Is PS4 VR Compatible With PS5? (Explained)

When it comes to Playstation, the first thing that comes to mind is the mind-blowing performance of the console. And to say the least, about the gaming console, you can rest assured that your gaming experience will only become more interesting with the use of the console accessories.

The PS4 VR, also known as PSVR, is an essential accessory of the gaming console, and its introduction has only made PlayStation a go-to gaming device for gaming fanatics. The Playstation Virtual Reality headset is a vital gaming accessory compatible with the new generation of Playstations. And this makes it compatible with the latest version of the gaming console.

Is PS4 VR Compatible With PS5?

Yes, the PS4 VR is compatible with your PS5 gaming console because it is built for easy compatibility with the latest generations of the PlayStation. Its extraordinary inbuilt capability allows users to use it on their latest edition or the addition of a new Playstation gaming console. The PS4 VR headset has backward compatibility, making it possible to connect with the PS5 console using USB. 

Can PS5 Use PS4 VR?

Your PS5 console can use the PS4 VR headset through the backward compatibility technique using the PSVR adapter cable. This technique allows you to enjoy a better gaming experience on your PS5 with PSVR while awaiting the newly released PSVR. Apart from the adapter cable giving your PS5 console access to PSVR, it also allows users to enjoy PSVR original games with the headset. However, this feature is possible using the adapter to attach your PS4 camera to the PS5 console.  

Is Any VR Compatible With PS5?

The PSVR was introduced as the only accessory that worked with PS4 at the time of release and has the capacity to work with PlayStation’s latest version console. On this note, the only compatible VR with the PS5 gaming console is the PSVR. And this compatibility can only work through the use of a gaming adapter to connect the devices. 

Does PSVR 2 Work On PS5?

The PSVR 2 can be regarded as a new and improved updated version of the original PSVR, boasting several advantages over the formal. It is designed to improve on the powerful hardware of the PS5, thereby producing the best experience ever on the PlayStation. The PSVR 2 was specifically designed to be compatible with the PS5 console without worrying about backward compatibility used on PS4 with the PSVR adapter. 


How Do I Get A PSVR Adapter For PS5?

The first thing to do is visit the Sony support page to initiate a request for the PSVR adapter. But, getting a PSVR adapter can be quite challenging for any PlayStation console user as a list of people will request the PSVR.

The Sony Computer Entertainment industry had a launched request form online to fill out to get the PSVR for free.

Is PlayStation VR Discontinued?

The PlayStation VR headset is still regarded as an essential accessory of the gaming console, and there are no plans to discontinue the sale of the PSVR. The PS virtual reality headset is so much available to purchase at Sony stores, whether as a standalone or a unit purchase. The PSVR is only rivaled by the recent announcement of the PSVR 2, and this will only slow down the production rate of the PSVR to give room for the newly released PSVR 2.


The emergence of the PlayStation Virtual Reality headset has been one of the best gaming accessories ever introduced to the gaming industry. This has brought about unfathomable gaming experience to the gaming community to a whole new level.

At the same time, the PSVR is compatible with the PS5 console through backward compatibility techniques. The new improved PSVR 2 promises a whole new level of excitement for users with the latest version of the console with the need to get into the backward compatibility used on the previous version of the PSVR. 

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