Best Alternative Working Sites Like Craigslist In 2022

Craigslist is a well-known website and is known as a king for selling stuff. Also, to offer new and used items locally. And this website is quite old and has good build trust for selling kinds of stuff. Here you can sell the house, old and new pieces of stuff, jobs, community services, and many more. Here we’ll discuss more sites like Craigslist.

There were many more websites like craigslist which started and got up but then too they didn’t withstand. But there are also sites like craigslist which started and are doing quite well and I’ll be discussing more of those.

Let’s get to know about more sites like Craigslist where you can sell old and new stuff online with a few clicks. I’m listing some good and working sites which would be even better than craigslist for particular categories or you can say craigslist alternatives.

Top Alternative Sites Like Craigslist In 2022

1. Free Ads Time

Are you looking for other sites like CraigsList? Well, FreeAdsTime is the go-to option and the #1 alternative. If you have never tried it, you should have a look at it.

As the name says that it is FREE, you can quickly post a job in your local area and get your work done. 

Wherever from the globe, you are you can easily target your audiences across thousands of cities. With the straightforward UI and better customer service, this company has made it easy to publish local online ads.

How To Post Ad On FreeAdsTime?

Well, follow these simple three steps to get your first job published on FreeAdsTime:

  1. Create your account.
  2. Select your category and enter all the essential job details.
  3. Select the preferred location and post your job for no cost!

They are one of the fastest-growing classified advertising sites. FreeAdsTime is a community where you can post a job for more classified categories. It charges zero, no extra charges to post a job. So, step ahead and try FreeAdsTime!

2. Wall Classifieds

Wall Classifieds is also a trusted company, and here you can easily publish local online ads. You can easily buy and sell things on Wall Classifieds.

At the current moment, it is free, and it will cost you zero to post your local job ad on Wall Classifieds.

Common categories on Wall Classifieds are vehicles, pets, jobs, learning, real estate, and more. While posting your first job, you are supposed to choose a category, and at that time, you can explore more sub-categories to reach your precise audience.

Site navigation is relatively easy, and you can easily publish your job post here on this classified ad site, where they have listed more than 30,000+ cities.

3. H1Ad

H1 Ad is also an excellent option to choose; here, you can publish free classified local ads covering 1000+ cities around the globe.

While posting a job post on Craigslist, you have the option to upload images for the job description. H1Ad has that similar feature, and here you can easily upload the feature image for your job post.

Fill in the necessary details, and hit the publish button to get your first job live on H1Ad for FREE.

4. Gigantic List

You can easily buy and sell stuff online on Gigantic List. It is one of the most comfortable classified ads services where you find products or services near you.

It covers most countries, and you can easily publish your ad in under a minute.

The standard categories that every classified ad service site has are available here on Gigantic List. For instance, Vehicles, Buy and Sell, Classes and Training, Health, Services, Jobs, Real Estate, and more.

The gigantic list has a good interface, and you’ll not face any problems while posting your first job.

5. Classifieds Factor

Another great Craigslist Alternative, here you can easily publish your ad for free. Well, Classifieds Factor has top-notch customer care service; it has your local region and costs you nothing.

If you have never tried Classifieds Factor before, I would recommend that you give it a try, and I honestly love this alternative site for Craigslist.

Preferably you want to buy or sell stuff online; Classifieds Factor has a great deal for you; go and check them out!

6. Finder Master

More than 100+ countries and one of the most comfortable user experiences for amateurs to find the city’s best business.

Choose your city or region and add your listing on Finder Master for no cost. It’s easy to post and easy to find. 

The search bar is one of the best features, and it makes the user surf the site in the easiest way possible.

Finder Master has got all you covered. Start finding the best deals on this free classified ad site and get the ball running.

What are you waiting for? Go try out Finder Master as it is FREE, and it’s easier than you think!

7. Advertise Era

Advertise Era is also a good option; they have plenty of categories; if you are a buyer or a seller, AdvertiseEra can help you connect.

The whole process of publishing a job post is as easy as pie. They have dozens of subcategories where you’ll meet your desired one, but the major categories are Services, Jobs, For Sale, Community, Real Estate, For Rent, and many more.

Advertise Era is one of the best local classified ads sites where you can post ads for free. Register now and post your free ad on Advertise Era.

8. Shopolop

Want to buy and sell goods or services locally? Well, then Shopolop is a great site that can help you to view and post local advertisements for free of cost. 

There are plenty of options on Shopolop where you can buy, sell, rent, and can do more. Just browse to the correct category, and you’ll get your desired service done. 

Follow these simple steps to publish your ad on Shopolop:

  • First, go to Category and select Categories from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Items, Automobiles, Learning, Real estate, or other services.
  • Further, select a sub-category. And click on continue.
  • Add the title, description, and address for your service and click on continue.
  • Enter the price and contact info for the listing.
  • Then select the Ad Type, and the ad region of the listing.
  • Publish the listing by uploading images if needed at no cost.

9. Olo Games

Another site on the list which is really specified for home, sports, and games ads. But other than that, it is also helpful for individuals or businesses who wish to run a local advertisement for no cost.

If you have never tried this site earlier, you should give it a try once. The process of posting an ad on Olo Games is straightforward with a user-friendly interface, and it’s free.

If you are in search of local items, then you can easily do that by typing your query in the search bar. You can even use the advanced search option to know more about the listed services in your locality.

10. Digital Marketing Hints

An excellent alternative to Craigslist, which can help you to buy and sell local items. This site has a seamless process of finding and posting jobs at no cost.

It’ll also be a great place if you are planning to promote your business. Digital Marketing Hints have got you all covered that a classified ad site needs.

You can just head over to Digital Marketing Hints and get your work done; it’s really an easy task to post a listicle on this site.

11. Oodle

Oodle is a good competitor of craigslist. It has a good marketplace and its user interface is also quite easy.

In Oodle, you can buy, sell, rent, and many more. There are literally many options in Oodle. You can filter out your location, people you want to buy and sell. As there are many categories where you can browse them all. Categories are Merchandise, vehicles, pets, jobs, services, personals, and many more.

The recommendations and algorithm are similar to Facebook and these features are somewhat irritative but on the other hand, this feature is helpful for the people. Oodle works in Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States

Not only this but Oodle also has more good features to sell, buy, and searching for a job nearby. And this website is available in most of the countries.

12. Geebo

A better alternative for sites like Craigslist. This website has more categories and services than Oodle and is really safe to search for. The placement of ads to search is also quite easy.

But this website would not work in other countries. Categories are Merchandise, vehicles, Employment, Rentals/Roommates, Real Estate, Resumes, Services, Construction/Farm Equipment.

Here you can report any scams or abuse to the site and they’ll take action. Here each and every ad is approved by a human instead of a bot.

13. Locanto

This website has a good and clean home page. This website has the reach and is available in most countries. The interface is again user-friendly.

This website is available in over 60 countries and 5 languages. And works great for US users. Ad is free and here the special feature is that you can edit your HTML code, links, and pictures in your ad which remains for 60 days.

The categories are Classes, Community, Events, For Sale, Jobs, Personals, Pets, Real Estate, Services, and Vehicles.

14. Trovit

Trovit crawls real estate, cars, and jobs classified ads from thousands of websites worldwide. And the interface is also not too confusing instead an easy one.

The three major categories which it focuses on are jobs, Homes, and cars. The base of this website is quite huge. It is available in most countries and has a classified search engine.

This website covers literally more than 50 countries like the US, UK, and more. And this would be a good alternative for Craigslist.

15. Close5 (eBay)

This is an awesome app and website where you can sell and buy stuff. Here you can sell your reused things too.

A good and awesome craigslist alternatives which is really helpful and have a good reach. I have mentioned more about it scroll down and get to know about it more.

Top sites like Craigslist to buy and sell Stuff

So craigslist has many options on a website like buying, reselling and much more. As craigslist has many services on site but on the other hand, we have alternative sites like craigslist which works very well for one specified topic. So here I’m mentioning according to each category.

Sell extra stuff around you

While do you have any stuff at home that can be sold online? Let it be anything. If there’s a table, chair, refrigerator, drone or anything then you can just sell it out online on these websites. You can also buy any stuff on these websites. I’hv mentioned some best sites like craigslist which will work to buy or sell, have a look towards it.


eBay has a selling option, but most of the beginners get confused and are jumbled up about the simple process of selling. Other than that I would like to say that eBay’s user’s interface is quite easy for selling.

To do that you just need to go to the selling page which you’ll find at the top of the eBay Page. Then create a listing of items that you want to sell and confirm your details. And try to add an automatic payment method so.

Now just start selling your good old stuff and make a god amount of that.

Facebook Marketplace

A safe place where you can literally trust the one who is selling if you are ought to buy. In the case of selling you can just directly go to the facebook marketplace and then click on ‘sell something’ button.

As a negative point in Facebook Marketplace is that anybody can sell or buy and I think that somewhere it can disturb a buyer and seller.

Then add all the detail of the product and then sell it. Facebook is a better place and a good alternative.

Amazon Global Selling

Amazon has the selling option and in this marketplace you can sell your products globally and locally. Just sign up in three simple steps. First register your amazon global account, provide your product details and then start selling your product. Quite easy!

Finding a Job

While Craigslist has an option for looking for a job but here are some good alternatives for sites like craigslist. These are the sites which are specialists in finding a Job. I mean these are the websites which will help you to in a better way to find a job online. These are some alternative sites like craigslist.


A good website which will help you to search for jobs. Moonlighting says ‘The Fastest Way To Find & Hire the On-Demand Pros You Need Right Now’.

You can find a job and any services as well. This website will be helpful for the US. Moreover, for services, it works like Fiverr.

But jobs here are really good. You can get online and offline jobs on this website. A better place to find a job and services.


Search a job that fits you. I can say that it’s better than ‘Moonlighing’ because it has better features than that and user interface is quite easy. Here you can post the jobs at free of cost like craigslist.

The feature that I fell in love with is that this website works in most of the countries. Easy to use. It is somewhat like upwork.

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If you are working hard to get a good freelancing job then you should try this website because trying on a website which has huge competition will not make a good profit. So, take baby steps and try on these small websites.


Similar to the above websites. This website is also helpful for local people who are in search of jobs. ‘TaskRabbit is an American online and mobile marketplace that matches freelance labor with local demand, allowing consumers to find immediate help with everyday tasks, including cleaning, moving, delivery and handyman work’ says TaskRabbit

Here you can set your job and according to it, you can set your hourly charge too. Again this website is more helpful for the US people.

Recommended – Top Websites like TaskRabbit. Best TaskRabbit Alternatives.

Rent a house


The best way to share your room with. Basically, this website helps you to find a flatmate that can share your room. This website works better for UK & USA. This site is a trusted one so don’t get worried if you are really conscious about your privacy.

You can trust this website and if you are from then try out this website to share a room with your flatmate.

Similar to this we have one more website: Roomster

Ghostlight Housing

A Facebook page for people to find housing. Basically here you can find those type of housing where you can live for a short term, like holidays and all.

Good website to plan a short term holiday and rent a house.

That’s it these were the sites like craigslist which would help you to buy, sell and find your job. Hope that you all have liked this.

Last few words for you to work or go on sites like Craigslist:

Now you know all the process about these sites. And you are quite familiar with all these. Then too if you are willing to work with any of these sites first have deep research and have good information for whatever you are applying for.

As we all know that frauds and scams are a big deal whenever we work or serve an online job. Make sure you make the correct decision when you prefer to buy anything. See whether the thing are you buying is really authentic and also check whether that stuff is legal in your country or not.

I always assure that before buying anything I’ll have a good research about it and then proceed. So hope you do the same.

Ensure that you never give your payment details like credit and debit card or any financial details. And if the seller accepts only cash then make sure you get your thing and if that satisfies you then go for it.

Because Prevention is better than cure.


Yep, that was it. Hope you have liked these alternative sites like craigslist. For buying, selling, finding jobs, and many more.

Let me know your opinions in the comment section and drop all your piece of advice, doubts and I’ll reply to each of them. If I’m missing any alternative “sites like Craigslist” then let me know.

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