How To Get Dominos Franchise In India – Cost, Profit, Contact Details, Opportunity & More

Are you looking forward to start your own Domino’s Franchise in India? This article will help you to get the complete details of the Franchise, contact details, profits, expenses, how to apply for franchise application, and a few more exclusive information.

Starting a franchise in the fast-food chain and opting for Domino’s Pizza is not at all a bad idea! Did you know, Domino’s ranks at number #1 for top & best pizza chains, with annual systemwide sales of $6.6B and ranks number #9 in the world’s top 10 restaurant companies with Revenue (TTM): $3.7 billion.


Dominos is the largest pizza company in the world with more than 17,000 in 90 countries.

According to Statista, In the year 2019, Domino’s Pizza had around 1312 outlets across 276 cities in India, wherein in 2006 India had only 128 number of Dominos pizza stores in India.

Looking at these numbers, you can get a rough idea that how much potential is still left, but how to get the Dominos franchise?

How can people like you, who wish to open a Domino’s Outlet in India, contact the franchisee?

You should know, what does it take to start your own Dominos franchise in India? And this article will let you know each and every required detail in a simple manner.

Now, let’s start from the beginning and I’ll give you a perfect blueprint to start a Dominos franchise in India.

(The below table denotes the topics that, we’ll be going through!)

How To Start Dominos Franchise In India?

To start a Dominos Franchise in India, you need to know the requirements and complete details of the franchisee. You should also know that Jubilant FoodWorks Limited and its subsidiaries own the franchise rights to Dominos Pizza in India, and this indicates that you need to first go through them to get a dominos outlet.

How To Start Dominos Pizza Franchise In India

As being one of the leading companies in the fast-food chain, they have been at the number 1 spot in India too for the best selling brand of pizza in India.

Make sure the approval from Jubilant FoodWorks Limited Team will only be approved once the candidate meets all the requirements of the franchise owners.

Getting to know the details beforehand is quite important, and businessmen like you are eager to know that!

So, as our site is known for the best informational content with simplicity, all the coming sections will guide you towards the franchise process in a simple manner!

The basic requirements are explained in detail, go through this section…

What Are The Requirements Of Dominos Franchise?

Before applying for the Dominos Franchise In India, you should know the basic requirements which would help you to ease the approval process! Requirements like Area, Skills, Region Of Operation, Staff, Training, and Investment.

Not only for Dominos Franchise, whichever franchise you go they all have their different requirements to go-through! I’ve recently written about like 4-5 franchise models and each of them has a different system for the candidate to join.

Before you are the owner of the next outlet by Domino’s Franchise in your near-by locality, check out these requirements:

Regions Of Operations

You might be having a thought that once you get approved, you’ll get the store open in a mall, or on private property, right? But, before that, you should also know that in which locations, or regions Domino’s is operational.

So, these are the types of franchise formats where Domino’s employs:

  • Traditional Stores
  • Non-Traditional Stores
  • Transitional stores
  • License Issuing

Traditional Stores These are the retail locations, predominantly located in shopping centers, strip centers, and these stores have proper parking for the customers and the delivery vehicles. These Domino’s traditional pizza stores only sell authorized products, via delivery & carry out services

Non-Traditional Stores – These non-traditional Domino’s pizza stores sell authorized products & services at non-traditional locations. Locations can be in office buildings, stadiums, shopping malls, zoos, airports, convenience stores, and similar retail facilities. Mostly these traditional stores offer only carry out services.

Transitional stores – Mostly in these outlets the food menu is customized according to the regional taste of the people. These types of stores are located where the consumers are less in numbers!

License Issuing – In this case, the franchisor also provides licenses to large public entertainment or alike facility operators. For instance, stadiums or their dealer/vendor, also suitable store operators to sell approved products for license fee based on facility sales. License once issued, can sell pizza and other authorized products.

I hope you understood these 4 types of Domino’s Pizza stores in India.


Basically, if you are going for a Dominos Franchise, make sure that the space that you’ll be opting for has enough place which includes a kitchen area, a cash counter where people can see the menu and order, an accountant who is good with computers for the bills & payments.

And space where people can have their favorite delicious pizza!

Make sure that the area is not too compact. 

It mostly depends on the location you choose, as I’ve mentioned the types of outlets, even a place without space for people to eat would work where only carry out service will available.

Training Required

Training is very essential to run the business so that the service quality and the fundamentals are carried out according to the franchisor company. 

Domino’s Franchise owners in India arranges top-grade and classroom training so that the owners of the franchise outlets can get their head wrapped around the business, which can result in running a successful business.

Customer handling skills, culinary cooking skills, soft skills, how to achieve a sales target, how to handle a customer and many more things will be learned by you during the training.

This is not something that you should have, once you are shortlisted for the franchise, you are called and trained under a franchisor.

You’ll learn all the basics things during the training program, how to execute current operations, procedures, and criteria which will benefit you and ease the chances that take place in the franchise.

Skills Required

You should have experience in the fast-food chain and need to maintain the right professions and administration control.

If you want to get approved for Dominos franchise make sure you have the right experiences that matched the franchisor’s checklist.

You should be passionate about the business and have a strong desire to grow & willing to work with other people. The owner should have sufficient cooking skills, administrative, financial skills to run the business smoothly.

How To Apply For Dominos Franchise In India?

How To Apply For Dominos Franchise In India

There are a few steps to follow when you apply for Dominos Franchise in India. Once you get in contact with Jubilant FoodWorks, you’ll need to fill out a form with all the basic details. Once the form is filled and submitted, you’ll either receive further instructions on emails or on a phone call!

As Jubilant FoodWorks is behind the management of the franchise, you need to know that you have to contact them rather than on any fake websites.

There are a few fake websites that will ask for a fee/amount to get in the dominos franchise, which results in a total loss of yours.

Always make sure you contact the official Jubilant FoodWorks only, as it is mentioned on their franchise page, that they have come through these frauds couple of times, so beware and I don’t want you to get in these type of frauds!

That’s why I’ve mentioned the exact contact details below, which are officially mentioned on the Jubilant FoodWorks website.

Dominos Franchise Contact Details

To contact Domino’s Pizza Franchise Team you have to go through Jubilant FoodWorks, as it is the Master Franchisee of Domino’s Pizza in India. To contact Jubilant FoodWorks, you can send them an email on and the franchise team will give their best to reply as quickly as possible.

Beware of fraudsters as Jubilant FoodWorks is not responsible for that, it’s at your own risk.

I hope this was helpful? If not then here are a more few ways where you can contact them for any inquiry (but you would definitely get a response if you mail them on the given email):

Official Franchise PageJubilant FoodWorks
Domino’s Franchise
Domino’s Franchise Email
Domino’s Website
Address5th Floor, Tower D, Plot No. 5, Logix Techno Park, Sector 127, Noida – 201 304, U.P., India

This is some important information that can help you; can take a screenshot of it! 

If you are really serious then make sure that you get in touch with them on an email, it would be effective!

Product Range Of Dominos

You might have tasted the famous delicious Margherita, with a tangy single cheese topping with a Coke/Pepsi on the other hand?

Well, you might be quite known with the menu, just in case you don’t know, have a look at these products which are sold at Domino’s Pizza.

  • Veg Pizza – Has more than 10 options for veg pizza
  • Non-Veg Pizza – Has more than 5 options
  • Pizza Mania – Has more than 5 options for both veg & non-veg
  • Sides & Beverages – Bread, Pasta, Dips, Desserts, and more

To know more about the menu, check out the menu page by

Short History & Sucess Story About Dominos

The most popular cuisine in India is Italian followed by biryani & kebab. Pizza is one of the Italian cuisines out there, which is a hunger rescuer for a starving guy!

Pizza is mostly seen at parties and celebrations and indeed is one of the most addictive fast-food.

Domino’s is a giant food-chain company that ranks number 1 for pizzas, but did you ever tried to get to the history of Dominos?

If not, then here’s a short history:

Domino’s a global pizza giant brand, founded in 1960 and franchise-owned stores in the US and other international markets.

In 1960 Tom Monaghan and his brother James took over the operation Dominick’s which was an existing location of a small pizza restaurant chain.

Slowly and gradually they expanded their business internationally.

The first store in India was opened in New Delhi in 1996, and gradually Domino’s has served the best, remained focused on the great taste of pizzas, and great value for money offerings. 

You can read more about their history on Wikipedia.

Did you know the fact behind the Domino’s Logo? Monaghan put 3 dots on the logo to represent 3 stores he owned at that time and intended to add a new dot for each new restaurant/store he opened. But as the brand grew it was impossible to add these many dots to the logo. “You can see I wasn’t thinking of a national chain back then,” he said in 2003.

Benefits And USP Of Dominos

A businessman always looks for the USP in the business. These benefits of Dominos Franchise in India can be helpful for you, here’s the list:

Benefits And USP Of Dominos Pizza
  • India currently is the biggest market for Domino’s Pizza outside the US.
  • Fresh hot pizza delivered in guaranteed 30 minutes or less.
  • Creative & Delicious Toppings of Dominos is fresh and more in quantity compared to other pizza brands.
  • The crust is tastier than the competing brands.
  • Have a good impact on their TV Commercial ads.
  • Millions of pizzas are sold each month across Dominos outlets in India.
  • One of the first fast-food chain company to launch online and mobile ordering nationally in India.

While serving the customer, Dominos gives their best. Well, have a look at this short TV commercial by Dominos:

What Is The Cost Required To Start A Dominos Franchise?

The cost of the Domino’s franchise depends on the format of the location you choose to become an owner of. A traditional Domino’s Pizza store would cost an investment of around INR 30,00000 and for a non-traditional Domino’s Pizza store the investment amount would be around INR 50,00000 to own a franchise.

These are some of the important figures that an investor has to look into, if you decide to get into this, you must walk along with the ballpark value that we just discussed.


What Is The Profit Margin Of Dominos Franchise In India?

It’s interesting to know the profit margin of Dominos franchise In India, but as of now the profit margin and exact figures are not disclosed, we too have no solid information around it! But it can be said that by investing this huge money in one of the biggest pizza brands, a person can definitely anticipate INR 2-300000 a month (depending upon the location).

What Is The Expense Of Dominos Franchise In India?

Expenses, you need to pay the rent and in India, a prime location can cost you above INR 1L. Along with that you also need to give the monthly salaries to your employees and it can cost around INR 10,000-25,000 for one employee, now multiply these with the number of employees you have.
Other things like electricity, miscellaneous expenses would be INR N/A.

I hope that you got the rough estimate!

What Are The Terms & Conditions Of Dominos Franchise?

The franchise agreement that a franchisee has to sign to open a transitional Domino’s outlet is 5 years and in the case of traditional, non-traditional stores, the agreement that a franchisee has to sign is for 10 years.

Dominos has a royalty fee of 5.5% of the store’s weekly royalty sales and a 4% advertising fund is reduced for the non-traditional and the transitional stores and a few more expenses considering training.


I hope that know you have got a perfect idea on how to open the Dominos franchise in India, if you still have any doubts let me know in the comments. I hope that I gave the finest information available on the internet.

You have the exact map in front of you, go and make things happen if you really wish for!

What you have learned?

  • What are the Basic Requirements to start Dominos Franchise In India?
  • Complete Contact Details about Dominos Franchise.
  • USP, Benefits & History, Cost, Profit Margin, and more.

Hope you enjoyed the article…

Best wishes for your next business.

Suggested created this blog only for informative purposes and we are not associated with any of the franchise Owners/Distributors.

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