Will My Account Be Deleted If I Powerwash My Chromebook?

Yes, power washing does remove all the Google accounts that were previously on the Chromebook. After completing the process, logging in with another account is recommended to restore your computer’s functionality.

How Do You Jailbreak A Managed Chromebook?

In most cases, you can’t jailbreak a managed computer; you can only jailbreak a managed account. Before power washing, it’s essential to determine if the computer or your Google account is managed. If it’s your Google account, you can simply log in with another account to bypass the restrictions.

Does Restarting Your Chromebook Delete Everything?

Restarting your Chromebook shouldn’t delete anything important on your computer. If you want to delete everything in your Chromebook, you’ll need to carry out a power wash, a far more complex process than a simple restart.

What To Do When School Chromebook Is Locked By Administrator?

There’s not much to do if your school administrator locks your Chromebook; the only feasible option is to have them unlock it by taking the computer to them. Otherwise, you can try power washing the computer, which usually doesn’t work.

Chromebook Administrator Has Blocked Developer Mode; What To Do?

If you’re using a managed Chromebook, there’s a chance that you’ll be unable to access developer mode. In that case, you’ll have to use the computer with all the restrictions that typically come with it. You may want to modify it on the hardware level to wipe the Chromebook, which has serious risks.


If you got a Chromebook still enrolled with an institution, your best bet is to contact them to unlock your device. You bought a stolen laptop that the organization has marked as missing in most cases.

You’ll have to ship the device to the rightful owners if they refuse to unlock it. Otherwise, you can try power washing it to see if that works, and this article offers a handy guide to removing a school administrator from a Chromebook.

Important – Always remove an institution’s or school administrator from Chromebook with their permission.

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