Why Does My PS4 Keep Ejecting? (9 Ways To Fix It)

The issue of the PS4 console ejecting discs without notice is noticeable in the most recent version of the PlayStation 4 and mainly occurs during gameplay. This occurrence happens without prior warning before ejecting discs and has become annoying among users.

And this issue has been linked to the touch capacitive (non-mechanical) eject button found on the front of your console. This issue could also be linked to a software or hardware issue with the console or any physical damage to the disc inserted. While these issues might look serious, they only require a handful of solutions to fix and get your console back to work. 

Why Does My PS4 Keep Ejecting? (Causes)

Most possible causes of your console ejecting discs are not far-fetched, and they are linked to damaged hardware or problems with the software makeup of your console. 

Disc Problems

The first culprit of this issue will be the discs inserted into your console. If there is evidence of scratches and specks of dirt on the discs, the console will eject the discs. The console will eject the disc if other foreign materials, such as food and debris, are found on the disc’s surface. 

Software Problems

This is a critical issue to consider whenever your console starts ejecting discs inserted into it. Other console components are incompatible if the console runs on outdated software. And the most commonly occurring problem is your console rejecting your discs.  

Eject Button

The problem with the eject button is a common cause of your console ejecting discs whenever it’s inserted. This capacitive button on the PS4 console is sensitive to vibration, making it turn on itself, thus ejecting the disc inserted. And this rubber foot is found on the bottom side of the console. 

Eject Screw

Another suspicious of this whole issue is the eject screw, which helps to eject discs whenever your console malfunctions. This eject screw can also malfunction and cause unwanted ejection of discs. 

How To Stop A PS4 From Ejecting Your Discs? (Fixes)

How To Stop A PS4 From Ejecting Your Discs? (Fixes)

Tighten The Manual Eject Screw

A loose manual ejection screw can be responsible for the issue; this screw is designed to help eject discs when the system is malfunctioning. An error with this ejection screw is sometimes misinterpreted as an error in the hardware.

To tighten the screw, unplug the PS4 from the power supply, then remove the top panel of your console. The screw is located below the PS4 interior ridge; then use your screwdriver to tighten it by turning it clockwise. Then replace the panel and plug your console back and enjoy. 

Remove The Rubber Foot Under The Eject Disc

This process may make you uncomfortable, but it promises to get your console a durable fix to the issue of disc ejection. To do this, unplug your console from the power supply and turn your console upside down on a clean flat surface.

The rubber foot is shaped like a fin found directly under the eject button, then use either a nose plier or needle to get rid of the rubbers. 

Check Your Disc For Damage

If any of the disc formats you use, whether Blu-ray, game disc, or DVD, is scratched or has a dent, your console will display an error message and eventually eject the discs.


To avoid these issues, use a lint-free cloth to clean your disc before you insert them into your console. And most importantly, clean your discs from the center towards the edge of the disc and replace damaged game discs with new ones. 

Power Cycle Your PS4

Another old-age trick to try is turning off your console and turning it on again to solve the issue of your PS4 ejecting discs. To power cycle, your console, follow this simple step: turn off your console and unplug all connected cords.

Then hold down the power button for some seconds and allow it to sit for some minutes before you plug it back into power and reboot for normal use. 

Try A Different Disc

In the outcome of your console ejecting discs, it is recommended to try other game discs if the previous discs are dented or have scratches. If the new discs are not ejected, it’s evident that the ejected discs are damaged, and the system can read them. 

Install The Latest PS4 Updates

On the rarest occasion, the console might need to be updated to the latest software version to fix the issue of your console ejecting discs. To check for system software update and installation, select settings from the main menu, then select System Software Update.

Install software updates in the folder if available, then check whether your console has stopped ejecting discs after the update. 

Place The PS4 Console Vertically

The console is constantly on pressure anytime it is set on its side, and this causes the rubber feet to expand into the system when it is heated up. Setting up your console vertically will expressly prevent it from ejecting discs while also giving it enough ventilation to avoid overheating. 

Regularly Update And Configure Your Software

As a PlayStation 4 owner, keeping your device up to date is expedient, including installing new software anytime available.

While doing this, always remember to configure your connected devices to match the current version of your console to prevent further damage to your console. 

Contact Playstation Customer Support

The last action to engage is contacting PlayStation customer support for further information and how to go about the issue with your console. You can contact the support Center by visiting the customer support website or walking to their nearest store for assistance.

It also becomes straightforward for you to get your console repaired or replaced with a new one if your console warranty is still intact; anything outside this will require you to shell out some dollars. 

Why Does My PS4 Keep Beeping And Ejecting Disc?

Whenever your PS4 beeps and ejects the disc, it indicates that it is either scratched or has specks of dirt. This beep sound will accompany an error message before the console ejects the disc. 

Why Does My PS4 Keeps Ejecting Without Disc?

Your console keeps ejecting even when there is no disc inserted is an excellent indication of a series of problems with the eject button, eject screw, or the rubber foot at the base of the console, which has expanded into the system. These hardware problems are the primary culprit responsible for your console ejecting with or without a disc. 

Why Is My PS4 Not Reading Disc, And Making Noise?

Scratches and foreign elements such as dirt and other debris will cause your console not to read the disc inserted. Mostly scratched discs tend to cause your console to make noise and eject badly scratched discs. 


Why Is My PS4 Eject Button Not Working?

Many factors might be responsible for your console ejection button not working or responding, and one of the factors is an issue with the disc drive mechanism. Other factors to consider are damaged eject buttons or system firmware corruption, which prevents the PlayStation from reading or constantly ejecting discs. 

How To Tighten PS4 Eject Screw?

To tighten your PS4 eject button, the first thing to do is turn off your console and unplug it from the power supply, then apply firm pressure using your palm to remove the PS4 panel. Use a standard Philip head screwdriver to tighten the screw clockwise, place the panel back and power up your console. 


The issue of PlayStation ejecting discs is a development introduced previously among various users. Still, the user can determine a quick response to the problem that stands out from other users.

After problems with PS4 ejecting discs are sorted out, applying this knowledge will afford users the correct measures to go about this problem anytime it is encountered. 

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