Is Lenovo Legion 5 Upgradable? (Explained)

Device specifications have been concerning for users since the publicization of computers. However, they are more crucial now than ever because some apps require massive RAM, storage, graphics cards, and other vital components of your system. While some of these components are upgradable, most of them are not.

In this article, you’ll get to know if your Lenovo Legion 5 laptop is upgradeable. If it is, you’ll get to know the components that you can upgrade and the maximum upgradable limit for the different hardware and software.

Is Lenovo Legion 5 Upgradable?

You can upgrade the RAM and SSD on your Lenovo Legion 5 laptop, and the RAM is upgradable to 32 GB through the two DDIM slots at the back of the device. You can also upgrade the HDD by unscrewing the back cover and replacing the existing one with a better one. That’s all that you can upgrade on your device.

Can You Upgrade Lenovo Legion 5 15ach6 RAM?

You can upgrade the RAM on your Lenovo Legion 5 15ach6 yourself or use a qualified technician’s services. If you want to do it manually, unscrew the laptop, remove one of the existing RAM modules and replace it with an equal DDR4 RAM module. You shouldn’t have any problem after replacing the RAM as long as it’s within the specified limit for your laptop.

Is Lenovo Legion 5 Storage Upgradable?

Jacking up your storage takes a similar process as upgrading your hard drive. You can upgrade it by unscrewing the back cover, locating the HDD section, and unscrewing the hard drive; before replacing them with the ones you have. Note that you can add an M.2 2242 or M.2 2280 in both slots.

Is Lenovo Legion 5 SSD Upgradable?

Both the SSD and HDD are upgradable on your Lenovo Legion 5. It’s all about knowing how to upgrade them and the maximum amount your device can carry. The Lenovo Legion models can take around 1TB to 2TB of storage, but anything more than that can cause abnormality in the system. However, you can always use an external storage method to store excess files on your computer even after reaching the maximum upgradable limit.

Can You Upgrade Storage On A Lenovo Legion 5?

Your device storage may get filled up at some point in its lifetime, necessitating an upgrade to keep it running flawlessly. You can upgrade the storage on your Lenovo Legion 5 by replacing it with a larger one. Alternatively, you can use cloud storage services to get more space on your Lenovo Legion 5.

Can I Upgrade CPU In Legion 5?

It’s impossible to upgrade the CPU on the Lenovo Legion 5 as it is impossible to do the same on most laptops today. Lenovo smoldered the CPU to the motherboard, making it practically impossible to upgrade it unless you can make laptops yourself. Consider getting a Lenovo device with a better CPU if you undertake tasks requiring abnormally strong processors because the Legion 5 models have strong processors.

Can We Upgrade Graphics Card In Legion 5?

Upgrading the Lenovo Legion 5 graphics card is impossible, and you’re either stuck with the built-in graphics card, or you can buy a Legion 5 model with a better one. It’s impossible to upgrade the graphics card on most other Lenovo laptops, and it would help to pay attention to this aspect of your device spec before buying it.

Graphics Card

Can You Upgrade Graphics Card On Lenovo Laptop?

As hinted in the previous section, you can’t upgrade the graphics card on other Lenovo laptop models. Updating graphics cards is generally a PC thing, and consider getting a Lenovo gaming PC if you want upgrade freedom. However, the Legion 5 should be enough to satisfy most of your gaming needs, even without upgrading the GPU.

Can You Add RAM To Lenovo Legion?

You can upgrade the RAM on your Lenovo laptop to as much as 32GB. A faster RAM will increase your computer’s multitasking power and make it possible to undertake more demanding tasks on the device. However, be sure to purchase compatible RAM with your Lenovo Legion 5 before you upgrade it.


Are Lenovo Legion Laptops Upgradable?

Generally, the Lenovo Legion laptops are as upgradable as most other laptops. So it’s fair to say that the Legion 5 is an upgradeable laptop. It’s imperative to know the upgradable and non-upgradable components before you perform any upgrade to avoid crashing your device. 

Can I Add Another SSD To My Legion 5?

You can add another SSD to your Lenovo Legion 5 if you know how to go about it. The latest Lenovo Legion 5 models let you add up to 2TB of SSD on the computer to meet your gaming needs. All you have to do is remove the back cover, locate the SSD part and replace the existing one with the one you have.


Updating your Lenovo Legion 5 hardware will not pose any security threat to your system as long as it is within the recommended device maximum. However, it’s imperative to note that laptops are generally not very upgradable as compared to gaming PCs. You shouldn’t have problems with the Lenovo Legion 5 because it has strong processors and graphics cards to deal with high-end gaming.

When upgrading your Lenovo laptops, it’s imperative to use only compatible hardware with the device, as using an incompatible one can cause more harm than good to your device. You can always check information concerning your device in the manual or through your laptop’s settings.

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