Why Does My PS4 Turn On By Itself? (16 Ways To Fix)

Your PS4 gaming console turning itself on may not necessarily call for concern among PS4 users, even though it may appear as if your console is haunted. But it is nothing to worry about as it is usually due to a feature called HDMI device link between your PS4 and the television you are connected to.

Another instance that can cause your console to turn on itself is when you place any object on your controller since you can switch on your console at a button on your connected controller. Another possible cause is hardware and software glitches coming from your PS4.

Why Does My PS4 Turn On By Itself?

PS4 turning on itself may appear to many users as an issue beyond repair, or their PS4 is being haunted, which may sound funny and exciting. This issue may arise due to an update on the console, prompting it to turn itself on to carry out the needed update. This can also be attributed to an update with the connected controller and possibly hardware issues such as damage to the power button.  

How To Fix A PS4 That Turns On By Itself? (Fixes)

This issue can be solved, or an end is coming to the gaming console. Still, it is OK, as many users with previous experience with this issue could fix it by following the simple and easy-to-know fixes below. 

How To Fix A PS4 That Turns On By Itself? (Fixes)

Check Your Input Settings

When the signal and input of the console malfunction, it may trigger the console to turn itself on. This can be solved by changing the input channels of your console display, switching the HDMI port 1 or A to another HDMI port 2 or B then reversing the process to troubleshoot the problem. After the switching, power on your console to check whether the issue has been resolved. 

Check Your Outlets And HDMI Ports

Check for compatibility and any physical damage to the HDMI ports and cables while ensuring the wall outlet works perfectly. Test the cables with another device to check whether there is a fault with the HDMI cables and replace any damaged cable with a new recommended one from the store. 

Restart Your Console

Restarting your console is one of the most straightforward fixes to solve the problem of your console turning itself on. This may sound simple and understandable if you have yet to try it with your console, as major successes were reported with this simple fix.

Turn off your console and hold the power button for seconds until you hear two beeps, then unplug the console, the HDMI cables, and other connected cords. Wait for some minutes before you plug your console back, then reboot and observe whether the issue is solved. 

Disconnect Any Accessories

If all the fixes fail and there is no way out of the issues, disconnect the various connected third-party devices. These devices may be the culprit and responsible for the issue. These devices include your headphone, adapters, microphone, and VR devices; unplug them one after the other to determine the device responsible for the hoax.

Turn Off Nightly Updates

This component of the PS4 console allows it to update or download available software updates at night. This feature will power the console on to download and install the update.

This feature can be disabled by following these simple steps, go to the setting on the home screen and select the system option, then select the Automatic downloads option and disable. This simple step will prevent your PS4 from turning itself on anytime there is an available system update.

Restore Your PS4 To The Default Factory Settings

An additional fix to try is restoring your PS4 to the factory default settings; this way, your console will be restored to its original state. To do this, turn off your PS4 and hold the power button until your console has entered safe mode.

The next thing to do is Press the PS button on your connected controller and follow the instructions. Options to either Change Resolution, Rebuild Database, or Restore Default Settings will appear, then select Restore Default Settings and click on restart. These simple steps should solve the problem of your console turning itself on.

Check The Hard Drive

If wear and tear catch up with your console, the hardware might be loose and cause your hard drive to shift, which results in your console malfunctioning. Check the hard drive to see if it is properly seated, turn off your console and disconnect all the connected cables, remove the hard drive cover, and check for alignment. If the alignment is off, realign the hard drive and cover it back, then plug in your console and the cables and check whether the issue is solved.

If there is a need for a memory extension, add external hard drive discs to free up space on your console. Proper checking of this will help to fix the hardware issue on your console, thereby fixing the issue of your console turning itself on. 

“Initialize” Your PS4

This step involves clearing the whole database of your saved data, and it is always recommended to back up your PS4 saved data before executing. First, ensure your PS4 is switched off, then hold the power button until you hear two beeps.

Connect your DSA controller to your PS4 using a USB cable. Then follow the prompting by using the X button on your controller to Initialize your console. This should solve the issue of your PS4 turning itself on. 

Disable HDMI Device Link

These HDMI device link features often enable your console to work with other devices and help them be compatible. So whenever you switch on your TV or audio devices, your PS4 will, in turn, power on because of the HDMI device link. To disable this feature, go to setting on your console and select system. Open the HDMI setting and uncheck the Enable HDMI link box. With this tweak, the issue of your PS4 turning on itself should stop. 

Create A New Database

Turning the tide around another excellent way to solve the issue of your PS4 turning on by itself is to create or rebuild a new database. Doing this will take a few minutes to hours, depending on the size of your console data, without compromising or deleting your saved data.

To rebuild your console database, follow these simple steps. The first thing to do is to ensure your console is turned off, then press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps. Connect your controller to your PS4 using a USB cable and press the PlayStation button on your controller. Then select Rebuild Database by pressing the X button; this process should help fix the issue of PS4 turning on automatically. 

Check For A Software Update

Most times, if the console is running on outdated software, the solution might be installing a new update on your console. This may or may not fix the problem, but it is a must to try to solve the issue of your console turning itself on. Check your PlayStation update folder to see whether there is an available update; the issue could be the update in the folder.

This available update always powers your console on whenever the update is dropped. You can turn off automatic updates on your console by going to the home screen, then clicking on settings and selecting system. Select the automatic downloads and unchecked the boxes that allow automatic downloads in rest mode.   

APU Issues Must Be Prohibited

The APU (accelerated processing unit) that lies in the CPU(central processing unit) of your console, which is the primary unit, could be responsible for the issue of your PS4 turning on itself. This circuit can kickstart the auto-starting of your console if there are any problems with the motherboard, such as a disconnection. 

And it must be prevented by ensuring proper air circulation around the console through a cooling system or an air conditioner to cool the system. While taking into consideration, avoid overuse or prolonged use of the console. 

Safe Mode Should Be Used For System Updates

A problem of incomplete system software update can also be responsible for the issue of your PS4 turning itself on. Try to update your system in safe mode to solve the issue; To do this, you will need a free space of up to half gigabytes on your USB Drive. Create a folder in your USB Drive and rename it to PS4; within it, create a subdirectory called UPDATE.

The next thing is to download the intended latest update and add it to the UPDATE folder in the USB Drive. After that, connect your USB Drive to the console and press the power button for seconds to enter safe mode. Follow the system prompting to upgrade your console system in safe mode. 

Troubleshoot Hardware Problems

A complete hardware check should be carried out on your console if any of the above-listed fixes fail to work. This implies checking the internal components of your console for possible overheating problems. Overheating occurs due to prolonged use of the console or placing the console in a position that doesn’t allow the free flow of air in and around the console. Also, clean between the buttons to eliminate the first and food debris to avoid sticky buttons, which can trigger your PS4 to turn on itself.

Regularly Update And Configure Your Software

Regular updates and configuration of your system software help prevent your console from turning on itself. Ensure your console is updated to its latest version of the software and connected devices are configured to be compatible with the latest version of the update to avoid malfunction that will trigger your PS4 to turn itself on. You can always check your console update folder for any updates or set it to update when there is a new version automatically.

Contact Playstation

If all the fixes mentioned above were not enough to solve the issue battling your PS4 console, you should visit the Sony PlayStation Store for a further check. Contacting the manufacturer’s customer support for additional information will help to ameliorate the issues. And if the warranty on the product is still active, it helps to reduce the cost the repair will incur.

Why Does My PS4 Turn On By Itself When I Turn My TV On?

The HDMI-CEC, which stands for HDMI-Comsumer Electronic Control, is a feature that acts as an HDMI Device Link. This feature allows you to connect your PS4 and TV to communicate; thus, whenever you power on your TV, it will automatically trigger your console to power on. 

Why Does My PS4 Turn On By Itself In Rest Mode?

Your PS4 console turning on by itself in rest mode most times can be a cause for concern for any PS4 user and may become upsetting. But most importantly, your PS4 turning on in rest mode could be due to the system detecting or carrying out a system software update. It could also be due to the non-compatibility of the devices connected to your console. Without also neglecting the consequences of damages to the hardware components of your PS4, all this could trigger your console to turn on in rest mode. 

Why Does My PS4 Turn On By Itself After Shutdown?

In situations where your PS4 turns on itself after being shut down, it could be triggered by numerous reasons that are either attributed to hardware or software issues. One of the many reasons could be when the console carry out system update, and further reasons could be due to HDMI Device Link, a feature that allows the console to turn on when the TV is turned on. 

PS4 Turning On By Itself And Ejecting Disc?

Depending on the version of the console, the original version is known to constantly ejects discs due to issues with the eject button. Still, the issue of the PS4 turning on itself has nothing to do with the ejecting issue. At the same time, these issues could also exist as a result of software and hardware problems. The console turning by itself could trigger the console to eject discs, which can be solved by updating the console’s system software. If the issue persists and this further persists, it is recommended that you visit the nearest Sony repair centers. 


What Color Should The PS4 Light Be When It’s On?

The PS4 console is a complex system made up of various light indicators to indicate different scenarios of the console state. The console light indicator, when it is powered on, transcends from a blue light indicator to a white light indicator. 

What Color Should PS4 Be When Off?

When turning off the PS4, the console light usually turns to pulse white, and then the PS4 turns off. This will occur after the console might have been powered off by holding the power button for a few seconds until you hear two beeps. When this is done, the console display darkens, then the power indicator on the console blinks white and then turns off. 


The problem of PS4 turning on automatically may sound pretty uncomfortable to users, especially when you didn’t expect your console to run and make it look like it is being haunted. But these issues are either hardware or software related when it is diagnosed.

While the issues may last or persist, the solutions to them are plausible. This could range from simply unplugging your console from the power supply to doing a factory reset for the console—all these fixes, when tried, guaranteed excellent outcomes without further complicating the issues. 

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