Does Oculus Work With PS4? (3 Workarounds)

Without a doubt or dissent, the PS4 gaming console stands out as one of the most popular and desired to have gaming devices ever been produced or made. The excellent designs and outstanding gaming experience different users enjoy say a lot about this gaming device’s power. 

To Crown it all, the console has excellent and compatible accessories to give users the best gaming experience anytime. The Oculus is a fantastic virtual reality headset designed to run with the Android operating system, making it incompatible with accessories for the PS4 gaming console. To enjoy virtual reality world games, the PS4 uses the version of its headset, the PSVR, that works great with your PS4 console. 

But the question is….

Does the Oculus work with the PS4?

Does Oculus Work With PS4?

It won’t come as a surprise if the Oculus doesn’t work with the PS4 gaming console because it was designed to be compatible with Android operating systems such as your PC and Xbox One console. As tested and reported by most users, the Oculus Virtual Reality Headset does not work with their PS4 console when connected.

And based on the Sony gaming industry, the only compatible Virtual Reality Headset that works well with their products is the PSVR series. 

How Do I Connect Oculus To PS4? (Workarounds for Using Oculus Quest With PS4)

Ideally, the Oculus headset can be circumvented to connect with the PS4 by following detailed tweaks to make this happen. While this is possible, the results might not be satisfying to users. In essence, the needed compatibility and connection are not guaranteed to give you maximum satisfaction during gameplay. 

1. Using Virtual Desktop

Using the Virtual Desktop is an alternative and more straightforward way to use Oculus Quest on your PS4 console. Users can mirror their PS Remote Play screen to their Oculus Quest to enjoy Virtual Reality gameplay.

The first step is to download the PS Remote Play on your PC and follow the on-screen instructions to install the App. To prevent lagging, ensure your Internet connection is strong, fast, and stable, then launch the PS Remote Play App on your PC.

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Mirror Your PC screen onto your Oculus Quest, then put on your Headset and immerse yourself into the Virtual World. And if this doesn’t work out, there are other options to try the last tweak to get a chance at the Virtual World.

2. Using SideQuest

SideQuest is an Open-source place to get games for your Oculus Quest Headset. To use SideQuest, the first step is to install the SideQuest app on your PC. Then find and download to install PS Remote Play onto your Oculus Quest Headset, then follow the instructions above to launch the game and enjoy the Virtual World.

After establishing a connection between your PS4 and Remote Play on your Oculus Quest Headset, your journey to the Virtual world begins. SideQuest App makes sideloading content to your Oculus Quest easier and more enjoyable. 

PS Remote Play

3. By Installing The Chiaki app

This third method could also be employed if the above methods are not satisfying. Users should also remember that this method has no official approval from Sony Entertainment Industry.

Chiaki App is a free third-party App with open-source software for the PS4 Remote Play. Install SideQuest on your PC, then find and download the Chiaki App from SideQuest and install it on your Oculus Headset. The next step is to register your console on the Chiaki App by going to Settings, then find Remote Play, then Add Device. Then double-click on your console in the Chiaki’s main window to start Remote Play.

It Is Not Practical To Use Oculus Quest With A PS4

Honestly, there is no pain in trying to make things happen; it is just to satisfy our curiosity about how things work and more ways they could also work. Using the Oculus Quest on your PS4 is practically possible, but it is not worth your time and energy as the workaround could prove obsolete. But the little enjoyment and experience it presented could be worth it. 


Does Oculus Work With Xbox?

Yes, Oculus Quest can work with Xbox well, but it requires a little workaround; this workaround allows users to connect the Oculus Quest to their Xbox console. To connect and play games, it needs the help of your PC to stream directly from your Xbox, but it is more complex than it is. First, allow your Xbox to stream games, download, and launch the Xbox companion on your PC. The next thing to do is download the virtual desktop on your PC and Oculus Quest, launch the Virtual Desktop, then ensure your PC is streaming to mirror your Oculus Quest. The next step, start streaming your Xbox console to your PC using the Xbox companion App.

How To Connect Oculus Quest 2 To PS4 Without PC?

It is well-known that Oculus Quest doesn’t work with the PS4, except there are some tweaks and a few workarounds too. With a workaround, the Oculus can be connected to the PS4 using the PlayStation Remote Play through SideQuest. The App is available for download and installs on Android-enabled phones, tablets, and TV, and then you log in with your PlayStation Network account. Once logged in, connect your PS4 to the same network, then stream your game via the Remote Play App on your Oculus Quest. It is important to note that your PS4 DualShock 4 controller must be paired with your Quest.

Is Oculus And PS4 Cross Platform?

This features that allows users to play games across different platforms is also enabled in both the Oculus PSVR, which means Oculus Quest VR users can play game with PSVR users. But the reasoning behind the design is that it doesn’t allow compatibility between Oculus Quest and PS4 consoles. In essence, if the Oculus Quest is plugged into the PS4 console, it won’t work because no interaction will occur between the two except the original PS4 VR designed to work with the PlayStation console. 

What Is Better, Oculus Quest 2 Or PS4?

The PSVR and the Oculus Quest 2 are undoubtedly the best of any Virtual Reality Headset; by full Virtual Reality representation, these two tick all boxes. They are designed to have the ability to interact fully with the VR environment, also called a degree of freedom. In contrast, the PSVR has a better field of view when compared with Oculus Quest, while the Oculus Quest has a better screen capability with displaying power of 1,600 by 1440 pixels per eye to a PSVR of 960 by 1080 pixels per eye. Considering other aspects, the Oculus Quest has better usability and accessibility and presents better screen quality. 


With amazing accessories to use and your PS4 console, the Virtual Reality Headset is one of the best and most to possess. While it is traditional that the PS4 console has its own VR, the PSVR, most users prefer the Oculus Quest due to its singular superiority over the PSVR.

The only way a user can get to use the Oculus Quest with the PS4 is through some workaround which can be quite exhausting, and the result might not be enjoyable.

So practically speaking, compatibility between PS4s can only happen if there is a workaround, and the Oculus Quest is preferable over the traditional PSVR because of its unique abilities. 

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