Why Does My PS4 Keep Disconnecting From WiFi? (Fixes)

The PS4 is one of the most powerful gaming consoles of the last decades, equipped with an AMD Jaguar 8-core, 1.6GHz processing unit (CPU) and AMD Radeon, 1.84TFLOPS, 800MHz graphic processing unit (GPU), a full HD resolution and storage unit of 500HDD. It delivers an incredible gaming experience and excellent entertainment for its users.

With this incredible functionality, it undergoes technical and network issues that may cause serious network problems for users. All these problems could be the justification for WiFi disconnecting constantly.

Why Does My PS4 Keep Disconnecting From Wifi?

PS4 WiFi disconnection issues could emanate from unknown sources if there is no critical checkout of what could be responsible for the disconnection problem. Your PS4 might not connect to your WiFi network for the following reasons:

(Reasons) Why Does My PS4 Keep Disconnecting From Wifi?

PS4 Software Update

It is common to have updates to fix specific problems detected on an earlier version of the PS4 update. This fix helps users get the best out of gaming consoles; when a user fails to update its PS4 to the latest updated software, it is bound to experience some difficulties whenever it is put to use. WiFi issues could be solved by downloading and installing the latest software on your PS4.

Low Internet Speed

Your PS4 will keep on disconnecting from the WiFi network if you are trying to access more bandwidth than what you have as your internet plans, the internet will tend to slow, and this will cause your PS4 to disconnect. When multiple people are connecting to the same internet connection, the internet plan speed limit is attained, which is likely responsible for the slowdown experience with your internet connection. 

Technical Problems

The technical problem that keeps your PS4 from connecting to the WiFi is most likely associated with a faulty or bad HDMI cable connection. When the HDMI connection cable has a physical fault, like a cut or break, it does not allow your PS4 to connect to the TV. Other attributed technical problems are overheating outdated firmware, and network issues. While all this could look problematic, allow your PS4 to rest to cool down, update your PS4 to the latest version, and ensure you have a stable and secure connection. 

WiFi Signal Issues

Many factors likely cause your PS4 WiFi connection issues; one of the most important factors is an attempt to connect with an ineffective WiFi username and password. When there is an obstruction and a striking distance between your PS4 and the wireless network, there will be a disconnection between your PS4 and wireless network. Another essential factor to note is the incorrect configuration setting up of your DNS servers.

A Modem That Does Not Connect With The ISP

If there is a problem with the modem not connecting to the internet, it could be due to a network downtime from your internet service providers (ISP). You might talk with your ISP to ascertain whether the network issues are from them.

How Can I Fix PS4 WiFi Connection Issues?

It becomes tiring and exhausting when a user encounters connection issues with their PS4 anytime it is set up to pass the time. These fixes can help you find the means to help you when you face a connection issue.

(Fixes) How Can I Fix PS4 WiFi Connection Issues

Power Cycle Your Home Network

Another essential troubleshooting step is to ensure that you restart the modem and the router in this situation. Unplug your wireless network connection from the wall outlet for some minutes, turn it back on, and connect your PS4 to the network using easy settings. Before you attempt the setup, ensure your router has fully recovered. 

Restart the Console And Router

It is best thing when you restart the console and the wireless router; this is done to establish where the problem is. Before assuming that the PS4 is the problem, check whether the console connects to the WiFi after you restart the router and the console. Manually restart the router and the PlayStation and wait for some minutes, then check If the PS4 has established a connection with the router. 

Check Which Frequency Band The PS4 Is On

Ensure that your PS4 wireless frequency settings match that of your router. To check this out, navigate to the settings and click on network, press the options button on your controller to access the frequency selection screen, and select the right frequency. Suppose you need more convincing whether your PS4 works on 5GHz, then leave it on auto. This will allow your PS4 to connect to your router based on the output frequency. 

Does PS4 Work On 5ghz Wi-Fi?

The initial PS4 model only supports 2.4GHz; the latest released PS4 slim and pro models support both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. If the model of your PS4 is the pro or the slim model, you can select the wireless frequency. Press the options button on your controller to select the wireless frequency that works for you. 

Quit And Restart Your Game

At times, the best thing to do is to quit the game you are playing and restart it; the presence of software bugs might be responsible for the network disconnection issue you are experiencing. Restart your PS4 after you might quit the game and restart the game; this; works for both the digital and physical game copies of your PS4. 

Check If Something’s Wrong With Your ISP

You should also contact your internet service providers (ISP) to inquire whether the network issue is personal or if the network generally faces downtime. For more confirmation, contact your neighbors using the same internet service providers as you. If they are, then the issue is down to the service providers to address the issue.

Delete & Reinstall Your PS4 Game

There is every possibility that specific files become corrupted during installation, especially if there is disturbance or outages. And this most times leads to unwanted issues during gameplay, like your PS4 disconnecting from wifi. The best thing to do is to quit the game, uninstall it then reinstall the game from scratch. During the reinstallation, the corrupted files will be fixed, and ensure no disturbances during the installation. 

Check For Wireless Interference

Sometimes it is not considered a potential cause of disconnection when your PS4 can not connect to the wifi. Move your PS4 console close to the wireless network; the distance between your PS4 and router could be why you need help connecting to your Wi-Fi. Thick walls and device-related interference can impede your WiFi signal from connecting to your PS4. 

Modify Your PS4’s DNS Settings

The WiFi disconnection issue could also be traced back to an inappropriate configuration of the DNS setting on your PS4. This misappropriation may cause your router to close the PS4 connection due to unconfirmed contacts from the DNS server. To this end, properly configuring the DNS settings on your PS4 might help solve the problem.

Set A Static IP Address

Your PS4 IP address is dynamic; each time you restart your router or PS4, a new IP address is assigned by default. This might not look like a problem, but it can cause intermittent connection issues, which can be overcome by selecting a static IP address for your PS4. Open the settings on your PS4, click Network to view your connection status, and then note down the information you see. Go back to the Network screen and select set up internet connection, then choose WiFi or LAN, depending on your connection. Click on custom, then manual, enter all the information you pen down, and click next; this will set up a static IP address for your PS4.

Update The Firmware Of The PS4 To The Latest Build

If the firmware on your PS4 is outdated, it brings up WiFi disconnecting issues, and this happens because there is incompatibility with the networking device you are using. Updating your PS4 firmware to the latest software will help stop the WiFi disconnection issue with your PS4. Launch the settings on your PS4, open the system software update, select update now, wait until the update is completely applied, and check if the WiFi connecting problem is resolved. 

Reset Your PS4

The WiFi disconnecting problem is caused by improper configuration on your PS4 gaming console, and to solve this problem, your gaming console can be reset to default settings to solve the problem. While doing this, it is essential to note that this step will not affect or delete your Apps, games, videos, and screenshot on your console, but it might affect your saved games. 

Contact Support

In cases where your PS4 cannot connect or does not respond to all the fixes, the problem may be more severe than expected. You can contact your PS4 service center for help if you cannot get your PS4 to work. The disconnection problem might be a hardware issue, and repair might be required.  

Plug-In An Ethernet Cable

It is important to note that PS4 has enabled Ethernet cable ports and wired connections provide a more stable connection than the wireless network. Since your PS4 has an Ethernet port, plug in an Ethernet cable from your router into the back of your PS4 if the wireless issue persists. Navigate to settings, click on Network and select wired connection instead, as you would for a wireless network. Select the default options and allow your gaming console to connect to the router; once a connection is established, you can use your network without any drawbacks. 


Why Does My PS4 Keep Disconnecting From WiFi When I Turn It Off?

Various factors are always attributed to your PS4 disconnecting from WiFi, but the most common cause is when your router is incorrectly configured. When there is a faulty configuration, the right frequency, firewall settings, and DNS settings can significantly affect the stability of your WiFi connection. 

PS4 Disconnects From WiFi Every 5 Minutes?

Your PS4 resistance to connection may be due to outdated firmware; your modem and router must be updated to the latest firmware to establish a strong and stable connection. Your PS4 occasionally disconnects when it does not have the current network upgrade. Try to power cycle your home network, too; this will help to clear temporal and unwanted data and cache, which allows your devices to have a more stable connection. 

Why Does My PS4 Keep Disconnecting From WiFi And Controller?

Random disconnection from WiFi and controller by your PS4 might be due to obstructions and distance between your gaming console and the router. The thickness of the wall and objects in between your PS4 and the router can cause disconnection, and wireless interference from your other devices, such as your Bluetooth player, WiFi connection from neighbors, and a microwave, can cause interference with your PS4 and the controller. 

Why Does My PS4 Keep Disconnecting From TV?

Your PS4 will disconnect from your TV if the HDMI cable is not connected correctly or is faulty. To solve this problem, try unplugging and replugging your PS4 HDMI cable again to ensure a secure connection. You can also try to switch the HDMI cable port to another available port and try again. 


Vastly, WiFi disconnection issues and other problems faced by PS4 users most times require simple fixes to solve the problems. Knowing these simple fixes will stave off users from making unnecessary changes to their gaming consoles.

Taking into account that clustered spaces between your PS4 and your router. Extended and intermittent connections are usually established for better performance and experience. 

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