How To Get Burger King Franchise In India – Cost, Profit, Contact Details, Opportunity & More

Are you looking forward to starting your own Burger King Franchise in India? Well, you have landed on the right web page. Starting a Burger King Franchise is a good idea. Still, aspiring people in business like you are looking for complete information for Burger King Franchises, like what the requirements will be, contact details, cost of the franchise, and many more!

Below, you’ll get complete knowledge of the BK franchise in India, which holds an enormous amount of fast-food audience in India.

Starting an established business is not as hard as starting a new business. BK is already an established business, and people love the taste of those burgers with salads, cheese, and tasty onion rings with ketchup.

What franchise is? There’s already an established and well-performing parent company, and you now need to resell the business, and in return, you need to pay franchise fees and royalty commission.

No need to worry!

I’ll let you know about the Burger King Franchise from A to Z. It will hardly take a few mins to go through this article, so don’t miss any section or sub-heading.

The FAQ section below lists any doubts about the Burger King Franchise. Don’t forget to go through it!

The below table denotes the topics we’ll be going through!

How To Start Burger King Franchise In India?

Every businessman and investor is curious to know the complete details of this franchise in India. According to Live Mint, 268 stores in India are located in cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, and more.

But how to start a BK franchise business? There are a few requirements, and knowing all the basic requirements is important.

The straight & simple answer is that you should know the complete requirements and how much capital it will require, and then submit your franchise application.

Ensure the approval from Burger King Franchise Team will only be approved once the candidate meets all the requirements of the franchise owners.

Below I’ve summed up some basic requirements, so look at that section (it’s important).

What Is The Requirement & Cost For Burger King Franchise In India?

To open a Burger King Franchise, you’ll need a high budget of investment $323,100 to $3,076,600, approximately Rs 229.4 lakhs to Rs 21.8 crores, as mentioned on plus you need to go through the training program to wrap your head around the business by learning the fundamentals.

2.4 Crore is an estimate and not an official statement. There are a few things that you should know,

  • BK has a royalty commission which they charge 4.5% of the sale.
  • Advertising fee 4% of monthly gross sales.
  • Minimum employ criteria 15-20 people in total.

Want to know the profits that are you gonna make? Check the section just before the FAQ one to know more!

Moving forward…

Now, let’s dig more,

Location Of The BK Franchise In India

So, another requirement is the location of the store. Well, you must know that there are 3 categories for you to opt for and start a business franchise (for BK), and those 3 categories are:

  • Institutional Locations 
  • Commercial Areas 
  • Non-conventional Places

Institutional locations are self-explanatory, such as government building areas like bus and train stations, airports, corporate arenas, zoos, educational centers, sports areas, and many more. I hope that you now have got the term Institutional locations.

Commercial Areas, just like the mall, a separate self-contained restaurant of Burger King. A commercial Burger King Restaurant doesn’t share common areas with other businesses. 

Non-conventional Places, here, your BK will be situated on websites that include companies like food service, retail, convenience stores, gasoline stations, and other commercial areas.

Additionally, you’ll also need Franchise Training. So, here’s the detailed other section for you to know more about the franchise training.

Burger King India Franchise Training

Before entering any franchise program, you are always trained; here goes the same thing.

Before opening your own Burger King Franchise, you must complete the BK Franchisor’s training program.

Once your application and all those initial steps are made, and you are shortlisted for the franchise program, you’ll be offered a training program in an authorized training center in a specific BK restaurant.

You’ll learn all the basics and the necessary things during the training program, how to execute current operations, procedures, and criteria, which will help you and ease the chances in the franchise.

On topics like management classes and updates for useable abilities, franchisors held’s workshops and seminars, which resulted in good growth for the franchise.

How To Apply For Burger King Franchise In India?

There are certain steps to follow whenever you opt for a franchise; the same goes for Burger King Franchise, so you must visit their official site. Once landed on BK’s official website, you need to fill out the application form to apply for the BK Outlet Franchise.

Once Your Application is accepted by the franchise support team of Burger King, they will reach out to you, and further things will be carried out!

Tip – Well, you’ll not get the official BK franchise page for India on the BK’s website, so you need to try to contact them via mail or any other form of contact details. So, you’ll need their contact details, and one of the valuable tables is listed below; refer to that below and take your foot forward.

Burger King Franchise Contact Details

Once you are ready to go or have any queries, you can contact the Burger King Franchise Team. During the research for contact details of BK on the web, I found a few useful links and e-mail addresses that can help you out. Have a look at this informative table.

An email that I found on
Official Website For India
Official Website
AddressBurger King India Pvt Ltd.Mittal Commercial, Andheri East, Close Marol Naka, Chimatpada, Mumbai — 400059022 7193 3099

If I get more details, I’ll update this Table; you can recheck it for an update.

(Screenshot this burger king contact details, might be helpful for you)

Short History Of Burger King

BK is an American multinational chain for fast food, and it is one of India’s top Best Burger Stores. Earlier, the name of BK was Insta-Burger King. In 1954, after Insta-Burger King went into financial difficulties, it was purchased by 2 Miami-based franchisees and renamed ‘Burger King.’

They serve products like hamburgers, milkshakes, sandwiches, beverages, salads, desserts, soft drinks, chicken, french fries, and more.

There are many options in Burger King, and I’m a big fan of their ‘Whopper Burger.’

Best satisfaction for your taste buds and a giant chain of fast-food restaurants.

Although there’s a lot more to know about the history of Burger King, how they went successful with the advertisements and how they went down, all you need to know is listed on this page of Wikipedia, if interested then you can have a glance at that – All About Burger King.

Benefits To Start And USP of Burger King In India

Every business has its USP and benefits; the same goes here! If you are investing in Burger King, you should know the benefits and outcomes you’ll get! 

Benefits of Burger King franchise In India

So here we go with the list of benefits!

  • The business is always successful if the product you are serving is valuable, and in the case of BK, it is the same; people in India have a separate fanbase for those tasty burgers by BK. (#1 Rule of Business Give Before You Take)
  • The taglines, jingles, and slogans are so catchy and well-marketed that customers visit Burger King at least once. In India, the Whooper series of burgers have a huge fanbase. One of the famous tag lines dancing on the ears is ‘The home of Whooper,’ ‘Have it your way,’ ‘It takes two hands to hold a Whopper,’ ‘Burger King Your Way,’ and so on.
  • It has a legacy of 66 years, and BK is still running successfully.
  • Additionally, they give you simple software to run the business more easily with the latest updated technology.
  • Burger King is an established and well-running franchise, they have planned to open 700 stores in India before 2025, and as of now (3 December 2020), it has 268 franchise stores running. This indicates more franchise opportunities for business people like you.

Your business will get extraordinary benefits once you are in this BK franchise.

Other Burger King Important Franchise Details That You Should Know

Below I’ve bullet listed a few points, so go through them; it’s really helpful!

  • The estimated agreement time is 20 years.
  • It has a training program for you and the backend and frontend staff to learn the fundamentals.
  • BK does not provide the franchise with approximately 3-5 km territorial rights.
  • There are more such rules which you get to know as a written document that covers the rules, instructions, Terms, and Conditions for both Franchisee and the Franchisor.
  • Other investment costs might occur while building out the outlet.

Things You Should Be Prepared For:

  • Experience, evaluate your experience & strengths.
  • You must be prepared for the cost of equipment & signs, licenses and permits, insurance, uniforms, and many more.
  • Adequate Capitalization.
  • Check whether there’s a market availability before starting your franchise.

Profit Margin Of Burger King Franchise In India

Before going into any business, knowing the profit you’ll be earning in the long term is very important.

There is no official margin percentage mentioned on the web, I didn’t find a perfect or rough figure for the Profit Margin, but I’m sorry to disappoint you. Instead, Burger King is growing fast and is well known fast food restaurant in India.

(I’ll update the Profit Margin if I find it on the web, but for now, it’s N/A)

Below I’ve added a 20 secs TV commercial for Burger King, and one of the famous taglines is ‘Pet Bharega Niyat Nahi.’ Check out the video!


How To Open The Burger King Franchise In India?

Well, you need to go through some basic requirements! You need to refer to the above sections for an in-detail answer, but let me tell you shortly.

– You should know the requirements for BK Franchise.
– Contact Details
– Investment Amount
– About the profit and expenditure
– Training
– Opportunity & More

How Much Does It Cost To Open A Burger King Franchise?

There’s no official statement, but the approximate value disclosed online to open a Burger King Franchise is Rs. 2.5 Crore Rupees. Aside from that, you also need to pay 4.5% as a royalty fee & 4% of the advertising fee to the company.

Are There Any Opportunities To Open A Burger King Franchise In India?

Burger King in India currently has 268 stores running, and they plan to open 700 stores by 2025! So, looking at this figure, you can also expect opportunities, and yes, there are opportunities to open a Burger King Franchise In India. 


I hope you are familiar with the Burger King Franchise In India. I’ve served you the finest information on the internet related to BK Franchise in India.

What you learned – 

  1. What are the Basic Requirements to Start a BK Franchise In India?
  2. Complete Contact Details about the BK Franchise.
  3. USP, Benefits & History, Cost, Profit Margin, and more.

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