Is PS5 Region Locked? How To Change The Region? (Explained)

Gaming console such as the PS5 has wide acceptability, and it’s a fancied gaming console to be owned by many gamers. While it is widely accepted worldwide, it is also bounded by different rules and regulations in each country.

Region-locked consoles allow that PlayStation manufacturers to be bound by the laws and regulations to guide their conduct during the release and distribution of their consoles, ensuring rules and regulations are followed. In essence, the PS5 gaming console is a Region-Locked console, meaning you can only use your console within the region of your purchase and not outside.

It is also important to note that the PS5 console’s games are not regionally locked, which indicates that you can play DVDs and Digital games from any Region.

Is PS5 Region Locked?

PS5 gaming consoles are not region locked except for consoles marketed and distributed in China. Whether the Digital version of the game or the DVD version. Games from any of the PS5 regions can be enjoyed and played anywhere, while on the other hand, the downloadable gaming content on the PS5 console is Region-Locked. And this implies that your PS5 gaming console can only work within the region of your purchase unless there is a workaround. 

Does Region Matter For PS5 Games?

The issue of Region will be a subject of discussion because the PS5 gaming console can be physical DVD games or Digital content. For DVD and Blu-ray discs, the games are not Region-Locked, and this means any game of this format gotten from any Region can be played in your Region without issue. While the Digital Downloadable content of these games may be Region-Locked and is only available for download in that particular Region. While searching for games to play on your console, the Digital version of your desired games might not be available to your Region. 

Are PS5 Games Region Locked?

Yes, the PS5 games are Region Locked, especially the Digital Downloadable Contents of the game’s physical version. And on the other hand, DVD and Blu-ray discs games are not Region Locked and if gotten from any Region, they will work perfectly fine on your PS5 console even when the Region is different.

Can I Make My PS5 Region-Free?

Generally speaking, the PS5 gaming console is Region free, implying that your console is available for use anywhere in the world. While the issue of making PS5 Region-Free lingered, it is essential to note that once the PSN account of your PS5 is set up and your Region has been indicated, it cannot be changed. The only peculiarity is that you can create a new PSN account to enjoy the Region of your choice. 

Is There A Difference Between PS5 Regions?

One thing to understand about Region Lock rules or system is all hardware versions of the PS5 gaming console are not Region-Locked. They are available in the same design and different colors across the globe, while their downloadable contents are Region-Locked.

The other regions of the PS5 include the R1, which is the USA, Bermuda, Canada, and the US territories; R2, which is Europe in general, the middle east, Egypt, Greenland, Japan, Lesotho, Swaziland, and the French oversea territories and the R3 which is Asia in general.

What Are The Benefits Of Changing Your PSN Region?

The number one benefit of changing your PSN Region on your PS5 gaming console is gaining unrestricted access to PlayStation digital content anywhere in the world. When a user decides to change their PSN account, they do so to gain access to exclusive content that is not available in their Region. It also affords them the chance to gain access to streaming Apps whose content is not available in their Region. 

How To Change Your PSN Region?

Changing your PSN account region will grant users unrestricted access to content available to other regions but not in your area.

  • To change your PSN region, visit the Sony Entertainment Network website, then use an email not linked to your PSN account, probably a new mail.
  • Fill in your details and choose your region, then click submit to enter your details.
  • After doing this, using your ZIP code, set up your PSN account on your PS5 using the account you created. Then you are good to go by visiting your PlayStation Network store to ascertain the changes in a currency that match your specified region and language.

Is PS5 Region Locked Blu-Ray?

The Region Lock system design of the PS5 console is not limited to games and downloadable digital content alone. This Region Locked system is extended to using Blu-ray discs that don’t belong to the same region where your console is registered. But there are exceptions to Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc, which means if a user has a player that supports UHD Blu-ray Disc, they can watch it on their PS5 without issue. In short, Blu-ray Discs are Region Locked on PS5 while ultra-High-Definition Blu-ray discs are Region free.

Is PS5 Region Locked For DVD?

Yes, the PS5 is Region-Locked for movies and using other media accessories for your PS5. And this implies that your PS5 console can only play DVDs and Blu-ray discs within the region where your PS5 console is gotten. And this also applies to the physical and digital content of any DVDs and Blu-ray discs of the movie. 

Is PS5 Region Locked DLC?

Yes, that’s the exceptional quality of the PS5 gaming console, Region-Locked free in design and functionality but exclusively locked in gaming content. The only way to access this DLC is to create a new PSN account to match your preferred region. This implies that games and their downloadable content will only work with the registered PSN of your console unless there is a change of PSN account. 

Are the Japanese PS5 Region Locked?

No, except in China, the Japanese PS5 console is not Region-Locked like the other consoles available worldwide. The essential functions of the PS5 gotten in Japan are not different from the other consoles worldwide. Still, there might be an exception to the physical games or the digital content available in the region. The physical games differ in censorship and languages from other regions outside Japan.

Can I Use My PS5 In Another Country?

Yes, your PS5 gaming console can be used anywhere and anytime in any country since the PS5 console is generally the same. The only difference is the digital content available to each region of the country. So your PS5 console can bypass to gain access to restricted content unavailable in your area or set up a new PlayStation Network account to enjoy unlimited access to digital content. 

Is European PS5 Region-Locked?

Generally, all PS5 consoles are not Region-Locked, and this simply implies that whether the console is purchased inside or outside Europe, their physical appearance and designs are the same. The only constraint is that physical games from other regions might not work on the PS5 console, and you need to bypass your PSN account to access exclusive content of that particular region. 

How Do I Bypass Region Lock On PS5?

A few reasons a user could decide to bypass a region lock on their PS5 console is to gain exclusive access to digital content unavailable in their region. To bypass a region lock, simply change or create a new PSN user account on your console using your preferred region, then log in as a new user to enjoy exclusive content of that particular region. Another method to use is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to gain unrestricted access to the digital content of that particular region.   

How Do I Change My Region To The USA On PS5?

There are several reasons why users will want to change their PS5 console region to that of the USA, and it all boils down to the exclusive content available in that region. To change your Region to the USA on your PS5, the first thing to do is download a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and subscribe to your account. Then install it on your computer; open the application and sign in, then connect to the Region of your choice. After this, you can set up a new PlayStation Network using the USA as your preferred country.


Can UK PS5 Work In The USA?

The PS5 gaming console everywhere is physically the same in body build-up and designs, which indicates that a UK PS5 will work in the United States of America and vice versa. The only oddity is the region where the PS5 console was registered on the PlayStation Network and store. Significance, PS5 games on the disc will work fine without issues, but issues will arise when you need to access Digital downloadable content on your PlayStation store. 

Will A US PS5 Work In Europe?

Yes, a PS5 console from the USA will work in Europe or any country different from where you bought it. Going for a holiday, summer camp, or work leave, and you are contemplating whether your console will work outside the USA, the PS5 is Region- free, implying it will work fine outside the region it was purchased. While there is a guarantee it will work, physical games might not work with your console because of differences in the region of the console and the game. 

Can I Use An American PS5 In Australia?

Affirmatively, your PS5 gaming console gotten from the United States of America can be used outside the state without any issue. And this means you can play PS5 games and the physical discs from the store on your console without encountering any problems, but the issue lies with trying to make a purchase. Users are restricted in access to downloadable content on their PlayStation Network and would have to sign up to access that particular region’s content. 

Can I Use A PS5 From Mexico In The US?

Since the PS5 gaming console is Region-free and not locked to a particular region, users can use it anywhere they find it helpful to them. The only exception to this is that users are limited in terms of downloadable content available in each region. So, while the console will work with physical disc games anywhere, the content in their store is bound to the region registered to your PSN account. 


Regarding exclusivity, the PlayStation gaming console has the best library of any gaming platform. But the issue Region-Lock or Region-Free has put many users at a crossroads. The consoles share the same body structure with different skins regarding hardware and physical designs.

Then the issue of games, whether the physical disc games or the digital version is Region-Locked or not, has become an essential topic of discussion among gamers. To shed light on this, the PS5 console only has restrictions placed on its content based on the registered region of each user. Users can bypass this restriction through Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) or create a new PSN account registered to their desired Region. 

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