What Is ‘PS4 Error WC-36547-5’? (7 Quick Fixes)

The PS4 console comprises different elements and components that work together to bring the best about what the world now enjoys as one of the most popular gaming devices. These components work hand in hand, and friction between them can cause a birth system error, indicating an issue somewhere in PS4 components.

The PS4 Error WC-36537-5 mainly occurs when there is a noted issue with the credit card connected to the console. It indicates that the credit card you are trying to register with your PlayStation Store has been associated with your console before. 

What Is ‘PS4 Error WC-36547-5’?

PS4 Error WC-36547-5 commonly surfaces when attempting to connect your credit card to your PlayStation Network whenever you want to purchase. And this issue is caused most time by bugs, which presented your credit card to have been registered before by the PS4 user. 

How Can You Fix ‘PS4 Error WC-36547-5’? (7 fixes)

To fix this issue sometimes, it doesn’t require any technical knowledge, just strict attention to details on how to solve the problem.

How Can You Fix 'PS4 Error WC-36547-5'? (7 fixes)

1.) Add Payment Method Using An Internet Browser

This PS4 error code might be caused by a system bug in your PS4 gaming console, and this could be resolved by adding your credit card to your PlayStation store using the Internet browser.

You can use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer to log in to add your credit card. Follow these simple instructions to add your payment method to your PlayStation store.

  • Go to your wallet to add a new credit card, then delete the existing or expired card to add another card.
  • Enter your card details, save it, and set it as your primary card; restart your PS4 console to apply the settings, then head to the PlayStation store to check whether the issue is solved. 

2.) Update Your Card Information On PlayStation In Payment Methods

Most times, if the credit card has been updated or replaced or you have entered your card information wrongly, then there is every possibility that your PS4 detects a piece of wrong information which give rise to this error.

To correct this, navigate to the payment method on your PlayStation store to check whether the card information correlated with the one at hand. If there is no correlation between the two, and since your credit card doesn’t update itself automatically, you can update your card information and try it again.

3.) Update Your Card Information Using A Desktop Browser

If the above methods fail when applied, your PS4 console might be playing tricks on you, so it is best to try other alternatives. To do this, login to the official Sony PlayStation website using your Laptop or desktop computer, then login to your PSN account.

Navigate to the wallet section within your PSN account and select Add debit/credit card or find your existing credit card. Delete the existing credit card and update the card information, then set it as your primary card; once you are done, shut down your PS4 console, then power it on again. Go to your PlayStation store after you have powered it on, then try to purchase with the card. 

4.) Confirm Your Registered Credit Cards

These steps don’t consume time and only require the users to compare their credit card information on the PlayStation store for correlation. Confirming the information on your credit card will save you from the stress of seeking solutions to the problem when it doesn’t really exist or is not needed. To confirm your registered credit cards, navigate to your PlayStation Store, then scroll to the payment methods on the left. Follow the prompt, enter your credit card information, confirm it, and save it as the primary card. After that, head back to the PlayStation Store to purchase to be sure whether the issue has been solved. 

5.) Perform A Hard Reset By Unplugging The Console

Every solution to a problem becomes inevitable when you need a solution to an error code that pops up on your screen while using your console. This solution may not prove futile, but it becomes necessary to use it, and most times, hardware issues might not be why your credit card is rejected. But your console software may be the culprit, causing your credit card to be denied whenever you initiate a PlayStation store purchase.

To do a hard reset, simply unplug your console from a power source, wait for some minutes, plug it back into the power supply, and switch on your console. After this procedure, check if it worked by initiating a purchase from your console store. 

6.) Rebuild Database

These steps might not necessarily be needed, but a trial won’t disappoint as most issues on PS4 could be triggered through either hardware or software issues within the console. So technically, the PS4 console should be switched off entirely and hold the power button until you hear two beeps. Select rebuild database from the option, and connect your PS4 controller using your USB cable. When it is done, restart your PS4 console and head back to your PlayStation store to make a purchase using your credit card.

7.) Contact PlayStation Customer Support

If all the solutions mentioned above failed without luck, then the last point of the Call is the PlayStation customers support for more information. Customer service offers assistance and support on the issue and helps guide users on the best solution. Customer support offers the best service to help users settle their problems in a straightforward and more friendly manner. 

How to Identify Common PS4 Error Codes?

There are a series of PlayStation error codes, and many users need more understanding. These error codes can appear due to console hardware or software component problems. Some of these standard error codes include:


This code usually surfaces whenever a problem with the PlayStation Network connection when a user intends to access their PSN.


This indicates a problem with the PS4’s system software and mostly happens during gameplay.


This usually indicates an issue with the PlayStation Wi-Fi connection, which could also happen during gameplay.


This error code indicates a problem with the PS4 HDMI cable connection, especially when the HDMI cable is broken or not correctly inserted.

These are the most common and must-know error codes that PS4 users must have a little knowledge about. 


As a proud owner of a PS4 console, individually or collectively, it should be necessary to get accustomed to some sensitive information. Sensitive information, such as error codes, may occur in the middle of a gaming session or when trying to launch your game into play.

These error codes stand as a different indicator of different happens within the console, and the ability to decipher each will save you of stress and money you spend to clear the error code. In essence, to prevent future occurrences of such, PS4 users must get to know the meaning of these codes.

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