Why Does My PS4 Keep Freezing? 17 Ways To Fix It

Talking about being reliable and giving a high-end performance for a premium user experience, the PS4 gaming console is, without a doubt, the best in the category of a gaming device ever made. But the device begins to decline in function over time due to duration of use, console mishandling, and defective hardware.

All these noticeable decline functions are evident that the PS4 has come of age, and this leads to your PS4 freezing or crashing anytime it is put to use. When your gaming console has got to the point where it often crashes or freezes when it is being used, it is best to look for ways to fix the issues to avoid unnecessary dilemmas from users. 

Why Does My PS4 Keep Freezing? (Causes)

There are many different reasons why your PS4 keeps freezing, and these reasons appear written all over your gaming console. While being observant of these signs will help you to understand the needed solutions to them. 

Faulty PS4 Controller

At times, malfunctioning connected external hardware can influence the functionality of your PS4 negatively, and this may cause your console to freeze.

The controller is one of the most overlooked peripheral components of your PS4, and if the controller is faulty, it will instigate your console into freezing. 



Another big issue that dealt a blow to your PS4 is overheating; if your PS4 experience extreme heat, especially when it is used where the airflow is limited and the console can’t get rid of the heat generated, it will freeze when it is in action. Another cause of overheating is when the air vents of the console are blocked by dust, the console is in direct contact with the sunlight, and the console is placed very close to the walls.

Battery Problems

The problem with the battery is also considered a serious issue that affects the functionality of your PS4 is the PS4’s CMOS battery. The CMOS battery usually has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, and the battery is responsible for updating the console time and date. When the battery becomes depleted, it becomes impossible for users to play games on the console.

This is a common cause of your PS4 crashing down and the console freezing out. Whenever you notice that your console is freezing, it is advisable to check the CMOS battery life and change it to a new one if need be. 

Check Power Management Devices

When the power management devices that users use to protect their electrical appliances from power surges lose their efficiency due to interval of use. When nearing their end, these power management devices will lead to issues that may result in a screen freeze. To prevent this, remove the defective device and plug the PlayStation directly into the power supply. If this stops your PS4 from freezing, it becomes obvious that the power management devices cause the freezing. 

Game Installation/Compatibility Problems

While playing games on your PS4 seems enjoyable with varieties of games to play, ensuring the compatibility of these games with your console will go a long way in preventing your PS4 from freezing up due to incompatibility. Most times, unsuccessful installation of games on your console can cause your PS4 to freeze. 

Corrupted Disc Data

On rare occasions, the disc data of your PS4 ends up being corrupted, which usually affects a variety of users in different regions. But mostly, the CMOS memory data disc is corrupted by certain games and application software downloads, hard drive issues, and other problems known to technicians. 

PS4 Console Bug

An unresolved error in the system can make the PS4 unresponsive when encountered or when it is allowed to run for an extended period. These issues act like a bug in the system and are the most common reason your PS4 freezes. But the fortunate thing is that the bugs can be removed by simply rebooting the PS4.

Game Error Or Issue

If you notice that your PS4 console only freezes when you play certain games, then it is evident that the error has to do with the game and not the PS4. Some unavoidable errors or gaming codes can make your PS4 unresponsive, which causes the console to freeze. These issues or bugs prevent your PS4 console from reading or getting the information needed to process any task. 

Slow Internet Connection

Slow internet connection, interrupted connection, and continuous Internet service disconnection when playing a game can crash your PS4. A disturbed internet connection sometimes causes glitches that make your PS4 freeze. When interference from other routers or the network signals is weak or congested, the game server is disturbed, which may cause your PS4 to freeze. 

Corrupted PS4 Software

Sometimes, the reason your PS4 console freezes is a result of corrupted PS4 software. When the PS4 software doesn’t align with that of the games being played, the result always ends up with unimaginable consequences. Outdated or corrupted system software always causes your PS4 to freeze. 

Symptoms Of PS4 Freezing Condition

The problem with PS4 freezing is not a problem that sets in without prior notice or signs to take note of before it sets in. And these issues might catch you off guard if you fail to take note of the signs before the impending danger. 

Error Code (CE-36329-3)

Before your PS4 freezes, you will notice an error CE-36329-3, indicating a system software problem. When this surfaces, your PS4 freezes and suffers a restart loop, and your system stops working. Majorly the causes of this PS4 error might include corruption or data conflict, physical hardware issues, a CMOS internal date problem, including hardware failure, or power issues. 

PS4 Retards And Freezes

When you experience a slow start or drag start whenever you launch games on your PS4 console, it indicates that your PS4 will give you the freezing experience sooner than later. This usually occurs when you use your PS4 to either play games or use it to run applications on it. 

Slow Loading Before A Freeze

Another suspected anomaly is your PS4 takes a lot of time before it loads, and this sign should not be avoided when it is noticed on your console. This is usually followed by the inability of your PS4 to load or play games. 

PS4 Freezing On Home Screen

When your console freezes while on the home screen is another familiar symptom of a freezing PS4. This problem seems more serious than gameplay freezing, your console boots up with no problem until the home screen loads, and then it freezes up and doesn’t respond to the controller. 

PS4 Freezing During Gameplay

Another possible sign to note is your PS4 lagging or a frozen screen when playing games. And this usually occurs when playing a specific game; this could be an installation problem or incompatibility of the discs with the console. 

How To Fix PS4 That Keeps Freezing/Crashing? (Fixes)

How To Fix PS4 That Keeps Freezing/Crashing? (Fixes)

Charge Controller

Your PS4 controller might be low on charge and needs to be charged to fix the issue of PS4 freezing while playing the game. If the controller is low on charge, connect your controller to a USB cable and charge in a safe mode; ensure the cable is connected to the controller. After the controller is fully charged, check out whether the issue has been resolved. 

Wipe The Disc 

Dust cracks and grimes on the surface of your PS4 disc could also cause your PS4 to freeze due to glitches when the disc is running. To avoid this, dampen a microfiber cloth with water or another disc cleaning agent and wipe the non-label part of your disc from inside the rim to the outside. Then insert the disc into the PS4 and rerun it to check whether the issue has been solved. 

Manual Update

Updating your PS4 system software over a poor internet connection will almost get your PS4 freezing due to lagging or glitches. To avoid this issue, you can update your PS4 manually in case where there is a poor internet connection.

Using your controller, click on the setting, select system software update, and select update now. Click on next if there is an available update and select accept; the update will install on its own. Restart your console to check whether the issue has been solved. 

Safe Mode

When you allow your PS4 console to start in safe mode, it runs only the most basic and functional applications on your PS4. When the workload on your PlayStation is much, it causes the PS4 to slow down or lag which may eventually freeze your PS4.

The safe mode enables your PS4 to solve the issue of rebuilding your console database, changing your screen resolution, and resetting your console to the factory setting.

To enable safe mode, power off your PS4; press and hold the power button once the console is off, then release it after you hear two beeps. Connect your controller and press the PS button; when it launches safe mode, successfully select option up to initialize the console. 

Rebuild Database

You can try to rebuild your database if the issue persists; this will help you to scan your hard drive and create a new database. This operation is usually time-consuming depending on the type and number of data items.

Power off your PS4, press the power button, release when you hear two beeps, connect your controller with the USB cable, and press the PS button on the controller. This will take you to safe mode; follow the instructions to rebuild your database and wait till it is complete, then attempt to use the PS4 again to check whether the issue has been resolved.

Make Sure Your PS4 Is Getting Enough Air

The problem of freezing can be solved by letting your console get enough air, this will allow your PS4 to expel generated heat from its component for maximum performance. At times, blocked air vent and accumulated dust lead to overheating, and this primarily leads to your PS4 crashing.

Clean accumulated dust from your PS4, place it in an open space away from contact with sunlight and avoid placing it close to the walls. 

Initialization Check

Additionally, initializing your PS4 can help reset your console system and solve the issue. To initialize your PS4, go to settings, click on initialization, then initialize PS4, click on full, and follow the instructions to complete it. After the process, restore all your backed-up data, reinstall the games and applications, and then launch a game to check whether the problem is solved. 

Heat Check

If the room temperature exceeds the standard approved temperature for your console, it will affect some of the hardware components and may end up freezing your PS4. To prevent this, you can invest in a dual-standing cooling system to help get rid of trapped heat in your PS4. Other methods to use are cleaning the air vent of your PS4 to improve the airflow, spraying compressed air inside your console, and avoiding placing objects near the console. 

Check Power

Many times, if the power supply is faulty, poorly supplied to the console will malfunction, which may cause the PS4 to freeze. If the console is connected to a power outlet, remove it and connect it directly to the power outlet and ensure the power cables or cord is not faulty or broken at any point. 

Clear The PS4 CMOS Memory

The CMOS battery is responsible for updating the time and date on your PS4 and also keeping the time updated after an extended period your PS4 was shut down.

cmos battery

The CMOS help to store all configuration information about boot priority, CPU setting, mode of operation for your controller, and fan speed on the chip. Clearing this memory implies that you are resetting the PS4 BIOS setting to factory default. By unseating the battery, the CMOS memory will be cleared, which will help resolve the issue of your PS4 freezing. 

Reboot The Console

Most times; the freezing issue can be resolved by rebooting your console in a safe mode. To reboot your console, turn off the PS4 power supply and unplug all the connected cables from your PS4. 

Long press the power button until you hear two beeps and a black screen on your console. Then power up your PS4 to confirm whether the problem has been resolved.

Free Up Disc Space

When troubleshooting for possible causes of PS4 freezing, always check the remaining storage space on your PS4 console. Where the storage space is low, it causes slow speed and may cause your console to freeze.

Check the console system storage management to delete games and files you no longer need in the PS4 settings. 

Resolve Hardware Problems

Another common cause of PS4 freezing is hardware issues, especially overheating problems. To prevent this issue turn off your PS4 to allow it to rest. Clean the air vent of clogged first and place your console in an open space; doing this will increase the efficiency of your PS4, and this will prevent your console from freezing.

A hardware upgrade will also help solve multiple problems, including freezing, for a better gaming experience.

Upgrade Your Hard Disc

Your PS4 hard drive also plays an important role in your PS4 system; the data of your games and settings are held in the hard drive, and if there is something wrong with the hard drive, your PS4 could get stuck or lag whenever it is being used. This fault could also lead to your PS4 freezing; you can upgrade your hard drive to solve this problem.

The first step is to back-up your data and replace the hard drive disc with a new upgraded one. Reinstall the system software on your PS4 and restore the previous backed-up data on the new hard drive disc (HDD).

Check All The Cables And Ports To Be Plugged Correctly

When all the connected cables are well connected and intact; the console will not suffer lagging, which may lead to the console freezing. Ensure all the cables are well connected, firmly, and correctly plugged into your PS4, and confirm faulty cables and cords are replaced with a new one. 

Resolve Slow Internet Issues

Poor Internet connection or slow internet is also important to consider when trying to solve the problem of PS4 freezing. To resolve this problem, restart your WiFi or the Internet router to connect your PS4. At the same time, it is also advisable to use an Ethernet cable to connect your PS4 for better network speed and stability. 

Talk To Sony Tech Support.

In the aftermath of all the above solutions, it seems like no proper solution is found, and the solution is far from being attained. Talking to tech support is necessary; the Sony industry offers credible tech support for PS4 users. You can book an appointment with Sony customer service to resolve the freezing problem of your PS4. 


Why Does My PS4 Keep Freezing And Crashing?

Your PS4 is constantly freezing and crashing while playing games is most common among users. These could result from various factors, but fortunately, there are easy steps and solutions to solve the problem. Your PS4 freezing may be due to prolonged overheating, a poor internet connection, and faulty hardware or outdated firmware. 

PS4 Keeps Freezing And Won’t Turn Off?

Your PS4 keeps freezing and doesn’t seem to turn off could be influenced by many reasons, and these issues might require multiple solutions. The first thing to do is wait a little longer to allow your PS4 to complete some processes to turn it off completely. And peradventure the console doesn’t turn off, all connected discs and peripherals should be removed before turning it off.

If all the fixes mentioned above fail, hold down the power button for a second to turn it off completely, and in case it doesn’t, contact your PlayStation support to get a warranty service if it is active. 

PS4 Controller Freezes Every 5 Minutes?

Your PS4 controller could freeze every 5 minutes for multiple reasons, ranging from having a software problem, poor handling and delivery, or the result of heat generated during use. All these obvious reasons could make your controller faulty and unresponsive when used. The controller should be replaced with a new one or sent back to the store for a refund.


Freezing PS4 gaming consoles mostly occur when the users fail to familiarize themselves with early signs of freezing. PS4 freezing is a common issue identified with consoles, and the solutions are not farfetched.

Users need to get familiar with these solutions to come up with a solution whenever they encounter problems with their PlayStation. These fixes allow users to fix their freezing PS4 without hassles because the fixes are simple and easy to understand and follow. 

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