How To Get Drunken Monkey Franchise In India – Cost, Profit, Contact Details, Opportunity & More

Do you want to start a Drunken Monkey franchise? This article will help you get complete details about the franchise from scratch. We’ll be discussing everything from start to end so that you don’t have any queries left regarding how to start and become an owner of a Drunken Monkey Franchise in India.

Drunken Monkey is an Indian-based smoothie-bar chain that has immensely grown in the past 5 years. They are one of the youngest in the food & beverages industry who have excelled at this level, with more than 64 outlets in India and are planning to hit the mark of 100 soon.

With more than 200 types of smoothies & smoothie bowls, with natural fruits and no preservatives, Drunken Monkey stands out from all the market’s smoothie bars. 

Samrat Reddy, the founder, faced many difficulties before getting and finding his venture ‘Drunken Monkey’. He saw a big market gap, as smoothies are not big enough in India, and took a step to get his thoughts into action. The first store was built in February 2016, and Samrat didn’t look back.

You can join Drunken Monkey by the steps I’ve mentioned below; here’s a table that denotes the topics we’ll be going through.

How To Start the Drunken Monkey Franchise In India?

To start a Drunken Monkey Franchise, you should know the franchisee’s requirements and complete details. Once you are completely familiar with the requirements, you can further move on and contact the Franchise team for the approval process.

How To Start Drunken Monkey Franchise In India

Ensure the approval from the Drunken Monkey Franchise Team will only be approved once the candidate meets all the requirements of the franchise owners.

Before getting into any franchise business, it’s always good to know the complete details, requirements, terms & conditions of the franchisor.

A step-by-step guide below will help you understand how to get into the Drunken Monkey Franchise Business. First, let’s start with the requirements section, then we will move on to the application process, followed by the contact details and later the benefits, T&C and FAQ.

Moving on to our first section…

What Are The Requirements Of Drunken Monkey Franchise?

Before applying for the Franchise by Drunken Monkey in India, you must go through a set of requirements, one of the first steps, before entering any franchisee business model. Which requirements? Requirements like regions of operation, area, skills, staff, experience, and more are important to consider.

Every business in the Food & Beverage industry has quite a similar but not totally the same set of criteria/requirements.

Here are the major requirements that you should look into before getting into the Drunken Monkey Franchise business chain in India:


The area requirement to start a Drunken Monkey Franchise in India is approximately 200-1000 sq. ft. You don’t need a compact area; the store’s area should be sufficient for the billing, space for people to have their favorite smoothie and a kitchenette.

Choose a store near a busy street, shopping malls, or the main roads if possible.

Training Required

Training is essential to run the business according to the franchisor & also to fulfill the basic franchisor fundamentals.

To get your head wrapped around the Drunken Monkey business and how to run a store, you are provided with detailed training manuals to read and understand the company’s intention. Along with that, you are also provided with offsite training locations for convenience & proper training.

You are provided with a support team from the company and expert guidance from the head office for the opening and smooth running of the business.

Regions Of Operations

They are currently operating in cities like  Hyderabad, Chennai, Guwahati, Visakhapatnam, Pune, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Nagpur, Tiruchirappalli, Noida, Kochi, Coimbatore, Warangal, Nizamabad, Mysore, Thrissur, Madurai, Mangalore, Bhilai, Raipur, Kozhikode, and many more.

They are looking forward to expanding in India more and more; they are all set to expand and make a name in the smoothie bar in India’s food & beverage chain and at a global level.

Experience & Skills Required

An individual should have at least some experience in the business industry, be passionate and confident about the business, have a strong desire to grow & willing to work with other people.

The owner should have sufficient administrative and financial skills to run the business smoothly.

Staff Requirement

It depends on the store’s size, an estimated 4-5 people can be required to run a Drunken Monkey franchise store in India.

How To Apply For Drunken Monkey Franchise In India?

How To Apply For Drunken Monkey Franchise In India

Once you think you can get the Drunken Monkey franchise, you can apply for the franchisee form. There are a few steps that you need to follow, and I’ve mentioned them below. To apply Drunken Monkey application franchisee form, you can visit their official site and fill out the form with your basic details. 

Or else you can contact them directly via the contact details mentioned below.

If you don’t get a reply by submitting a franchise form, you can contact them via the email below in the table.

Here are the exact & legitimate contact details to contact the Drunken Monkey franchise.

Drunken Monkey Franchise Contact Details

To contact the Drunken Monkey Franchise Team, email them at, and the franchise team will give their best to reply as quickly as possible. You can also fill out a form on their official website; here’s the link – Partner with Drunken Monkey.

I hope it was helpful, too; if you have any queries related to the franchisee, you can refer to the contact details table below. (First try with the email & the form, if that does not works, proceed with the options mentioned below.)

Official Franchise Form PagePartner with Drunken Monkey
Drunken Monkey Franchise
Official LinkedIn PageDrunken Monkey
Facebook PageDrunken Monkey
Instagram Official PageDrunken Monkey
AddressNO 8-2-309/2/A/1, Drunken Monkey Corporate Office, Road No 14, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500034

These are some helpful details that can help you.

Product Range Of Drunken Monkey

I’m sure you might have been to Drunken Monkey at least once, right? Well, you might be familiar with the menu; just in case you don’t know what all Drunken Monkey offer, here’s a list that you need to have a look at:

  • Fresh Fruit Smoothies
  • Real Fruit Shakes
  • Veggie Smoothies
  • Avocado Smoothies
  • Healthy Smoothies like – Detox, Meal Smoothies, Hydrates, Hangover Warriors, Protein Smoothies, and more.
  • Cold Coffee
  • Quesadilla 
  • Sandwiches
  • Munchies & French fries
  • Wraps

And many more…

Short History & Success Story About Drunken Monkey

Samrat Reddy is the founder and managing director of India’s best smoothie bar chain, Drunken Monkey. After getting his engineering degree, he worked in Australia for a long time, after which Samrat went to Scotland to complete his MBA.

Why did Samrat choose the smoothie market? Samrat Reddy saw a big market gap as smoothies are not big enough in India.

Samrat said that Starbucks did excellent for coffee, and in real life, Samrat is not a coffee or tea lover, and smoothies are what he was desperate about. If introduced correctly, he was sure people would be attracted to the healthy and fresh smoothies.

He has not started his career directly at Drunken Monkey; before Drunken Monkey’s establishment, Samrat Reddy worked in various sectors. He worked in his family business for four years (in the steel sector), then in an oil drilling company for a short period, and then placed in a water treatment plant in Cameroon.

When he returned to India, he devised an arising business plan with a determined mind to implement it.

Difficulties were overcome, and he faced many challenges in this smoothie business, but Samrat never gave up; this time, he made it happen. The first outlet of Drunken Monkey was in Hyderabad in February 2016 with a registered company name, “White Monkey F&B LLP.”

Samrat has very big goals; slowly and gradually, they are becoming a reality.

Read more – Wikipedia Drunken Monkey

Benefits And USP Of Drunken Monkey

This is one of the sections that business people mostly look for; what will be the advantages, USP, benefits, and future? Well, here are some pointers that you should look into:

Benefits And USP Of Drunken Monkey Franchise
  • A wide variety of menu, more than 170+ types of smoothies are offered to the customers.
  • These smoothies are made from natural ingredients and have no added preservatives.
  • Customer can choose their favorite fruit for the smoothie combination.
  • There’s a huge market gap in India for Smoothie-lovers, and to fill these gaps, Samrat Reddy has established the Drunken Monkey business and franchisees.
  • They also provide an atmosphere where people can sit and have their smoothie while working on their laptops or having a fun talk with their friend circle, similar to Starbucks.
  • IT systems are also provided to the franchisees.
  • There’s a growth opportunity, as smoothies are new and healthy for people; in the coming years, you’ll see significant growth by Drunken Monkey.

It would be great if you join them and contribute to Drunken Monkey’s success across India. Drunken Monkey is one of the youngest and fastest-growing smoothie brands in India. Opportunities lie within. You can contact the franchise team for more details.

Well, check out this short video where the founder talks about the Drunken Monkey in detail:

What Is The Cost Required To Start A Drunken Monkey Franchise?

Drunken Monkey’s cost mostly depends on the area & location, but an estimated investment amount is INR 20-30 lakhs.

These are some of the important figures that an investor has to look into; if you decide to get into this, you must walk along with the ballpark value we just discussed.


What Is The Profit Margin Of Drunken Monkey Franchise In India?

According to Smergers, if you have an expected monthly sales of about INR 6 lakhs, the profit margin would be 22%, which is INR 1,32,000.

Other than that, the profitability also depends on various factors.

The franchise term is for five years. 

What Are The Terms & Conditions Of Drunken Monkey Franchise?

These are a few terms that a company has set for the franchise, quite a simple term, have a look:

1.) The Agreement term is of 5 years.
2.) The Agreement term is renewable.
3.) Royalty Fees are 6%
4.) As challenges faced by Samrat Reddy, it was difficult to have consistency across all the stores, so he came up with a solution that all franchisees should have a standard franchise agreement.


I hope your query regarding the Drunken Monkey Franchise is now all cleared from your head, and you might have a crystal clear idea about how to get it and all the facts and figures.

Still, if you have any queries let me know in the comments; I would like to help you!

What you have learned?

  • What are the Basic Requirements to Start a Drunken Monkey Franchise In India?
  • Complete Contact Details about the Drunken Monkey Franchise.
  • USP, Benefits & History, Cost, Profit Margin, and more.

I hope you enjoyed and learned something from this article…

Best wishes for your next business.

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