My Computer Is Frozen And Control Alt Delete Not Working (Solved)

If the Ctrl+Alt+Delete buttons on your computer are not responding or your computer is frozen, you’re not the only one experiencing this. The Ctrl+Alt+Dlt sequence is used to launch Task Manager or lock your laptop.

There are several methods for fixing it, but among several factors responsible for this issue are malicious software, corrupted system files, or a faulty keyboard. You don’t have to try each one; just choose the one that works for you and unfreezes your laptop.

Why My Computer Is Frozen, And Control Alt Delete Not Working? (Causes)

Your computer can freeze or not respond when you press Control Alt Delete if it is deadlocked. The keyboard driver of your system could also be corrupted or out of date, thus demanding that you update it. You can achieve this automatically or manually.

Another reason why your computer may likely freeze and the Control Alt Delete combination will not work is when a third-party software makes modifications to your registry and changes the default value.

Solutions For Why My Computer Is Frozen And Control Alt Delete Not Working (Fixed)

Solutions For Why My Computer Is Frozen And Control Alt Delete Not Working

1.) Update Your Keyword Driver

If your computer is frozen and the Control Alt Dlt sequence is not working, it could be that your keyboard driver has issues. If it is outdated, you have to update it by auto or manually. The manual process takes time and is risky.

For people who aren’t familiar with fixing computers, I suggest that you download Driver Easy. Driver Easy identifies your PC automatically and searches for appropriate drivers that will work with your computer. You then use it to update your keyboard driver.

This would prevent you from downloading and installing a bad driver, and you won’t have to stress installing the driver wrongly. The unpaid or premium version of Driver Easy allows you to download and install your drivers.

The steps for using Driver Easy is as follows:

  1. Firstly, download and install the driver
  2. Launch it and select the Scan Now button. Driver Easy then scans your PC to identify any defective driver.
  3. Select the Update Button beside your Keyboard to automatically download the appropriate driver for your device, then install it manually.
  4. At the bottom right, you will find an Update All button that automatically updates missing or outdated drivers on your laptop.

After clicking on Update All, you will be asked to upgrade. Reboot your PC, then confirm if the issue is still there or not. If the problem still exists, try another method.

2.) Via Registry Editor

Changes can be made to your registry and can be modified as well through third-party software. You can fix this problem by changing the altered value back to the default one in your registry through a five-step process.

3.) Check Your Keyboard Language

When your system freezes and Control Alt Delete does not work, check your keyboard language. This solution requires that you take the following approach:

Select the Windows button + I on your keyboard at the same time to launch settings, select Time and Language. Then select Language on the left menu. Next, check the language on the list.

If you can’t find the appropriate language, simply select Add a preferred language to choose the required language on your computer.

When the appropriate language is listed on your languages list, just select the desired language. You then click the up arrow key to move the language at the top.

4.) Use CMD Commands

CMD commands also help resolve computer freeze and Control Alt Delete buttons not responding on your computer. To make your system return to its former mode of operation using CMD commands, follow these steps:

Command Prompt

Tap the Windows + R key together to launch Run.

Type cmd, then select Ctrl, Shift, and Esc buttons at the same time to launch cmd as admin.

Then you run these four commands written below, one after the other, in the command prompt:

  1. Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
  2. Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
  3. Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth |
  4. sfc /scannow

Immediately you execute these commands, exit the cmd window.

5.) Check For Keyboard

Another factor that can make you experience the Control Alt Delete, not the working scenario, is if your computer’s keyboard is bad. Try to connect this keyboard to another system or use a different keyboard to check if your keyboard is causing the problem or not.

6.) System Restore

System restore involves restoring your system by creating a restore point manually. Even when an emergency like the corruption of system files on your PC and the incorrect uninstallation of faulty software occurs, you can restore your windows at a preset restore date.

7.) Check Your Computer For Malware

Virus and malware can affect your computer’s processes such that they prevent security processes that may likely end up harming your PC. Malware is often scripted in this manner; that is why you have to scan and remove them from your system.

To scan and delete malware from your computer, use an antivirus.

8.) Update Windows

Missing updates can also make your system freeze and cause the Ctrl+Alt+Dlt not to work. Some bugs can show up on your operating system and generate this issue and many other issues as well.

Update Your Windows Laptop

You can resolve this issue by updating windows, and to find updates manually, take the following steps:

  • Launch the Settings app by selecting the Windows + I key together on your keyboard.
  • After the settings app launches, go to the Updates & Security area.
  • Then select the Check for Updates option. Windows then searches for updates and downloads them in the background.
  • Once you download the newest updates, the issue should have been fixed, and the Ctrl Alt Dlt sequence should be working back.

9.) Perform A Clean Boot

If you’ve tried all the tips given above and none of them works, you can perform a clean boot. This troubleshooting procedure enables you to disable startups and services manually to figure out the harmful software.

Immediately identify this software, uninstall it, and your Control + Alt + Delete keys should start responding. This is how to go about resolving it:

  • Press the Windows + R key together on your keyboard to launch the Run dialog. Type Misconfig and select Enter to launch your system configuration window.
  • Click the Services tab, then Hide all Microsoft services; after that, you select Disable all.
  • Click the Select tab and select the Open Task Manager option.
  • At the Startup tab in your Task Manager, click the item and select Disabled for every startup item.
  • Return to the system configuration window, then press Ok.
  • Select Restart to Reboot your laptop.

Hidden Combo Keys To Fix Your Frozen Computer

You can press a hidden keyboard combo to restart your video drivers and resolve the computer freeze issues. This standard shortcut can be applied anytime by pressing this key sequence, Win + Ctrl + Shift + B.


My Computer Is Frozen, And Control Alt Delete Not Working And I Can Not Open Any Program

If your system is frozen and the Ctrl Alt Delete keys are not working, and you can’t launch any program, use the Ctrl + Shift + Esc combination to launch Task Manager so it will close any unresponsive app.

You can also try to hard shutdown your PC by pressing the Power key for some seconds.

Windows 10 Freeze Ctrl Alt Del Not Working, How To Fix It?

To fix the Not Working Ctrl + Alt + Del combination on your keyboard, close unresponsive programs by force shutting down your Windows 10 or restarting it. You can also press the Esc button twice, reboot, and try the Ctrl Alt Del keys again or Use Registry Editor.

How Do You Unlock A Computer Without Ctrl Alt Delete?

To unlock your computer without the Ctrl Alt Del sequence, select the Windows + Run key together to launch the Run box. Type Control Userpasswords2 or netplwiz, then select Enter. Once the User Accounts applet launches, click the Advanced Tab.

Untick the Require users to select the Ctrl Alt Delete checkbox.


Your computer can freeze, and the Ctrl Alt Del key sequence may not respond if the hard drive is defective, the memory card is bad, or some other factors that I mentioned earlier, but with the solutions above, you should be able to restore your system to its normal process in no time.

A technician can also help you if you don’t have time to fix your computer.

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