How To Watch Free Movies On PS4? (Quick & Easy)

There is more to your gaming console other than using it to play your favorite games, the outstanding features of the PS4 gaming console allow users to watch free movies on it. Many applications allow you to watch movies on your console for free without needing a subscription service.

The most prominent means of watching free movies on your console is to type the title of the movie on your console search bar and Google Search the movie. Another proven method to watch free movies is to use the free-to-use websites and applications available for PS4 to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows without a subscription.

How To Watch Free Movies On PS4?

There are many applications and websites to watch free movies on your PS4 gaming console; these websites and applications could offer free and paid streaming services to enjoy unlimited movies online. And these apps could be found on the PlayStation Store or accessed through their websites on the PS4 console Internet Explorer.

List of applications and websites to watch FREE MOVIES on your PS4


This social network allows users to enjoy thousands of top-notch movies and TV shows online for free. This free-to-watch website doesn’t require sign-up before enabling users to search and click on their favorite movies and TV shows. And it is available for free to download on the PS4 store.


Plex is a free movie and TV shows streaming app available for download on the PS4 gaming console. It doesn’t require a subscription to access the movie content and TV shows available on the app. The ability of the PS4 console to integrate other streaming applications enables users to use Plex to stream their favorite movies and TV shows. It also allows users to stream Web shows, music, podcasts, and other media.


Movie-tube allows users to stream movies for free without needing a subscription or registration using the website or the app version. It grants access to many movies and TV shows available online, allowing users to download them through the links provided. At the same time, It is also important to note that they grant access to enjoy your favorite movie through their easy-use and fast app. 


Like most streaming platforms, Twitch is a live streaming platform except that it is for gamers, where they interact with each other. It allows gamers to live stream services across gaming content, entertainment, sports, and music. On Twitch, different popular games are being played and watched by other users while interacting with each other. 

It doesn’t require a subscription fee, which makes it free to access the platform, and the only form of cost could be through debit or credit card purchases on the platform. Unlike streaming movies, Twitch plays host majorly to gamers’ content and a host of music performances, art and crafts tutorials, and a lot more.


YouTube is a global online video-sharing and social media platform with billions of daily users. YouTube grants free access to its users and allows them to access it through their website or the mobile app available for download on the PlayStation store. 

With tremendous daily usage experience, its video categories span music videos, movies, live streams, video clips, and much more. PS4 users can watch YouTube videos, view their subscribed channels, and search for any content  directly from their console


Flixtor is an online website that grants users access to streamlining and watching movies and TV shows for free on their PlayStation. It is compatible with laptops, computers, and smartphones and doesn’t require registration before you can access it. 

The website offers its content in English, making it easier for visiting users to browse several movie content. It is designed for easy access and doesn’t require prior knowledge. At the same time, the user’s safety is guaranteed while browsing.


Soap2day is a popular free online movie streaming website where users have unrestricted access to thousands of movies and TV shows. What makes this website outstanding is the services rendered are free, and users don’t have to pay for a subscription before they are given access to their movie content.  With no registration and disturbing ads, they provide their millions of users with one of the safest and most reliable movie content and TV shows for free. 


Cubevids is also one of the streaming platforms where users can access their website for free movie content and TV shows. It allows users to stream live TV and movies directly on any device but at a monthly subscription cost.


Popcornflix is a streaming service allowing users to stream and watch free movie content without a subscription. It provides free and legal content to its millions of users worldwide but has its support for ads. 

It is also a multi-platform application with wide publicity and is available for download on the PlayStation store. To download the app on your PS4, power on your PlayStation, log in to your PlayStation store to search for the app, and click install. 

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Is There Any Free Movie App For PS4?

Yes, when it comes to watching movies on your PS4 gaming consoles, some applications provide free-to-watch movies for users without needing a subscription. These applications provide unrestricted access to movies requiring users to sign up and enjoy quality services. Typical examples of free movie applications include Tubi TV, Crackle, and Putlocker. 

What Movie Files Can PS4 Play?

The PS4 gaming console is well-known for its terrific all-around media functionality, thereby making it one of the best consoles ever. The PS4 gaming console is built to allow it to play different media files or formats without error or technical interruption. The movie files supported by the PS4 console include MKV, AVI, MP4, and MPEG-2, both in the TS and PS format, while it also supports the AVCHD and XAC S™.

How To Watch Movies On PS4 Browser?

The ability of the PS4 gaming console allows its users to surf the internet is one of the outstanding features that makes it a popular gaming device among various users. The web-enabled functionality will enable users to watch movies and gain access to some web content on their console.

To watch movies on your PS4 using the browser, the first thing is to locate the Internet browser within the apps in the library or the console’s system menu. Select the Internet browser icon and type in the website you want to use to watch your desired movies. 

How Can I Watch Free TV On My PS4?

With loads of content and Free to air TV available for users on the internet, PS4 users can decide to gain access to this content through applications that allow users to stream TV for free. It is also essential for users to know that tons of free streaming applications and websites allow users to stream their content for free without a subscription. 

These applications allow users to watch free TV shows without needing a subscription, including Tubi TV, Pluto TV, Peacock and, Popcomflix. While the options of the apps are numerous, websites can also be used to watch free TV, and these websites include Cinebloom and Soap2day.

Can You Watch Netflix For Free On PS4?

To watch Netflix on your PS4, you must have the Netflix app on your PS4, and it usually comes pre-installed on your console but could be downloaded from PlayStation Network in cases where the app is not found on the console. And most time, to watch Netflix or access its numerous contents, you must sign up for a subscription on your PS4 console. 

Conditions that warrant you to watch Netflix for free on your console are when you have a shared Netflix account with your friends or when a qualifying package from your service providers grants you access to watch Netflix freely without subscribing. 

Can I Watch Movies On My PS4 From My Phone?

Yes, the remote play features inbuilt into the PS4 gaming consoles allow users to watch movies aside from the traditional gameplay. The app is available for download on the play store of most smartphones, and when it is set up, it allows users to watch movies from their PS4 console on their smartphones even while away from home. Other than that, movies can also be watched on your smartphone using the console second screen app, which is available for download on the play store.


Is There A PlayStation Movie App?

Many PlayStation movie applications allow PS4 users unlimited access to movies and TV shows on their consoles. These Apps enable users to watch and download movies purchased through their PlayStation Network account. These apps are readily available for purchase and download from the PlayStation Store.

Is Popcornflix On PS4?

Popcornflix is a free on-demand streaming service allowing users to stream and watch their famous movies and TV shows at no extra cost. It allows users to stream movies through their website or use the Mobile app to watch and download loads of movies. The app version of Popcornflix is available on the PlayStation store, and it grants instant and free access to watch movies while excitement is guaranteed.

Is Tubi On PS4?

Affirmative, the Tubi app is available for PS4 users, and it can be downloaded and installed through the PlayStation store. Like other streaming apps, Tubi offers an excellent getaway opportunity for users who want to relax from their busy schedules. With millions of movies at their disposal, users can choose from different arrays of movies available on their database. To make it more interesting, it doesn’t require any subscription as the service is free, only requiring users to sign up and watch their favorite movie.

Does PS4 Have Movies Anywhere?

Yes, the PS4 gaming console supports Movies Anywhere by linking your account with your PlayStation Network, while the points earned can be used to purchase digital content at the store. This allows users to watch movies they bought from the PlayStation store on their Movie Anywhere app. And on the contrary, you can find various movies on your PS4 console store or use any streaming app such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.

Does Soap2day Work On PS4?

Soap2day is an online movie hub that allows users to watch loads of movies and TV shows on their consoles for free. But according to many, it’s termed an illegal website but allows users to view their content at their peril. While it displays ads that may trick users into downloading malware, it also has its good side. The good side is unrestricted access to HD-quality content across multiple genres in different languages. 

Can You Watch Peacock On PS4?

Yes, Peacock Tv is available for streaming movies and TV shows on the PS4 gaming console; the application can be downloaded and installed on the PS4 console. This streaming application grant users access to their content from anywhere they choose. The free streaming service offers free top-tier movies, TV shows, and more programs for its premium users at a fixed monthly rate. 


While the traditional function of the PlayStation console is for users to enjoy their favorite games, the multiple functionalities of the console say otherwise. While many people choose to do gaming only with their console, some have turned into a movie hub that serves the need to watch movies for many people.

The console’s built-in ability makes it compatible with most streaming Apps, making it one of the most popular consoles of this generation. Serving the function of a movie hub through third-party Apps, the PS4 has been the go-to device for many people. 

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