How Does PS4 Remote Play Work? (Explained)

Remote Play is a support feature enabled on the PS4 gaming console; it helps users to connect their console to their handheld devices. This feature allows users to access their console’s content from their handheld devices.

It allows users to start, pause or quit a game on their TVs and start from their handheld devices without losing data once the connection is established. With a Smartphone and good internet access, the PS4 makes it more possible for users to turn their console into a mobile gaming system via handheld devices.

While this looks interesting, it is only available for selected Smartphone devices, and this is only achieved by signing in to your PSN to sync your dual-shock controller. 

How Does PS4 Remote Play Work?

The PS4 Remote Play downloads the application on your smartphone, which only works for a few designated tablets and smartphones. With a proper internet connection, connect your PS4 to the internet through the application, then sign into your PlayStation Network (PSN).

This is followed by synchronizing your wireless Dual-shock controller to the application, and you are ready to play. This allows you to do anything possible with your PS4 through your smartphone, including streaming services, Blu-ray playback, or playing your favorite games. 

PS Remote Play

How To Play PS4 On Phone With Controller?

To play PS4 on your phone with your PS4 controller, ensure your smartphone is running on the latest version of the software, and the same applies to your PS4. Then ensure you are connected to the internet via WiFi or use the Ethernet port to connect your PS4 to a router.

  1. Visit the Google Play Store on your device to download the PS4 Remote Play app and launch the application on your phone.
  2. Then click on the blue icon to sign in to your PlayStation network via your phone; after this, on your device Bluetooth connect your smartphone with your dual-shock controller.
  3. After a connection is established, you are good to go, but for a better experience, role-play or single games players are advised. 

What Devices Are Supported By The PS5 Remote Play App?

The Remote Play App lets you play your favorite PS5 games away from your gaming console using your smartphone. While this is considered a good idea, knowing whether it has device limitations is essential before jumping into the idea. The devices supported by the PS5 Remote Play app must be on the latest updated version of their software for a better experience. The Remote Play App is compatible with IOS devices with 12.2 or later versions and Android 6.0 and later versions of Mobile Phones.

Can I Use PS4 Remote Play Away From Home?

Yes, the PS4 Remote Play allows PS4 users to play and enjoy their favorite games while away from home. The joy of this feature of the PS4 console is it doesn’t matter where you are; so far, there is good internet access you can enjoy your PS4 services and games anywhere. The first thing to do before you subsequently enjoy this feature is to log into your PlayStation Network via your phone.

After you might have done this, put it on your console or leave it in rest mode. Then you can connect with your PS4 from anywhere using stable internet access.

How Do You Use Remote Play On PS4?

Download the Remote Play on your PS4 from your Apple or Android Play store, then install it. Launch the application, then sign in to your PlayStation Network using the same account you use on your PS4 console. The launched application then automatically searches for the console and connects with it. The subsequent uses don’t require searching because the previous connection has been saved, and it will connect automatically anytime you want to use it. 

How Far Away Does PS4 Remote Play Work?

It can be as far as you want if all the requirements are met, there is a stable internet connection, and the PS4 is in rest mode. Ensure your PS4 is plugged into a power supply and the console is in standby mode. Then ensure you have registered your console through the Remote Play app on your smartphone. A strong internet connection is strong enough to handle streaming audio and video of the games before connecting it to play.

Does Your PS4 Have To Be Primary To Use Remote Play?

Yes, your PS4 gaming console needs to be activated as the primary console to enable you to use the Remote Play feature on your PS4. The primary activation helps link your PS4 console to your account, allowing invited users to use apps on your PlayStation store. It also lets your console automatically download pre-ordered content on your Playstation app.

Why Is PS4 Remote Play So Laggy?

Several reasons could be responsible for your PlayStation to be laggy, especially when using it through the Remote Play app. If the Internet connection is weak or slow, the PS4 Remote Play becomes laggy. Another factor to look at is whether the PlayStation Network server is available and responding while also taking note of the connection between the PS4 and the power supply.

Do Both Players Need To Buy For Remote Play Together?

No, the Remote Play feature has made it easy for players to play without buying before they can. The invited friend only needs to have the Steam Link app, while the host must own and install the game before they play. 


Can I Use Remote Play While Someone Else Is Playing?

The Remote Play feature is not available whenever you or your friends are playing games or using the console to stream video. The PS4 has limitations that prevent its users from playing Remotely while the console is in use. It allows multiple registrations of users but limits the use of Remote play while using the console. When the console is being used to stream gameplay, when it’s being used Remotely by another user, or when playing blue ray disc, the Remote play cannot be used. 

Can You Remote Play Without Wi-Fi?

You can use a mobile internet connection without a Wi-Fi connection to play Remotely on your PS4 via your Android device. Wi-Fi connection is strongly recommended, but when there is none, the mobile data connection can be used, or a wired connection using an Ethernet connection for a better experience. A good internet connection with broadband of at least 5Mbps is needed with noticeable glitches, but a mobile data connection with 15Mbps or more will provide a more seamless connection.

Does PS4 Remote Play Turn On Console?

Once the first connection is established between your smartphone and your PS4 console, the successive connection will be automated. The PS4 will always connect automatically so far there is an internet connection, and the console is connected to a power source. The console is set to rest mode, allowing users to start games from anywhere.


The Remote Play feature of the PS4 gaming consoles allows users to play their favorite games without sitting before their consoles. While away from home and your console, you enjoy playing games and streaming videos with your smartphone. With an already established connection to your console through the Remote Play app on your smartphone.

With a strong WiFi or internet connection, you can enjoy your favorite games leisurely away from home, away from your console on your smartphone.

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