Can PS4 And PS5 Play FIFA 22 Together?

The PlayStation gaming consoles, in general, have been a vital gaming device for decades, serving the gaming industry and communities with loads of incredible content.

The console also has a support feature called cross-compatible play that allows users to play games across different consoles simultaneously. This support feature makes playing the same game with friends across various platforms possible. This online functionality ended long-awaited chances of playing FIFA games across different consoles through its incorporation into the new generation of PlayStation 4 and 5. 

Can PS4 And PS5 Play FIFA 22 Together?

Yes, the cross-compatible feature introduced to the latest version of the PlayStation allows users to play FIFA 22 with different gaming consoles. While this sounds interesting, it is tricky as users with PS5 consoles must get the PS4 version of the FIFA 22 game for easy compatibility with the PS4 console users. This support only works in order higher version of the console and not the other way around, which means PS4 users can not play the PS5 version of the FIFA22 game.  

Is FIFA 22 Cross-Platform?

Initially, the FIFA 22 game’s initial public offering did not have the cross-play functionality but allowed limited options for the feature. This limited option is available for online FIFA 22 games, allowing users to play online seasons and online-friendly matches. This functionality is available as a test in the form of two modes for online seasons and friendlies to prevent technical issues with the game. This test will pave the way for further broad implementation of the function in the nearest future.

How To Play Cross-Platform FIFA 22?

The cross-platform for FIFA 22 game can be prompted when you’re in the main menu of the launched FIFA 22 game. At the bottom right-hand corner of your screen is a widget containing prompts for enabling cross-play test participation. You can add players across different platforms from the widget or block anyone you choose.

how to play cross platform fifa 22
how to play cross platform fifa 22
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In this way, you can make friends!

Can PS5 FIFA Play With PS4 Pro Clubs?

There are certain things to consider here; one thing is for you to play the FIFA game with your friends on another console, the PS4 version of the game must be installed. And another thing to note is that the cross-play feature Is only available to play in Online Season and Online Friendlies mode. In essence, cross-play will only work if the PS5 user has the Ultimate Edition of the FIFA game, which allows the user to switch to the PS4 version for easy compatibility between players. 


Can You Play FIFA 22 Cross Platform PS4 And Xbox?

Yes, the cross-play functionality allows users to play FIFA football games across different platforms, unlike many modern games that don’t allow cross-play. This allows other gamers with varying affinities for different consoles to play from their favorite consoles with their friends. The cross-play feature is only available as a test where gamers can play Online Seasons Division against other gamers using different platforms before it is fully introduced shortly. 

What Other Platform Can You Play FIFA on? 

The FIFA franchise is speculated to be one of the biggest football games ever made and comprises different modes of football games. And its availability across various gaming platforms made it more exceptional, making it accessible to football lovers who want to relish the chance of playing their favorite player as a game character. The FIFA cross-play functionality is available for users on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox series X|S, Stadia, Nintendo Switch, and the PC version of the game 

How To Turn On Cross-Play for FIFA 22 On Your Console?

Setting up the cross-play feature on your gaming console does not require a long learning time and could be easily enabled. You must enable Cross-Play opt-in or opt-out on your console to use this feature.

First, go to your FIFA 22 main menu; for Xbox One and series X|S, press RT and PS4, and 5, press R2. Then go to the friend’s tab to add your friends; in case they have not been added, add them by pressing Y for Xbox One and series X|S or press Triangle for PS4 and 5 consoles. Then input your friends’ Gamertag or PSN, highlight the name, and press X on your Xbox One or series X|S or Square on your PS4 and 5 consoles, then enable the Cross-Play option. 


The FIFA football game has the largest franchise in the history of soccer games, and its cross-play functionality allows various gamers across different platforms to play with one another.

The latest version of the FIFA football game has a limited cross-play mode rolled out for users to compete in Online Season Divisions and Online Friendlies. Another thing to note is that PS5 users can cross-play with other users using the next-gen gaming console, which applies to PS4 and vice-versa. 


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