How To Get Lassi Shop Franchise In India – Cost, Profit, Contact Details, Opportunity & More

Do you want to open a Lassi Shop Franchise in your near-by locality? You have landed on the right page; I’ve mentioned all the requirements you need to start this franchise. Like the Lassi Shop cost, contact details, profit, investment amount, and more.

As Indians are becoming health conscious, they prefer smoothies and fruit juices, as these are considered healthier than snacks or any fast-food these days.

Lassi Shop serves their popular traditional yogurt-based drink called ‘Lassi.’ Other than that, they serve fresh juices and refreshing mocktails to their customers.

lassi shop

Lassi Shop is one of the famous Quick Service Cafe in India.

These drinks are Fresh, Healthy, Tasty, served at an affordable price; people tend to visit with their kids too, so that they can also enjoy their favorite chocolate smoothies and ice creams.

Lassi is not something new, people in the south are quite familiar with it, and they love to have it. Lassi Shop is a Quick Service Cafe with a new concept for the F&B retail industry; Lassi Shop has more than 500+ outlets across India, which is a vast number.

You can even get your own outlet, know more about starting your own Lassi Shop Franchise with a step-by-step guide mentioned below.

How To Start Lassi Shop Franchise In India?

To start a Lassi Shop Franchise, you need to go through a particular set of requirements to meet the franchisor terms. Once you meet the requirements, fill out the franchise form, and the further process is either mailed or will be instructed on a phone call.

How To Start Lassi Shop Franchise In India

These are the 6 steps to start a Lassi Shop Franchise:

Step 1 – Fill Out The Franchise Form

Once you are prepared to get the Lassi Shop Franchise, you can head over to their official website is and then click on the button named ‘Click Here To Setup Your Own Lassi Shop.’

A form will drop down, fill in your complete details and submit it. Don’t forget to read the Terms and Conditions before sending your application to them.

Step 2 – Meet The Lassi Shop Franchise Tea And Get Registered

During the form filling step, you are asked to select a preferred location near you so that you can meet the team and get things to move forward.

Meet the team and get all your queries cleared; also, you are supposed to pay a certain amount as a first installment during the first meeting.

Step 3 – Agreements On Documents Like Terms & Condition & More

You need to carry your identity proof like an aadhar card or pan card with your email id. Analyze and sign the agreement carefully.

Step 4 – Search For Location & Get Approval

You need to search for a perfect location where there’s a potential to get customers. The outlet requirement is 200 sq. ft. for Lassi Shop Franchise.

Once you choose an outlet location, you need to get that location verified by Lassi Shop Team.

Step 5 – Set-up The Outlet

The things you’ll need, like the refrigerator, blending mixer, and a few more things, will be guided to you by the team only once the outlet’s location is verified.

Step 6 – It Can Take 30-60 Days To Actually Get Started

After getting all things to work, it can take up to 30-60 days to get started, as your staff members need to be trained in the recipes served at the store.

Ensure the Lassi Shop Team’s approval will only be approved once the candidate meets all the franchise owners’ requirements.

Below are the requirements that you need to know.

What Are The Requirements Of Lassi Shop Franchise?

Before applying for a franchise, it’s good to have complete knowledge about the franchisee. Knowing the information beforehand can help you to make the process easy for you.

Not only at Lassi Shop, but in whichever franchise you try to enter, everyone has a set some requirements for the franchise partners beforehand. Have a look at these essential requirements for Lassi Shop:

To start a Lassi Shop Franchise, you need a 200 sq. ft. area of the shop and an investment of Rs. 10 lakhs – Rs 20 lakhs. Training is provided to you and your staff members for fresh, natural beverage recipes. 

You are provided with an excellent support system that can help you in Product Recipes, branding, staff-training, and more.

How To Apply For Lassi Shop Franchise In India?

How To Apply for Lassi Shop Franchise In India

You can apply for the Lassi Shop Franchise by going on their official website and filling out the franchise form. Enter your complete details like the name, email, phone, state, and city. Once you enter all the essential information, you will be asked to choose a ‘preferred meeting location,’ and you need to select one from Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, North Karnataka, and Vellore.

Once you are approved, you can visit the preferred location with your identity proof to meet the Lassi Shop Franchise Team, sign the agreements, and take things forward.

In a nutshell, I hope you got it: Fill out the form on their official website and then visit the near-by city where you can discuss, sign the agreements, and pay the initial amount.

Lassi Shop Franchise Contact Details

If you have any query regarding the franchise, you can contact Lassi Shop Franchise with the available contact details mentioned in the table.

Official Website
Facebook PageLassi Shop
YouTube ChannelLassi Shop

These were some important details that would help you to communicate with Lassi Shop.

Product Range, Menu Of Lassi Shop

You might have been at least once to the Lassi Shop,  these are the products that Lassi Shop offers, have a glance at it: 

  • Lassi – Sweet Lassi, Mango Banana Lassi, and more.
  • Juice – Watermelon Juice, Pineapple Juice, and more.
  • Falooda – Kesar Falooda, Kulfi Falooda, and more.
  • Shoo Shoo – Vanilla Shoo, Strawberry Shoo, and more.
  • Mocktails – Banana Mocktails, Musk Melon Mocktail, and more.
  • Cold Coffee – Strawberry Coffee, Chocolate Coffee, and more.
  • Smoothie – Strawberry Smoothie, Banana Smoothie, and more,
  • Kulfi – Malay Kulfi, Pista Kulfi, and more.
  • Ice Cream Sundae – Fruit Salad with Ice Cream, Mexican Brownie Chocolate Fudge.

These are the products currently served at Lassi Shop; due to increasing demand, they might add more to the menu.

To know more about the menu – Lassi Shop Menu

Short History & Sucess Story About Lassi Shop

Lassi Shop has a great growth rate; they started in 2014 where the first two stores were open in Bangalore, India.

What is Lassi Shop? Well, Lassi Shop is a ‘Quick Service Cafe’ which serves Lassi as one of their core product, besides lassi, they serve a variety of smoothies, juices, mocktails, and other beverages.

It started in the south side of India and now is a well-known brand in the Food and Beverages industry.

Conceptualized in 1986, and set their first outlet in Koramangala, Bangalore in 2014, and by now, they have 500+ Lassi Shops across India. They have grown immensely in the past six years, like there are hardly any Indian Brands to get this number of stores running in India, but Lassi Shop has done it.

Mostly set up in India and has more than 20+ stores in Dubai. These lassi shops are performing exceptionally well in Southern India and as well as all over India.

Their drinks are healthy, nutritious with the fruits’ real original taste, and no artificial colors are used. These drinks are healthy and are served at an affordable price, making a daily dose for their customers.

Benefits And USP Of  Lassi Shop

People who look for a franchise always have their eyes on the Benefits and USP, which is obvious. Never go into a franchise without knowing the cost, profits, and benefits. 

Benefits And USP Of Lassi Shop

Here’s the list of Benefits & USP of Lassi Shop:

  • The lassi is one of the best things, no doubt, but the drinks they serve, like the smoothies; mocktails are really tempting.
  • The cold coffees, chocolate juices & desserts also attract children towards the shop.
  • The drinks are made up of original fruits, and no artificial colors are used. They use beetroot for natural coloring and keep on experimenting with other fruits to create new colors.
  • Delivering these drinks at an affordable price helps Lassi Shop to stand out different from others.
  • A good potential of business which runs not only in the summer season but also the whole year due to the diversity of the products served in the menu.
  • Once you are approved for the franchise, you are provided with excellent support and product services.
  • Diversified Menu.

Well, also have a look at this 71 seconds amazing mouth-watering video by Lassi Shop.

What Is The Investment Cost Required To Start A Lassi Shop Franchise?

A ‘Lassi Shop’ franchise requires a total investment of Rs. 10 lakhs – Rs. 20 lakhs with an estimated 30-40% profit margin for total sales, and it might take 8-9 months to get returns on investment.

The business model is affordable and flexible for retail formats and multi-unit franchises. Also, a low-cost business model, and you need not take many risks in starting the business.


Is Lassi Shop Franchise Profitable?

Lassi Shop is profitable; you can make good profits with a profit margin of 60%. One of the great business model which can create a wave of a premium juice bar in your locality at an affordable price.

It’s hard to mention the exact profit amount per month, as it depends on several factors and the shop’s location, but you can get an estimate when you go for your first visit to the Lassi Shop’s Franchise Team.

You can even ask other franchisee owners of Lassi Shop in your locality so that you get an approximate amount of the profits.

There are many more factors that depend on determining the profit amount of the Lassi Shop on a per month basis, you can discuss more financial related questions when you meet the team.

What Are The Terms & Conditions Of Lassi Shop Franchise?

Royalty Fee is 5% on monthly sales, and the franchise term duration is not mentioned on the official website, but you can get to know about it once you get in contact with them.

What Is The Minimum Staff Requirement For Lassi Shop Franchise? 

Minimum 3-5 people are required to run a Lassi Shop Franchise.


If you had landed on this page, looking for detailed information on Lassi Shop Franchise, then I hope that I’ve helped you out. I tried my best, gathered the best info on the web related to this article, and have delivered it to you. Do let me know in the comments about your queries regarding this topic.

If you are looking to start a franchise, make sure you also look at the franchise list that I’ve mentioned below in the list format before taking your major step.

What you have learned?

  • What are the Basic Requirements to start Lassi Shop Franchise In India?
  • Complete Contact Details about Lassi Shop Franchise.
  • USP, Benefits & History, Cost, Profit Margin, and more.

I hope that you have learned something new, or at least have got a complete idea about the topic.

Best wishes for your next business.

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