Does Acer Nitro 5 Have MUX Switch? (Explained)

A MUX switch (multiplexer) is an internal component of a laptop located on the motherboard of some gaming laptops. It helps to improve graphical performance by disabling the CPU-integrated graphics processing unit (GPU) in place of the system’s powerful dedicated graphics.

A MUX switch also helps to increase the frame per second (FPS) rate, which is great for the gaming display and experience. It also works to the disadvantage of your laptop’s battery life and your laptop’s efficiency. The MUX switch is a feature on every advanced gaming laptop, this feature helps boost graphics performance, and the end user can not install it as it’s soldered onto the motherboard.

Does Acer Nitro 5 Have MUX Switch? 

The Acer Nitro 5 does not have a MUX switch installed in it, but it is of great necessity to know that some models of laptops with the same name may have or may not have a MUX switch installed in it. 

Knowing whether your gaming laptop is MUX switch enabled is a significant factor before breaking the bank to buy it. This feature allows you to get a speed boost in games by disabling Optimus in settings.

What Is A MUX Switch?

A MUX switch is an internal feature in newer, midrange, premium, and advanced gaming laptops. The MUX feature improves graphical gaming performance by switching the graphics processor units (GPU) the display unit uses. A laptop with NVIDIA GPU uses Optimus software-enabled program to switch between integrated graphics and the more powerful discrete graphics based on your gaming requirements or needs.

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How Do I Know If My Laptop Has A MUX Switch? 

Since most advanced gaming laptops come with a MUX switch, not all laptops have a MUX switch feature. Knowing whether your laptop has a MUX switch can be tricky, as most manufacturers don’t always specify whether a laptop is enabled.

But mostly, the best way to find out is to go to the manufacturer’s website and check their product pages and the specification sheet or the system tuning software that was shipped with your laptop for more information on the MUX switch feature.

How Do I Enable MUX Switch? 

Since the MUX is hardware installed on your laptop and can only be found on premium and advanced gaming laptops, the MUX switch can be enabled on your laptop by using the custom system tuning software that comes with your gaming laptop. It lets you connect the display directly to the dedicated graphics card instead of the internal GPU. To clear confusion or uncertainty, not all laptops have MUX switch features.

Can You Add A MUX Switch To A Laptop?  

The answer is no since it is hardware installed in your laptop and can only be found in premium or advanced gaming laptops. But you can still enjoy gaming performance by overclocking your GPU or connecting an external gaming monitor to your laptop.

Where Is The MUX Switch Located? 

The MUX switch is a hardware component of a laptop located on the motherboard of the most premium and advanced gaming laptops; it is soldered onto the motherboard. It is an internal component that end users can not install.

Toggling on the MUX switch on your laptop enhances the gaming display of your laptop. Most modern, midrange, and premium gaming laptops have a MUX switch feature. This gives the user the power to leverage the laptop’s performance in games at the expense of the laptop’s battery life or deliver high battery life, depending on the requirement.


The MUX switch features are only available on premium, midrange, and advanced gaming laptops. This feature is preinstalled on the laptop’s motherboard. Depending on the required needs of the laptop user, it can either give you an enhanced gaming action at the expense of your laptop’s battery life or increase your laptop’s battery life for normal productive tasks.

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