Why Does My PS4 Controller Keep Disconnecting? (Solved)

The PS4 is one of the greatest consoles ever made and has sold more than 116 million units. Even with the release of the PS5, it’s still popular globally because of the quality of its game library. One of the most common and frustrating problems users experience with the PS4 is controller connectivity issues.

The PS4 uses a Dualshock 4 wireless controller, which is pretty expensive if you ask me. Therefore, it won’t be budget friendly if you start thinking of getting a replacement because of a connection issue. Luckily, the problem is easy to fix if you know the right things to do.

In this article, you’ll learn some reasons your PS4 controller may keep disconnecting and how you can solve the issue.

Why Does My PS4 Controller Keep Disconnecting?

One of the most common reasons your PS4 may disconnect irresistibly is obstructions from other objects or interference from Bluetooth or WiFi devices. A problem with some of the buttons can also make the controller disconnect uncontrollably. Lastly, software, driver issues, bad battery, and damaged USB ports can also cause issues on your PS4.

How Can I Fix My PS4 Controller If It’s Disconnecting?

Fixing connectivity problems on your controller is working instinctively. From resetting your PS4 controller to reconnecting it to checking controller battery levels and taking away interfering devices, all are simple do-it-yourself fixes.

How Can I Fix My PS4 Controller If It’s Disconnecting

Reset Your PS4 Controller

Resetting your PS4 controller will help refresh its memory and hopefully restore the issue.

  • Turn the PS4 controller to the back and locate the reset button. The reset button is in the form of a small pinhole.
  • Use a pin or a similar object to press and hold the pinhole for about 5 seconds, and the controller will reset.
  • Reconnect the controller to your console, and it should function normally.

Disconnect & Reconnect The Controller

Sometimes, you won’t need to reset your controller to fix the random disconnection issues. Disconnect and reconnect the controller, and it should be fine. If you’ve reset the controller, you only need to boot it in Bluetooth mode and reconnect it.

If you haven’t reset the controller, go to the home screen using the PS button, go to Bluetooth and devices and disconnect it. You’ll then have to reconnect it and test its workability.

Move Devices That May Cause Interference

Devices with signals are okay around your PS4 if they aren’t interfering with its connectivity. Once the controller starts disconnecting, you should remove devices like phones, routers, and tablets, as they may interfere with the signals. Additionally, it’s imperative to ensure that the distance between your controller and the PS4 is clear of any physical hindrances.

Use A USB Cable To Connect To Your Console

If you’re used to wireless connections, it might be time to try wired connections. This option is feasible if you want to play immediately and the controller’s connectivity is problematic. Ensure that you use the correct USB cable to connect it to the console, or it won’t work.

Check Battery Levels

Low battery levels on your PS4 controller can be the reason it keeps disconnecting uncontrollably. It’s imperative to keep it charged to ensure it functions optimally, and charge it to full battery capacity before each gaming session for the best results.

Troubleshoot Your PS4

Troubleshooting your PS4 is also effective in resolving controller connectivity issues. However, only use this opinion as a last resort because you may lose invaluable data. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot your PS4.

  • Hold down the power button to turn off your PS4.
  • Continue holding down the power button until you hear a beep. The beep signals that the console has booted to safe mode.
  • Once it’s in safe mode, press the “PS” button on the controller.
  • The next page will display the “Change Resolution,” “Rebuild Database,” and “Restore Default Setting” options.
  • Choose anyone from “Rebuild Database” or “Restore Default” and press restart.

The Rebuild Database option won’t delete your files but will create a new database for all your content. Restore Default will delete all the files on your console except the ones you back up on the cloud, explaining why you should only use this option as a last resort.

Clear Your PS4 Cache

Clearing your PS4 cache can help resolve connectivity issues.

  • To restore your PS4 cache, completely turn off your console. It’s imperative to ensure that it’s fully turned off, as it will not work if you put it in rest mode.
  • After switching off the console, unplug the PS4 power cable from both the wall outlet and the console.
  • Wait for around 30 seconds to one minute and reconnect the power cord.
  • Power on the PS4, and the cache would’ve been cleared by then. Reconnect your controller, and it should function fine.

Update Your Software

Sony designed the PS4 to update its software automatically, but you can also do it manually if you deem it fit. Follow the steps below to update your PS4 software.

  • Go to the home menu using your PS4 controller and select “System Software Update.”
  • Select “Update Now.”
  • Follow the required instructions and wait while the console downloads the update.
  • Accept the software update, and the console will begin to install it. It’s normal for the PS4 to restart during the update. The system update process isn’t complex and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Restart Your PS4 Console

Restarting your PS4 can work magic if you’re experiencing connectivity issues with its controller. Hold the power button for around 30 seconds until you hear the two beeps. Disconnect the power and HDMI cables for a few minutes, reconnect the cables and the console, and reboot the PS4.

Move Closer To The PS4

The PS4 controller works using Bluetooth technology. If you’re too far from the console, the controller may disconnect. Therefore watch your distance and move close to the PS4 if you’re too far from it.

Why Does My PS4 Controller Stop Working Randomly?

A dead battery is most likely the reason your functioning DualShock controller may suddenly stop working. If the battery level is okay, the distance between your controller and the console might be the reason. Another possibility is interference from other devices. Also, the controller will disconnect and turn off if you leave it idle for some time.

Why Won’t My PS4 Controllers Stay Connected To My PS4?

Your controller may not stay connected to the PS4 because there’s too much distance between it and the console. Move closer to the PS4 if you’re experiencing breakage in connection. Alternatively, clearing the path between the console and the controller can enhance connectivity.

Why Does My Controller Randomly Lose Connection?

Your PS4 controller may randomly lose connection if you are in a room with too many Bluetooth or WiFi devices. Also, button hardware issues, outdated software, too much distance from the console, and obstruction of the connection path are common reasons your controller may not stay connected to your PS4. To solve the problem, identify it and run the appropriate fix as mentioned in this article.

How Long Do PS4 Controllers Last?

Sony’s original PS4 controller can last you for 5-10 years of regular use. A fully charged PS4 battery can serve your gaming needs for 4-8 hours. If you buy a PS4 pad from a random game shop, chances are that it will not last as long as the original PS4 controller that came with the console.

Why Is My PS4 Controller Not Working, But The Light Is On?

A defective Bluetooth or USB connection can cause the controller to stop working, with the lights functioning well. A bad battery can also contribute. Other possible reasons are if many devices use the same Bluetooth connection or an unauthentic controller.

Can A PS4 Controller Be Overcharged?

Leaving your PS4 controller charging for longer than recommended will not harm the battery or the physical controller if it’s in good condition. The controller battery is designed to stop charging once it reaches 100%. Even with that, avoid leaving it plugged in over time. A perfectly working PS4 controller takes approximately two hours to charge from 0-100%.


Why Does My PS4 Controller Keep Disconnecting From Bluetooth?

Interference from other Bluetooth devices, too much distance from the device, or obstruction of the connection range are all reasons your PS4 controller might keep disconnecting from Bluetooth. You should eradicate other Bluetooth or WiFi devices and clear the signal path to stop them from disconnecting. Also, ensure that you connect the controller and the PS4 properly because doing it improperly can cause connection issues.

Why Does My PS4 Controller Keep Disconnecting From My Phone?

The reason your PS4 controller may disconnect from your phone is similar to why it will do the same on an android phone both devices use Bluetooth. Interference from other Bluetooth devices or obstructing the connection path remains a common reason you may experience this issue. Also, not using the latest version of Bluetooth technology on your android can cause connectivity issues.


That’s all there is to fix a PS4 controller that randomly disconnects. While there are a lot of fixes you can try in this article, you shouldn’t just jump through them.

The rule of thumb is to attempt the less demanding ones, like removing devices that might cause interference, clearing the signal path, and checking battery levels, before attempting more complex ones, like troubleshooting the PS4 or updating its software. Most times, the solutions to a controller connectivity issue are in the basic fixes, so you shouldn’t overlook them.

If you run all or most of the fixes in this article and the issues persist, consider getting a new controller. Buy your PS4 controllers or accessories from an approved store to avoid problems. Alternatively, you can borrow a friend’s controller for the time being before you purchase yours.

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