Top Streaming Sites like Twitch (Twitch Alternatives 2022)

Twitch is a hometown of all gamers and has huge exposure in the gaming community. Twitch reports that there are 2.2 million creators who share their games each month. But due to some guidelines and viewers, the gamers are facing some difficulty but there is a solution for every problem, and here are some Top Twitch Alternatives 2022.

I personally love to watch Twitch for games like PUBG, Apex Legends, and not me there are lots of people out who love to watch Twitch. Twitch is nearly available on all PC, smartphones, and consoles.

Here are statistics of Twitch from Similar Web.

Twitch is the best for the creators who have already grown their channels but for the new ones it’s quite difficult to start earning money.

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What is Twitch?

For those who don’t know, “Twitch is a live streaming video platform owned by Twitch Interactive which is a subsidiary of Amazon”. Check this 58 seconds video you’ll get to know all about it.

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It’s dedicated to all gaming things. You can broadcast your gameplay on Twitch and it offers the chat system which increases the user engagement. You can follow your favorite broadcasters for free.

The user interface of Twitch is quite simple and you can easily get it. But for some streamers, Twitch doesn’t work and hence they google ‘Twitch Alternatives’ and Google throws near About 14,50,000 results in 0.40 seconds. And there are few sites that tell us a few Twitch Alternatives but not the exact ones. Here are the Exact Top Twitch Alternatives in 2022.

Best 15+ Twitch Alternatives in 2022

Twitch Alternatives for 2020
Twitch Alternatives for 2022

Getting Bored with Twitch? Searching for Twitch alternatives?

Here I’m mentioning some best twitch alternatives which will help you. Check it out.

1. YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming
YouTube Gaming

Whenever I feel to watch gaming honestly I first head towards YouTube in the gaming section. Then if I want to watch for hours I go for twitch but YouTube Gaming is one of the best alternatives.

On YouTube, the streamers can monetize their content and can make money through Google Adsense. There’s a chat window on the right side which make this platform competing to Twitch. And the user can send/give/donate money to the streamer through the Super Chats and these super chats play an important role for earning.

As YouTube is Google’s service, hence it is the best Twitch Alternative.

Gaming content on YouTube is increasing day by day. If you have not tried YouTube Gaming then you should try it. Be as a creator and start live streaming you’ll definitely get results.

Site: YouTube Gaming.

2. Mixer


Mixer is an amazing platform and this one also competes with Twitch. Mixer is owned by Microsoft. Previously it was known as Beam. Mixer uses Faster Than Light (FTL) streaming protocol for its broadcasting and due to this the lags which are seen for the viewers is quite less.

Due to FTL, the viewers enjoy the Live Streams with a chat box where you can chat with all your connected friends.

As Twitch uses Bits, YouTube Gaming uses Superchats Mixer uses Sparks.

One of the top streamer Ninja has recently moved to Mixer from Twitch in the starting weeks of August 2019. Hence the mixer’s landing page is showing his banner. Read more about Ninja: Why Ninja leaves Twitch for Mixer?

If you have used Mixer and Twitch I would like to ask you a question, Which platform you liked the most? Comment below your answer with a one-line reason. I’m curious to know your answer.

Site: Mixer

3. Smashcast

If you are really following the gaming scene for a long time then you might be knowing Azubu and Hitbox. So Azubu and Hitbox came together and hence Smashcast came to be known.

As this site offers great HTML5/JavaScript integration the user interface is quite fluent. If you are a Streamer, viewer, gaming partner, organizer, esports team, etc. Smashcast will work best for you.

The quality of esports streams is better on Smashcast compared to Twitch.

Like Twitch Smashcast also offers the chat system. As a twitch alternative, a Smashcast is good to go.

Site: Smashcast

4. Facebook Watch

You’ll be knowing this! If not check out this site after reading this post. Facebook Watch is really an amazing platform to showcase your gaming talent.

As we all know that Facebook is one of the top social media sites but you might not be knowing about the games streaming. Same as you go live on Facebook you can go for streaming as well.

In recent months Facebook has announced the monetization program and this might be helpful for you as a gamer if you start posting some Gaming tips, how to’s and all.

Comparing to other platforms like Smartcast you can grow your audience fast on Facebook. As it’s a Facebook’s service Facebook watch has been a good competitor for twitch and one of the best alternatives to twitch.

Site: Facebook watch

5. InstaGib

This is one of the growing platforms for gamers who are willing to stream their gameplay. The services on InstaGib is the same as the others that I’ve mentioned above.

InstaGib is free of cost for limited bandwidth and afterward, you can sign up to a VIP subscription. If you are trying to get closer to other gamers then have a look towards this site it will help you to do that.

If you are familiar then it’ll be easy for you to go with InstaGib. As they itself say ‘Low latency video game streaming’

Site: InstaGib

6. Daily Motion

This name comes towards my mind only when I think that, Is there a YouTube alternative?

But other than that Daily Motion is really amazing to go with the gaming content. Daily Motion can be a good Twitch Alternative.

Site: Daily Motion

More few Twitch Alternative for 2022

Our gaming industry has a wide reach. So, felt the below ones are also important. These sites allow you to stream games and will help you to get a good reach in the gaming community. Below are some sites like Twitch.

There are more Twitch alternatives other than the above-mentioned check these out.

7. Mirrativ

Mirrativ is one of the best application for all mobile streamers. It is available on both Android and Ios. The live screen can be shared amongst your friends. Mirrativ is wholly only for mobile users and not for the PC ones.

Same like Twitch you can watch the live streams and can ask, chat. Twitch helps to do this on phones but you need to stream with a third-party app and hence for mobile users, Mirrativ is the best Twitch alternative.

Site: Mirrativ.

8. Vimeo

Vimeo is similar to DailyMotion. And all the features like chat system and all are applicable for Vimeo too.

Vimeo is the ablest alternative for Twitch. You can view the analytics dashboard to understand your audience more definitely and clearly. I would recommend this site if you have never before tried.

Site: Vimeo.

9. Origin

Origin is helpful for accessing the newly launched games. There is no way to upload user-created content.

Site: Origin.

The remaining ones:

More alternatives are

  • 10. Periscope
  • 11. Steam
  • 12. Nimo TV
  • 13. UStream
  • 14. Niconico
  • 15. Caffeine
  • 16.
  • 17.

Wrapping it up:

These were the best Twitch Alternative which would help you. Each one of them has its own pros and cons. Try to go with any one of them according to your requirements.

All of the above are good choices.

If you want to suggest a good Twitch Alternative then leave a comment below and tell us your opinion.

(I’ve updated the post and I hope that these twitch alternatives will help you in 2022)

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