Can I Add HDD To Lenovo Legion 5? (Explained)

The Lenovo Legion 5 is a great midrange gaming laptop with notable features to upgrade your laptop for a more gaming experience. The laptop is packed with unique features that, over time, your laptop’s software begins to wear out, which might slow down the laptop’s efficiency.

The laptop is built to allow users to carry out numerous upgrade options on their laptops for more functionality. 

Can I Add HDD To Lenovo Legion 5?

The Lenovo Laptop is built to allow users to add an extra HDD to their laptop for more functionality. Adding the HDD to your laptop will allow your system to write, store, and retrieve vital information whenever needed. The HDD is the primary or secondary storage device on your laptop.


Can You Add A Second SSD To Lenovo Legion 5?

The SSD is a storage device that embodies non-volatile flash memory and can be used instead of the traditional HDD storage device. At the same time, this drive performs the same basic functions as the HDD; it works at an incredible speed and can also add an SSD slot for an upgrade on the second drive. 

Does Lenovo Legion 5 Have Expandable Storage?

Yes, the Lenovo Legion 5 is designed to allow users to expand their storage memory to give laptop users more functionality. The Laptop has an option for two RAM slots of 16GB each, which can be expanded, and the storage memory can be replaced and upgraded for more storage. 

How Many Storage Slots Does Legion 5 Have?

While the Lenovo Legion 5 maximum RAM capacity is 32GB across the two RAM sticks, it also has two DDR4 SO-DIMM memory storage slots, which are dual-channel capable. 

Does Lenovo Legion 5 Have Extra SSD Slot?

Yes, the Lenovo Legion 5 has an extra SSD slot, the M22242 and M22280 SSD, which are available to upgrade or add to your laptop’s memory. The additional SSD can be found by opening the bottom of your laptop; the extra slot is on the left and covered by a metal shroud. Carefully lift it, replace it with a new drive, and cover the laptop back. 

Can I Add SSD To Lenovo Legion?

Yes, you can add SSD to your Lenovo Legion laptop to allow more space storage to store games. The additional SSD will improve the laptop’s ability to read software faster and increase speed, leading to a better gaming experience.

Which SSD Is Best For Lenovo Legion 5?

The Lenovo Legion 5 laptop is available in different configuration settings to suit your needs and budget; it is usually equipped with just one SSD. The fastest and the most reliable SSD for your laptop is the Samsung 980 Pro for excellent performance.

Can You Upgrade Lenovo Legion?

Yes, the laptop is designed to allow the user to manipulate it to its utmost advantage without the risk of damaging it. The Lenovo upgrade options enable its users to increase the size of the laptop’s RAM and other functional components for a better experience. 


What Is HDD vs. SSD?

The HDD is a Hybrid hard drive found on PCs, and it is located in the drive bay, which is connected to the motherboard of PCs via an Advanced Technology Attachment. The primary function of the HHD is to keep stored data while the PC is powered down. While the SSD or Solid State Drive is a non-volatile type of storage device found in PCs, the SSD replaces the HDD traditional drive; though it performs the exact basic function, it is faster when compared to the traditional hard disk drive.

Can You Upgrade The Lenovo Legion 5 Tower?

This gaming laptop is unique in design as it allows its users to perform various upgrades on the software components of the laptop anytime there is a need to upgrade to the latest or newer version of the laptop software. The laptop’s upgrade features enable users to upgrade their gaming experience while meeting your laptop’s most recent software demand.


The calculated thinking of the Lenovo Legion 5 developers paves the way for the option to replace or upgrade your laptop memory storage for better performance. The laptop’s unique and carefully spelled-out design enables the Lenovo Legion 5 laptop user to carry out several vital upgrades without needing to replace the laptop.

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