Why Does My PS4 Not Turn On? (13 Ways To Fix)

There are electrical gadgets with ups and downs, and the PS4 is included. It tends to break down or malfunction at the slightest issue with the console’s hardware or software.

And these issues can be caused by numerous factors, which span from hardware, software, corrupt system firmware, and maybe the power supply to the PlayStation.

When these issues manifest, your PS4 may not turn on anytime it is initiated, which might look frustrating to any user with an encounter with this issue. And this problem is challenging to deal with if the user has yet to learn about the problem.

Why Does My PS4 Not Turn On?

Your PS4 gaming console might not turn on when it is initiated. This problem can be associated with corrupt firmware on the PS4, hardware, and software problems, and sometimes issues with the console’s power supply. Other things to worry about that could trigger your PS4 not to respond when powered on are damage to any components of the console, the physical condition of the console, and many, at times, outdated software.

How To Fix A PS4 That Won’t Start Or Turn On? (Fixes)

Mostly, this problem of PS4 not turning on has been encountered by many users and usually requires subtle fixes to modify them. These fixes are clearly stated below:

How To Fix A PS4 That Won't Start Or Turn On? (Fixes)

Try A Different Power Cable

Most times trying a different power cable in place of the original cable could help solve the problem of the PS4 not turning on. The console cable might have broken or been damaged and needed to be replaced with a new one from an electronics store.

Interrupt Power To The PS4

One of the tried solutions to your PS4 not turning on is to try and interrupt the power supply to your console by removing the power cable from the PS4 for about 30 seconds. After then, plug it back into your PS4 and attempt to switch it on.

Check For Signs Of Insects

At times the presence of a living organism in the panel of the PS4 can create problems for the users. The heat generated by your console and the dark interior is a good area for bugs to breed and lay eggs.

The continual presence of insects around your gaming areas may have allowed the insects to slip in and feel comfortable. Opening the panel to clear up the mess caused by these bugs might allow your PS4 to power on. 

Try A Different Power Strip Or Outlet

Another insightful fix to try is connecting your console to a different power outlet or power strip, and if you are the type that uses a power surge protector, it might have been damaged.

Try connecting another device to which you connect your PS4 to check whether the problem is with the power outlet, then try another outlet to remedy the issue. 

Power Cycle Your PS4

This implies giving your console a brief period of rest, primarily when it is being used for some time. To power cycle your console, turn off the console by pressing the power button until the console is off.

Ensure the lights stop flashing, disconnect the power cable, and set it aside for about half an hour or more. After that period, press and hold the power button, plug the console back into power, and check if the issue is solved.  

Remove Your PS4 Hard Drive

The hard drive could also be a shortcoming to your PS4’s inability to turn on whenever required. Try removing the hard drive of your console and then launching the console usually and in safe mode.

If the console is turned on with the hard drive removed, then the problems with the hard drive are responsible for your PS4’s inability to turn on. At this point, the hard drive had to be removed and replaced with a new one.  

Make Sure Your Power Button Is Connected Internally

Post-cleaning conditions may also play here, especially if you have previously opened your console to clean it. In trying to cover the console panel, there is every possibility that the small metal contact connecting the power button to the internal circuit board has been misplaced.

Inspect this area to check whether the metal piece is still there, removed, or broken, and ensure the metal contact is maintained with the internal circuit when coupling the panel back. 

Try Inserting A Game Disc

Attempting to insert a game disc also helps to resolve the issue of your console not turning on. To do this, insert a disc halfway into the console, and if the system automatically pulls the disc in, the console will power on.

And if this fails to work, there is a tendency for the system hard drives to be faulty and needs to be fixed in safe mode.  

Clean The Dust Out Of Your Console

If the PS4 console is placed in a dusty area, there is a chance that it has accumulated dust and needs to be cleaned up. This dust blocks the ventilation slots and does not allow the heat generated inside the console to be expelled out of the console.

This dust can be removed using canned air; this is achieved by blowing the dust into your PS4. For thorough cleaning, the console must be opened up to clean the inside of the console properly.  

Replace Your Power Supply

The insufficient or poor power supply may be why your PS4 gaming console is not turning on whenever it is powered on. Changing or replacing the power supply where your console is connected can be tricky because it requires knowledge and special tools to interpret it. So, it is advised to seek the help of a professional when you want to change or replace your power supply.

Try Starting Your PS4 In Safe Mode

If your console responds when you restart it in safe mode, it is evident that it doesn’t turn on due to software issues. To start in safe mode, turn your console off for some seconds, then disconnect any attached cables or devices without removing the console from the power supply.

Then press the power button until you hear two beeps; the second beep will initiate a black screen. From there, the system will boot up to safe mode; connect your controller with a USB cable, then press the PS button on your controller. From the list of options that appeared on the screen, click on Restart System.

Factory Reset Your Device

The last resort to try, apart from contacting Sony support, is doing a factory reset of your console; the intention is to restore to default settings and delete everything you have set up on your hard drive.

To restore your PS4, launch the setting menu on your console, proceed to initialization, and click on it. Select initialize PS4, then select full on the next screen to completely reset your console. 

Contact Playstation Customer Support

After trying all the subtle fixes listed above and having no breakthrough, it is easier to become frustrated at this stage. The best thing to do is to contact Sony customer support for further assistance. It will also become much easier and less expensive if your console warranty has not been tampered with. 

Why Does My PS4 Beep And Not Turn On?

In this scenario, the PS4 beeps and does not turn on simply because the power supply that you connected your console to is inadequate. It could also mean the console was overheating and could not expel the heat generated inside the panel. Overheating usually occurs when the ventilation slots are blocked, the console is wrongly positioned, or there is damage to the hardware components of the console. 

How Do I Force Start My PS4?

In a situation where your PS4 seems not to respond to control or doesn’t turn on when it is powered. The console can be forced to start if it doesn’t respond to the power button when pressed by simply doing a factory reset to the console. Turn off your console and remove the attached cables.

Then press the console power button and hold until you hear two beeps. The console will boot up in safe mode, follow the instructions and choose whether to restore default settings or initialize PS4. The first option will factory reset your console then you can switch it on to check whether it has been resolved.  

How Do You Reset An Unresponsive PS4?

After you have switched off your console and removed all the connected devices, sign in to your PS4 console account, open settings, and click on initialization. From there, options will appear for clearing the learning dictionary, restoring the default settings, or initializing PS4. Select initialize PS4, then click on “Full” to clear all the saved data on your system hard drive, either saved data, downloaded games, or anything, and it usually takes a few hours to complete.

Is It Ok To Leave Your PS4 On Overnight?

It is okay to leave your PS4 on overnight, especially if you are downloading an update or a large file. This option can be enabled by setting the console auto-rest option to never in the power settings. However, leaving your PS4 overnight should be done when you have reasons to leave it on during downloading system software or the update. 


Why Is My PS4 Not Turning On, And There’s No Light, No Beep?

There could be various reasons your PS4 gaming console decided not to turn on or beep light. The number one reason could be a faulty or poor power supply to the console when there is an issue with the console’s hardware or software component. At the same time, it is also possible that the console is overheating due to prolonged use. 

Why Won’t My PS4 Turn On Without A Controller?

Your PS4 won’t turn on without a controller due to damage to the power button on your console or a hard drive issue with your console. At the same time, when your PS4 becomes unresponsive and you need to power it on, the only way out is your console controller. 

Why Is My PS4 Pro Not Turning On?

There can be many explanations as to why your PS4 Pro is not turning on, but the most notable of them is the presence of insects inside your console. When they enter the console panel, these insects will sabotage the cables and components of your PS4. Other reasons could be poor power supply, broken or damaged power cords or cables, and lastly, it could be a failed or damaged power button. 


Most times, the issue encountered by users at one point or another while using their console differs from others, but it all boils down to the same problem. Issues with the hardware and software components of the PS4 system can be frustrating if a user needs to learn what to do and how to do it.

These quick fixes without skepticism will keep your machine working on without failing if they are consciously followed or considered. 

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