How To Get Wow Momo Franchise In India – Cost, Profit, Contact Details, Opportunity & More

Do you want to start a Wow Momo Franchise In India? This article will help you get the complete details from requirements, contact details, profit margin to apply for Wow Momo Franchise, and a few more exclusive info related to Wow! Momo. 

Wow Momo itself started in India and is a giant fast-food chain in the Indian Market. The variety & quality provided by Wow Momo is delicious, mouth-watering, and affordable. 

If there’s a need in your locality for Wow Momo’s Franchise then opening it is really a good idea, but beforehand you should do the proper market & competitor research

All these things are pointless if you don’t know about the Franchise Model and hence I’ve written this article for aspiring businessmen like you to know deeply about Wow Momo Franchise from soup to nuts (beginning to the end).

Below listed “Table Of Contents” denoted the topics that we will be going through!

How To Start Wow Momo Franchise In India?

Every budding businessman and entrepreneur wants to know the complete details of the business they are going to start beforehand. As per October 2018 Wow! Momo has 317 outlets across 13 cities in India and a few of them are Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Delhi, Noida, Chennai, Lucknow, Bangaluru, Kanpur, Hyderabad, and many more.

Opportunities are there!

As per December 2020, these 317 outlets definitely might have been increased. But still, there are opportunities to explore in your locality.

One of the leading companies in the fast-food category for momos, Wow! Momo has got a lot of praises from the customers and business tycoon for their flavorsome momos.

But how to start Wow! Momo Franchise? Well, there are a few requirements to go through and they are mentioned below!

You’ll only get approval from the Wow Momo Franchise Team if the candidate meets all the requirements of the franchise owners.

Below I’ve explained in detail the requirements needed for Wow! Momo Franchise, go through that section (it’s important).

What Are The Requirements Of Wow Momo Franchise?

Before applying for the Franchise Program of Wow! Momos you should know the basic requirements that could help you to ease the approval process! There are requirements like the Area, Skills, Region Of Operation, Staff, Training, and Investment.

Let it be any franchise the candidate needs to fulfill the requirements of the franchise. Recently I’ve written about more 2 franchise models and all of them have different requirements to go through, same goes with this!

Before becoming the franchise owner of Wow Momos, you need to fulfill a few requirements and I’ve mentioned all the requirements needed for this leading momos restaurant below!

Let’s know more about the requirements of Wow! Momos.

Skills Required

Skills is a factor to count, you should be passionate about the business including a strong desire to grow, willing to work with other people, accepting challenges, cooking, culinary skills & communicating skills.

The owner should have sufficient cooking skills, administrative, financial skills to run the business smoothly.

The staff that you’ll be keeping should have communication skills, culinary cooking skills, and should be courteous to the customers

Other than those, you must be 10th passed.

So, these were a few skills that are essential before getting into this franchise.


The area that will be required should have a kitchen and a counter. The outlet space should be enough for your workers to walk and to perform the cooking task and a counter for serving should be separate. 

Space should not be too compact, approx 200-350 square feet, is required to set up your Momo Franchise Store. The built-up area may differ depending upon the location of the outlet space.

Regions Of Operations

Well, you can open a store in your region but the locality should be good enough that the customers would make you enough sales. Wow! Momo Franchise would not work as well as in the village compared to the city.

So, your area should be urban, so that you get enough sales on monthly basis. (Urban or Rural does not matter, what matters is the number of people that you can get in a day to make good revenue is essential.)

Regions of Operations are all over India, but if you want to open a store in the area which is not that famous but you think that the outlet would run a smooth business there then you can contact the Wow! Momos Team.

As mentioned on Wikipedia Wow! Momos have 317 outlets across 13 cities in India.

Training required

Training is essential to run the business according to the franchisor so that the quality of the product comes out the original.

Other than that, there are a few things that you are taught in the training. Wow! Momos provide you 2 months of classroom & on-job training for Franchise employees.

How to handle customer, soft skill training, how to improve the culinary cooking skills, and how to achieve the sales target, these are a few things that you’ll be learning during the training.

Also they do conduct workshops.

Minimum Staff Requirement

For your Outlet, 3-5 people are enough to run the Momo Franchise. 

How To Apply For Wow Momo Franchise In India?

There are a few steps to follow while applying for Wow! Momo Franchise, you need to contact the Franchise team and asking them for the franchise form, opportunities.

When you contact them make sure you mention that you are reaching out for the franchise! 

You need to fill out the franchise form by entering your name, email, contact, and the region where you prefer to start a franchise, and other major details.

There is no official web-page created by Wow! Momo for the franchise, so you’ll need to contact them via all the available contact sources. Contact Details is an efficient way to reach out, so in the below section I’ve mentioned all the possible ways from where you can contact the franchise.

Wow Momo Franchise Contact Details

If you have any query related to the franchise or you want to reach out to the Wow Momo Franchise you can contact them via the available contact options that I’ve mentioned below!

Address29A/2E/1, Raja Subodh Chandra Mallik Road, Jadavpur, Kolkata
Wow Momo Contact Number098307 44776
Whatsaap Number+91 98755 31137
Facebook PageWow Momos
Official Website
Contact On LinkedInWow Momos Official Page
Instagram PageWow Momos

(You can take a screen shot of this table, it would be helpful)

These were some official Links that I found on the web, but all these contact details will definitely help you but you’ll not get a quick reply and for that, I’ve got a solution.

Below I’ve listed some LinkedIn profiles of business people who are COO, CBO, and Franchise Dealers of Wow! You can message them on LinkedIn and then ask for Franchise Opportunities. 

  • Senior General Manager Franchising and Business Development at Wow Momo! – Rahul Chavan
  • Co-Founder (COO) at Wow Momo – Binod Homagai
  • Co-Founder, CEO at Wow! Momo Foods Pvt. Ltd – Sagar Daryani
  • HR Executive at Wow Momo – Wow Momo
  • Sr.AVP – (Operations & Business) at Wow! Momo – Raju Nagar

These LinkedIn profiles can help you to know more about the franchise, and also you’ll get a quick response.

Product Range Of Wow Momo

Wow! Momo a fast food restaurant chain & has grown immensely in India. They are specified in momos, no doubt these momos are mouthwatering and attract people and kids, there are varieties of momos at Wow! Momo but by offering chocolate momo platter they also attract kids.

They have got a momo for every type of foodie, from vegetarian to non-veg, steam fried, pan-fried, balance diet momos, chocolate momos, chicken momo, cheese momo, chicken and cheese momo, and the list goes on. Keeping the variety of products has given them the advantage to attract all types of foodies and kids. 

Other than that they also do offer moburg the momo burger, noodles, thukpa, soups, burgers, beverages, and wow combo offers of momos to grab the attention of customers.

And they do offer delivery, birthday & anniversary parties and more, apart from that they do digital payments like Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pay, UPI etc.

They are planning to become one of the largest chain of momo restaurants in India and are looking forward to expand their business.

Short History & Sucess Story About Wow! Momo

One of the Indian fast-food chains Wow! Momos was established by two young businessmen Sagar Daryani and Binod Homagai. At the age of 21, both of them were pursuing B.Com honors from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata.

Check out this small approx 1-minute video, it will definitely inspire and let you know about Wow! Momos from where they started! (Don’t miss this video)

With the initial investment of Rs. 30,000 they started this venture in 2008. One focused on brand expansion and the other on the production of quality. Later the duo was joined by Shah Miftaur Rahman who took control over the finance.

They started selling steamed momos on stalls in hypermarkets like Big Bazaar and Springdale Spencer’s which was their initial store.

Gradually they started to expand their business in Kolkatta itself and now it’s a big brand. 

In 2019 the Tiger Global Management invested Rs. 130 Cr. and the evaluation of Wow! Momo was 860 crores.

Now they have expanded their business and to cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Cuttack, Puri, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Noida, and many more cities within the country. As per 2018 Wow! Momo has 317 outlets in across 13 cities In India.

Not only India they have their outlets in countries like Bangladesh, Tibet, Nepal, and more. (Also popularly known as dumpling)

Read more about Wow! Momo – Wikipedia Wow! Momo

List Of Awards Awarded To Wow Momos

Found a few awards that were given to Wow! Momo, so let’s have a look at the list of awards.

  • Best Dim-Sum Product Chain –Indian Restaurant Congress Award 2016
  • Best Unique Retail Concept Award – Images Retail Award 2017
  • Coca-Cola Golden Spoon Award – Best Quick Service Restaurant in Indian origin 2018
  • Coca-Cola Golden Spoon Award – Best Innovation in Store Design 2018

Wow! Momo have employed 3500 employees as of year 2019.

Benefits And USP Of Wow! Momo

Every business has it’s own USP and here we do have something unique with Wow! Momos.

Benefits Of Wow Momo Franchise In India

If you have made up your mind to invest in Wow! Momo for starting your own outlet then you must not skip this section. I will be explaining the benefits and outcomes that you’ll be getting.

  • Wow! Momos are already successful as people in India are aware of it, customers will definitely come to your store if they ever pass-by, as Wow Momo has its own Brand Value, however, they are in the market for more than 12 years now.
  • Innovation is one of the USP, the quality they serve at the price range is affordable. With the culinary cooking skills, the owners invented the style of cooking which is now loved by food lovers wildly.
  • Variety of products, they have a diversified menu in the restaurant which is accepted by all customers. They have steamed-momos, pan-fried momos, deep-fried, veg, non-veg, balanced diet, tandoori momos, moburg the momo burger, chocolate momos for kids, and many more.
  • They have their own sub-brand called Wow! China which gives you Chinese cuisine with an Indian twist, in this sub-brand they offer Chinese dishes with innovations at affordable prices.
  • They reflect the famous Indian taste in their momos which tastes authentic and proves successfully the original taste.
  • They give utmost respect to their customers and focus on their needs. 

Wow! Momos give their best when it comes to serving their customers, at special occasions, they have a respective type of special momos and discounts, combo offers which help them to drive more customers.

With creativeness and innovations they stand out to be the best and this is one of their apex USP which makes them different from the league.

What Is The Cost Required To Start A Wow Momo Franchise?

Depending on the region and the size of the franchise outlet it would approximately cost you INR 8 Lakh to INR 20 Lakh to start a Wow Momo Franchise In India!

Sooner this company will become the largest Momo restaurant chain in India. The door of opportunities are open, you just need to apply for the franchise via the form! All the details related to applying are mentioned in this article so go through it and get in touch with the Franchise Team if you really want to start your own store under Wow! Momo Franchise.

I hope that you got the approx cost amount to start the outlet! Apart from this, you have to know the profit margin, sales and expenses, and more! 

Profit Margin Of Wow Momo

Well, below I’ve briefly explained in the FAQ section that “Is Wow Momo Profitable or not?” So, let’s scratch the surface about the profit margin!

(Below mentioned figure is an estimated value and not a fixed amount it can be more or less!)

As mentioned on a few sites you can make a profit of Rs. 70,000 – Rs. 90, 000, and even more, you can expect to get back your initial investment money in 9 months period.

Sales & Expense

If your location is situated at good location then you can expect around Rs. 3-4L of revenue a month.

Talking about Expense, so you’ll need to pay for the rent and it starts from Rs.10,000 – Rs. 25,000.

The monthly salary of employees that you’ll be paying will be approx Rs. 10,000 per employee and if you keep 3 employees it’ll cost you Rs. 30,000.

Other things like electricity, miscellaneous expenses would be Rs. 5,000.

Hope you got the sales & expense stats.


Is Wow Momo Profitable?

One of the important questions if you plan to open an outlet of Wow Momos. The revenue generated by Wow Momo in the financial year 2017 – 2018 was Rs. 135 Cr.

Definitely, in the financial year of 2018-19, the business has grown up. Wow! Momos give an opportunity to open franchise outlets to make more revenue and expand their brand.

Benefits for you are mentioned below:

  • Wow! Momos are unique and have diversified types of momos that people in India can’t resist eating.
  • Prices are affordable.
  • You need to invest less in this fast-food chain compared to other fast-food brands.
  • Has a legacy of 12 years, Wow Momos is still considered to be running successfully.
  • 318 Outlets in 13 Cities in India (2018) and up till 2021 definitely the franchise outlets might have increased.
  • Return on Investment is on the higher side.

Yes, Wow! Momo is profitable where you can earn Rs.70,000 – Rs, 90,000 as a profit, and within a span of 8-9 months you’ll get back the initial investment amount.

How To Apply For Wow Momo Franchise?

You need to go through the basic requirements and then with the mentioned contact details above you can contact the Franchise Team for Franchise Application. After filling the form you need to wait for the reply from the team and then further things are carried out.

What Are The Terms & Conditions Of Wow Momo Franchise?

They offer 3-5 years of franchise duration and after you have done with your duration you can renew it and still plan to stay or else it’s upon you.

There are more such rules which you get to know as a written document that covers the rules, instructions, Terms, and Conditions for both Franchisee and the Franchisor.


I hope that I’ve solved your queries related to Wow Momo Franchise! I tried my best and added all the possible values that I can add to this article.

Now your vision might be clear and have got an exact roadmap toward opening your own franchise outlet of wow momos.

What you have learned?

  • What are the Basic Requirements to start a Wow! Momo’s Franchise In India?
  • Complete Contact Details about Wow! Momo.
  • USP, Benefits & History, Cost, Profit Margin, and more.

Hope you enjoyed the article, now I would like to hear from you! Comment below if you have any query and I’ll definitely solve your query within 24 hours (usually faster than that).

So, leave a comment and throw your thoughts, I would definitely help you!

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