6+ Proven Ways to Write Articles and Earn Money in India Instantly (Rs. 25,963)

Today I’m going to show you how to write articles and earn money in India. These methods are best and can replace your job. In fact, one of my colleagues is making more than Rs. 25,963. And he gets paid to write articles at home from India.

Believe me, after this article your earning will rise. But for that, you need to promise that you’ll read each and every line and not just headlines!

Seriously! If you do that you’ll have a great and awesome strategy with secret notes and then no one can stop you to earn more than my colleague.

Now, we’ll be going through these 7 chapters which are super awesome and here you need to eat all the information that I’ll be serving.

So let’s get started,

Here’s your Index that you are going to learn about writing articles and earning money from it. You can hover your mouse or click on any section to directly reach there.

Table of Content: INDEX

  1. Requirements for Earning Money through Articles
  2. How to write a perfect article with ‘RNT’ & ‘AIDA’ formula
  3. Write Articles and Earn Money in India (Step-by-Step)
  4. Powerful Ways to Get Clients and make money with articles
  5. Successful Blueprint Guide to Write articles and earn money in India
  6. Write articles and earn money in India for everyone, YES!

#1 Requirements for Earning Money through Articles

Soldiers are always ready with their weapons for the fight or war. In the same way here we need to be ready with few things.

Let’s see what all we need…

  • A computer or a laptop.
  • Internet
  • Average Typing Speed
  • English Grammar
  • Paypal Account to receive money (Paytm, UPI will work in India)

Well, that’s it! If you have all these then you can easily write articles and earn money in India.

We are going to focus on the English language and not going to talk about any regional languages. Other languages are also good to go for making money with articles but the payout is not good and hence going with the English language will be better.


If you are willing to go for Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Gujrati or any other Indian language and earn money from that, then you can apply all the secrets that I’m sharing for the English people same to any other regional language.

You can and will be able to write Hindi articles and earn money in India after going through this valuable post.

Implement these things and you’ll definitely get results.

You might be having a computer and the Internet, now how to get average typing speed with good English grammar?

Increase your Typing speed

See, it’s super easy you don’t need to worry.

Just relax and

Follow this…

  • Head over to this link https://www.livechatinc.com/typing-speed-test/
  • You’ll be given 60 seconds and your typing speed will be displayed.
  • After 60 seconds your typing speed would be displayed and you’ll come to know that how many Words Per Minute (WPM) you are able to write in 1 minute.
  • This helped me a lot.

My typing speed was 19 WPM and now it’s 41 WPM (seriously)

Now one more thing you need to keep in mind, that

Left fingers should be placed in A, S, D, F and your right fingers on J, K, L, ; and thumbs on the space bar. (Refer the image below)

How to increase your typing speed?
Finger Position Chart

Now practice the above drill and you’ll see a massive change in your typing speed.

Increase your English Grammar skills

If you are quite familiar with English and have a problem with grammar then I’ll recommend a google chrome extension.

Use Grammarly

This tool is totally free and with this tool, you can write a fantastic article for your clients and earn money.


If you upgrade this extension to a premium then you’ll get more good results and once anyone reads your article which you have written with that premium extension then the reader will assume that an expert has been writing this content.

In this way, your value will rise.

But, I personally use the free version to write my articles.

Premium will have a more good impression and as a copywriter, freelancer should go for the premium version.

Other than that you can also buy books from amazon which will help you to increase your grammar.

Here’s the list of some best selling English grammar books:

  • Word Power Made Easy.
  • High School English Grammar & Composition.
  • English Grammar in Use: A Self Study Reference.
  • 30 days to a more powerful vocabulary.

Want to write and speak English fluently? Checkout LetsTute to Learn English Fluently. They are one of the well-known E-learning company that mostly focuses on ‘Self-Learning’.

After all this, you are all set to go.

#2 How to write a perfect article with ‘RNT’ & ‘AIDA’ formula

You might be knowing that writing a perfect article is what you need. Because that will be the only thing which will make money for you.

Yes, writing articles will make money if the article perfect.

Now, Frequently people ask that how to write a perfect article and all, I just say them that use RNT formula and you’ll make good money out of it. And believe me, my facebook friend is making good money with the RNT formula.

Do you want to know that formula?

That’s what, let’s make the deal

Let’s break down this RNT formula

The RNT Formula
  • Research
  • Note
  • Type

Here’s how to go with this formula:


You need to research your topic in-depth.

Yes, you read it right.

Look making money through writing articles is an easy job if you are implementing all the given tips to you.

How to do perfect research?

Let’s suppose…

You are writing an article for your client on the topic ‘weight loss’

Now you are not familiar with this topic, so firstly you’ll need to read all the articles that are on google’s 1-4 page. Then, need to note down all the valuable things that are common and also need to add some more knowledge by your side.


You got some points like

  • High protein food
  • Steps to lose weight
  • Diet plan
  • Healthy food

More and more.

In this way, you need to research your article. The research topic depends on the client, and if the topic is easy then good and if it’s hard then use this tactic.


  • Research your article in depth.
  • Make sure you read all the related sources of that topic.
  • Eat all the value available and add your own best good quality content.


Basically in this step, you just need to note some important points while you research. You need to note down your notes on a note pad on your laptop/computer.

Pro-Tip with Cheat-sheet

You need to make an excel sheet. Either you can do it on your laptop/computer or else go with google drive. And I recommend you to make your excel sheet on Google Drive. Because Google Drive is one of the best sources to make all your documents online.

How to create an awesome excel sheet?

Your excel sheet should be like once you see it, you should get all the information at a glance, and I often use this cheat-sheet when I write articles on this site.

Here’s your cheat-sheet,

Notes Cheat-sheet
You can refer this sheet!

I think, you’ll be happy now : )

If you want this cheat-sheet, comment below ‘I want Cheat-Sheet’. I’ll provide you the cheat-sheet link within 24 hours promise.

Now, I hope that you are well covered with this topic ‘Notes’ in the Main Topic ‘RNT Formula’

And there’s no need of summary here, cause cheat sheet speaks.


Typing, yes this plays a very mature role in this formula. There must be a correct way of writing your article.

Follow this content framework strategy tips which will help you to write awesome content and your client will be satisfied.

  • Never let your reader feel boring while reading.
  • Use Stunning Headline.
  • Type a lengthy article (according to the client).
  • Use Images and Infographics.
  • Your article must have intent.
  • Use the AIDA Formula First Paragraph.

Wait, What is the AIDA Formula?

AIDA Formula
AIDA Formula

To improve your copywriting skills you must watch this video.

This video is really a secret to write articles and earn money. (Must Watch Recommended)

Strategies to write a perfect article

Now, you are done with this formula and the whole process of writing a perfect article.

I hope that you must have learned and enjoyed a lot in this chapter because chapter #2 has the most valuable content.

Yes, I said Most Valuable.

Now, what?

You are now familiar with requirements and writing a perfect article. Let’s explore the ways to make money by writing articles in India.

#3 Write Articles and Earn Money in India (Step-by-Step)

Hey, Chapter #3 Welcomes you!

Listen! There are many ways where you can write articles and make money. But as per my knowledge, the below-listed points are the most used, and the ways to get paid to write articles at home in India.

Have a look:

Major sources where you make money with your articles,

  • Freelancing sites (Checkout more below)
  • Blogging
  • Facebook Groups, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest

Freelancing sites: Get paid to write articles at home in India

You can easily make money online with the articles. See, there are many frauds in other online jobs but particularly in the “article and copywriting” sector, there are many legit sites which will pay you good money.

I keep posting articles related to online jobs and there when I come to suggest them legit websites, I suggest them to either go with Fiverr or don’t go with anything.


Here, I’ll suggest a few legit sites which will pay you for articles. Some of them are Indian sites that pay for writing articles.

See, these are one the best and most recommended sites from which you can earn money.

Now, all the sites I’ve mentioned are great, no doubt!


How, to clear their signup process, as a content writer?

Listen, this is one of the most asked questions, here you’ll need to pass their online test and then you’ll be offered as a writer.

Seriously these are some major problems and if you are a pro content writer then you can easily pass this test and…

If not…

Then you must read their guide, which will be given to you before the online test. And that can help you a lot.

And also you don’t know anything, and you read this whole guide and then go there and read the guidance before the online test, there are high possibilities that you’ll pass that online test.

Blogging: Super-Duper Way to make money with articles

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. But if you are a good article writer and you’re quite passionate about writing articles then you must try this term blogging.

I know that the technical work like setting up nameservers and connecting domain to a hosting might be a quite hard job, but if you go on YouTube and search all that, you are good to go.

After setting up your blogging website, you can start writing articles and make money.

To know more read here: Make money with WordPress blog.

You might be familiar with this term “Blogging” and hence, I think that explaining more about this, will waste your time.

Let’s summarise about Blogging:

  • Create a blog on a topic, for which you are passionate enough.
  • Get a domain and a hosting.
  • Start writing articles and use SEO so that your site ranks on Google.
  • Make Money with Google Adsense later on.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn

Yes, Social Media can boost your sales and will get you more clients for writing articles.

Now, how to do that?

  • You’ll need a landing page or a website, your portfolio.
  • Fiverr Gig.
  • Any freelancing profile,

All this will be needed, and the above-mentioned things will be needed where you can add all the links in your social media description section which will get you, clients.

Now, how you’ll get clients via social media.


On Social media

See, you need to add proofs and at starting, give your client cheap service with high and best valuable content. So that they’ll be with you for the long term.

Now all about how to get clients and pitch them, I’ve al explained it the next chapter #4.

On Facebook:

Join many groups and post your service in the groups. Also, join all the content writing-related sites and there you’ll start getting your clients. You can give them your demo articles, and a landing page where they’ll see all your content and then if they like they opt you as an article writer.

For more detail, check out chapter #4

On YouTube:

You can record a facecam video (a video in which a person shows his face has more trust value). So make a facecam video about your service and send all the viewers to your website, or a Fiverr gig. And believe me, YouTube videos organic reach is quite good.

So, just record one video with a good presentation and divert users from YouTube to your Landing page. And you’ll see great results.

On other social media:

You can just post your video, photo with good presentation and add hashtags to those posts and your reach will increase and you’ll get good customers to your landing page.

You can also run paid ads to get your results faster.

It’s Intresting now : )

Here is the most intresting and awaited chapter.

#4 Powerful ways to get Clients and make money with articles

This chapter will be the most intresting.

Skipped #2 Chapter?

If, you do so, then please have a look at chapter #2 where there are awesome RNT and AIDA formulas to boost your income.

Other than that if you have a good copywriting skill then continue ahead with this #4 Chapter, which is literally easy!

Implement this and you’ll get great results. (Implementation is important)

Let’s go…

As I said get a portfolio or a landing page beautifully designed. Here are the things that you must include in your landing page:

  • The awesome headline, Cathy!
  • Long and beautifully designed landing page.
  • Neat and clean.
  • Mail Optin.
  • Trust Triggers.
  • Testimonials.
  • Value justification.

Let’s understand each term:

Mail Optin:

This is E-mail marketing, You might be familiar with this? As a user comes on your site, your site will show a pop-up email box that will ask for name and email.

And in this way, you can collect the list of emails of the ones who visit your site. And obviously he/she will be in search of a content writer and you’ll be having their mails. Now each and every day you need to provide them good valuable mails. Now after a week you can send your offer with an urgency.

In this way, you definitely get results.

Trust Triggers:

You should add, testimonials, WhatsApp chats, customer feedback, customer satisfaction and all those things which will bring trust to the reader and that reader can later on convert into your client.


This should be in the form of video (video testimonials brings more sales and more trust) and you can also include your client’s feedback. Add a demo article, which should be the best article.

Value Justification:

This means that your client should have great value once he hires you as a content writer. If he hires and not likes the work, you can give him a few more articles free of cost which will justify his purchase.

All these can only be done when you design your homepage, and the very first step for this is:

  • Get a WordPress Account
  • Personal Domain
  • Build your webpage these WP plugins, Elementor, Thrive Architect.
  • Done.

To know about the landing page you can ask your query in the comment section below.

Once you include all this, your client will feel that you are a professional article writer and he will definitely order articles from you.

In this way, you can get clients to your beautiful web page and earn money with articles.

Few more strategies to get clients

You can apply these things,

  • Give your clients, value for free so that they can see your work and hire you later.
  • You can add or post your jobs on other sites.
  • Contact other articles writers on facebook, mail and take advice from there.


Now, you know,

  • How to write a perfect article.
  • Best ways to make money with articles.
  • Getting clients easily.

Here are some Successful tips for you…

#5 Successful Blueprint Guide to Write articles and earn money in India

As we are coming to the end,

I hope that you must have grabbed a lot of value from the above chapters.

In this chapter, I’ll be giving you some best and working successful tips to make money with articles.

Here are those tips:

Learn Basic SEO

This will immensely help you to rank your site on google and kill your competitors. You can rank your website on google’s first page for any search term you want to.

Refer to this basic video which will help you a lot:

For example:

You want to rank for “Best Content Writer for a tech blog”

Simply, apply basic SEO and you’ll see organic results on your site. And your website will also rank for the keyword “Best Content Writer for a tech blog”

Now, where to learn basic SEO for FREE?

I’ve got a great deal! Look…

Go on YouTube and search “SEO for Beginners” and each at least 10-15 videos and you’ll get this strategy.

Any Work at Any Price initially

Initially, it’s really difficult to get clients. Once you get your first client never let him go. Take whatever he negotiates with and start working with him.

After the work is done, you can ask for feedback, and you can add this feedback to your webpage, as I said in chapter #4.

This will help you to get more and more testimonials, and trust triggers.

Once you are familiar and done with 4-6 clients you can keep your service rate fixed and in this way, you can increase your business.

  • Delivery service on time.
  • Be a niche writer, specialize yourself in one particular niche.
  • Join Groups and Forums.
  • Build your own brand by being active on social media and giving them value.
  • Network with other freelance workers.
  • Start guest posting on other sites, related to your niche.

Apply all these tips and successful guides which will help you to make good money.

#6 Write articles and earn money in India for everyone, YES!

There’s noting literally in this chapter,


I just want to say that, Please implement all these things and you’ll really get amazing results.

And no doubt, all these methods that I’ve mentioned are not only for the people who are currently doing jobs or for the people who are jobless. But also this post is for students.

Online article writing jobs for students in India:

Yes, all the methods that are explained also apply to the students who are willing to work for this. If you are small enough like me, then you can obviously use your mother’s or father’s bank account to receive online payments.

If suppose you are not allowed to do this kind of online jobs…

You can convince or tell your dad that there are “online article writing jobs for students in India” and I’m potential enough to make money from there.

And in this way, you can also write articles and earn money in India. It’s really easy!

Last Words

Implementation is important, as I said in #4 Chapter.

And in fact, that my colleague ended up making more than Rs. 25,963 by applying all these techniques.

Now, it’s your turn!

We, all know that writing articles and making money is one of the easiest jobs in this online era. Based on skillset one can easily earn money by writing articles.

Yes, it’s difficult to find and get paid but once you apply the above-listed technique you’ll definitely make a decent amount of money easily.

Thanks for the read! Ramesh!

As in this beautiful guide, I’ve explained to you all the possible ways to write articles and earn money in India, in the same way, you can also make money from these Top 10 Copy Paste Job Sites.

Read this: 9+ FREE Methods to Make Money Online

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