15+ Top List of Free Job Posting Sites in India: [#16 is my Favourite]

Are you searching for employees, and are you looking for the list of free job posting sites in India? Well, I’ve been through this, and today I’ll list you legit sites that will definitely help you to post jobs for free! I’ll serve you the most useful information, ready?

Finding the right employees for your company is hectic work and almost can take a day! Well, in today’s world where the digital industry is booming your work which takes 24 hours can be done is one hour and of no cost!


Yes, there are many recruiters and companies who keep posting job opportunities online and this opportunity can be grabbed by skilled people who are seeking jobs.

The job posting also helps to get the right candidate for your company. And that’s the reason many of us hire people online and I’ve also hired a ‘Copywriting Person’ for my digital work. [I’ll tell you how I did that in the latter portion (#16 Point), promise]

The process is simple and you’ll also be able to post jobs online for FREE. I’ll list you free jobs posting sites list which will help you out to go through this process.

Free Job Posting is a Dead Service?

No, not at all! This is actually a piece of poor advice and you should not believe these people who say these statements!

Well, I’ll prove to you below that Free Job Posting still works and how I hire some of the quality employees for myself and for FREE!

Who will pay for job recruitments? Well, big businesses can pay for it but small businesses can’t, and hiring employees from these free job posting sites can result in a huge response than you expect.


You posted job recruitment for some Data Entry Work or anything like that. Now you wanted only 5 people for a job and you received 20+ requests for that particular recruitment.

Now what?

Interview the 20+ candidates and you’ll get 5 best out of it, and this process is really strong!

This helps to build a strong team, which will take your business to the next level!

Coming back to our main content!!!

Below are the list of free job posting sites in India for employers, I have mentioned all 16 in total but…

Don’t forget to read the #16 one because that’s my favourite 😉

Top 15+ List of Free Job Posting Sites in India 2021

The below-mentioned list includes free job posting site’s list for all sectors. You can go through this and pick any site and post your job on these below mentioned free job posting sites! Here you can hire the best candidates for your business.

Moving on!!

#1. FreeAdsTime

FreeAdsTime is one of the trusted company and here, you can easily place FREE local classified ads. For instance, you want to post an ad in Delhi for a service like Houses For Rent, Office Space, or any Jobs like Business Opportunities or any service, you can easily go to FreeAdsTime. 

Follow These Steps to Post FREE ad on this platform:

  • Go To FreeAdsTime and create your account.
  • Select your ad category and subcategory.
  • Continue to the next step and select your preferred region.
  • Post your Ad. 

In this way, you can set your first ad running on FreeAdsTime. You can check your dashboard, and there you’ll see the statistics of your ad like the views, clicks, and more!

They are dedicated to serving the best customer service, and they do have more cities covered than other classified ad sites.

Link: FreeAdsTime

#2. JobGrin

India has many job portals out there, but when we talk about JobGrin, it has a special mention on the list. JobGrin is one of the fastest-growing job portals in India; for employers and job seekers, JobGrin is my first recommendation to go for.

More than lakhs of people have registered on JobGrin with over 25k active members per month (still growing), and it covers almost every category for job seekers.

As we are talking here about the Job Posting, JobGrin offers a free Jop Posting too. With a clean site design and good user experience, JobGrin can quickly help you get your first Job Post live to find the best candidate for your business.

Follow these steps to Post a FREE job post on JobGrin:

  • Sign up with JobGrin and verify your email address.
  • Click on “Post a Free Job”
  • Add your Name and your Company Name.
  • Write the Job title.
  • Fill in the primary Job details with a Job description.
  • Review your Application.
  • And then, your posting will go for verification, and once that’s done, your job post will be live in minutes.

Wasn’t it easy? Well, customer support is also excellent, where you can directly contact them via a phone number.

Try to get your first job post live on JobGrin at zero cost to you. Even I’ve tried this platform, and I’m pretty satisfied with it.

Link: JobGrin

#3. Internshala

Internshala is one of the trusted websites in India which allows you to post free jobs online. Are you looking for employees who are students? Well if yes then this is the go-to option. This site helps you to hire those types of people who are students and if you are hiring people for some typical student work, then you can move forward with Internshala where you get verified people. 

All you need is to go with these 3 steps:

  1. Register yourself by creating your account
  2. Post internships for any profile and location
  3. Hire, start hiring people according to you!


Yes, basically this was suggested to me by a friend of mine who runs a digital marketing agency and for his agency, he has done this and went through Internshala!

And got good interns!

But, if you think that this site is not for you then there are dozens of sites mentioned below, go through them and you’ll get what you wanted!

Link: Internshala

#4. Indeed

Indeed is a global recruitment portal which offers both paid and free job postings. It’s one of the best places to post jobs and especially for jobs, startups, and small enterprises this is one of the best who allows you to post for no cost! 

What’s the difference between free posting and paid posting?

Yes, I know that this question might be disturbing you. The main reason is that the paid job posting is given more priority compared to the free ones, free jobs appear at the bottom and the paid ones at the top. That’s the difference!


If you optimize your job posting in the right way you can reach the kind of person that you want to hire. You can target your free job by search industry, education, title, location, and many more.

But job seekers will definitely visit till the bottom and you’ll start to get job requests! 

Isn’t it great!?

Also, Indeed has an app, you can download, it for smartphone interface.

Link: Indeed

#5. H1 Ad

H1Ad is also a good option for you if you want to run local classified ads. You can upload eye-catching images for your job on this site.

Follow these steps to Publish your ad for FREE:

  • Select Category
  • Add Title and Description of your Job
  • Enter Your Address
  • Amount for Job
  • Enter your Name and Email
  • Choose the Type of Job Post, FREE, or UPGRADE it by paying the fee.
  • Select your Country, City, Region
  • Upload Images for the Job Post
  • Hit Publish

And in this way, you can post FREE jobs on this site!

Link: H1 Ad

#6. Glassdoor

Basically Glassdoor is US-based which also offers recruitment services in India. Glassdoor also allows posting free jobs on it’s Indian Portal. 

Glassdoor offers all types of jobs, small or big all types of jobs can be listed.

It has the data of millions of company reviews, Approval Ratings, Interview review, Salary reports, and many more.

USP of glassdoor is that it has a dedicated page for each company which shows the reputation of your brand, metrics of your profile page views, company ratings, number of followers which helps job seekers to lookup for your company.

Glassdoor helps thousands of clients and partners to promote their employer brand to candidates researching them and advertise their jobs to ideal candidates who may not be aware of them.

Link: Glassdoor

#7. National Career Service

National Career Service is an online recruitment portal which is run by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India

As this is an Indian Job portal for posting jobs, this provides job posting for all types of business, small and big.

It states “The portal provides job matching services in a highly transparent and user-friendly manner,”.

It also provides households and other consumers for services.

The portal is also supported by a multilingual call center where the users can call the NCS Toll Free Number 1800-425-1514 for any support.

This site makes one of the best option to list of free job posting sites in India.

Link: National Career Service

#8. Wall Classifieds

You can try Wall Classifieds to publish your FREE job ad. Fill in the basic details for your ad and get your first job post live! 

Once you land on their site you can see the option of “Publish Your Ad” click on that option and choose your job category and complete the further steps to publish your Job post on Wall Classifieds.

The main categories that they cover are:

  • Items
  • Vehicles
  • Learning
  • Real Estate
  • Services
  • Pets
  • Jobs

You can try out Wall Classifieds if you are really interested in running a free job ad. Even you can run these ads in a specific local city, isn’t it great? In this way, you’ll get the best results for your job.

Link: Wall Classifieds

#9. Quickr

Quickr is actually a free classified that offers myriad services, buying & selling used stuff to recruitments. But we can post jobs and that’s the reason I included Quickr in this list!

You can signup for free on Quickr, and quickr will allow you to post jobs. And here the employees’ roles might be like chef/cook, cashier, teacher, nurse, and other such roles. Once your ad is seen by the people, they will start approaching you. And if you want them to hire quickly you can feature your ad in the spotlight area!

(To hire people from the local area, Quickr is really a great option)


You can look for emergency services too, for like the short term and long term too.

Link: Quickr

#10. Aasaanjobs

Aasaanjobs is one of the known sites for Free Job Posting and on this site, you’ll clearly see that you get an option at the bottom fold where they have two options under  for employees:

  1. Free Job Posting
  2. Premium Job Posting 

And to do this you need to register with Aasaanjobs. Aasaanjobs is an olx group company and a trusted site.

Since Aasaanjob has coverage all over India, it is perfect for searching for talents in different parts of the country.

Link: Aasaanjobs

#11. Post Job Free

Well, the name itself covers our needs! Post Job Free is an online recruitment portal where small businesses can also post jobs for free. And your job posting is generally displayed for a period of time which varies approx up to 30 days. (Depending upon your category)

This site shows up fresh job listings so make sure that after a week or two posting your job try to repost it, which may help you to get more job approaches as it is presented as a fresh job listing.

As Post Jobs Free allows you to post job instantly, further this site distributes your jobs to popular job search sites so that job seekers will be able to see your fresh job ad.

Make sure that during filling the details like title, description, company name, and all this kind of stuff make sure that you enter the accurate and right details.

Link: Post Job Free

#12. Click India

This is another one of the famous job posting sites in India. A good site for those people who have just started their business, small business. If you are looking forward to hiring a fresher or an intermediate level, you’ll get on Click India.

Registration is not that complicated, it’s easy! Just post your postal address/mail id, where you’ll start receiving applications from job receivers.

Rather than Job Posting you can also buy and sell products. As I’ve said before and again I’ll repeat that please use correct keywords, description, title and etc. so that you can easily find your potential customers.

Apart from buying and selling this is a great platform where you can post free jobs. Here on this site, you can hire delivery boys, freelancers and etc. Later on, when you start getting job approaches you can interview the candidates and choose a perfect one for your business.


There are various categories in this site, explore and find your category, start posting jobs.

Link: Click India

#13. Bayt

Another great and popular website for jobs. Bayt calls itself the premier job posting website of the Middle East and lists thousands of jobs in various countries of the Arabian Gulf region, Levant, North Africa, India, and the Indian sub-continent.

By registering your company you can avail of free job posting on Bayt. This will help you to attract the talent from the Indian Diasporas and fresher in the Middle East who are seeking successful jobs in India.

Bayt is popular among MNCs looking at hiring talent from India and abroad for jobs in the Middle East and North Africa. But, Bayt also lists jobs in India.

Link: Bayt

#14. Freshers World

Another great job posting site for free. Here you’ll get fresh graduates, undergraduates, and other budding people who are seeking job opportunities. The ones who are talented and are searching for their first jobs, these kinds of people you’ll see here.

For startups and small businesses, you’ll find this a great!

After registering with them you can start posting jobs.

As this platform is for freshers you can’t post jobs for expert-level job seekers if you still want then can do it but then it’s a paid service.

It allows you to post jobs according to the category and you can post it in your category and almost there are all the categories that a job portal or a job posting site should have.

Link: Freshers World

#15. LinkedIn

My top favorite platform. LinkedIn is not exactly a job portal, rather it allows professional businesses to do networking. 

Since the past year, the number of Indian users on LinkedIn have significantly grown. According to the Economic Times “LinkedIn’s India user base up 24% in a year to 62 million”

Here you’ll get mid-level professionals working in finance & IT sectors. You can also run a cheap optimized ad on LinkedIn and hire people for internships. (One of my mentors does the same to hire freelancers)

And he gets good freelancers because on LinkedIn you’ll only get the professionals. Make connections with the right candidate on this awesome platform which is trusted by the job seekers and recruiters communities.

My Opinion: I know that you are here in search of a free job posting site, but I would like to say that try LinkedIn and run a paid ad you’ll definitely get super quality freelancers for your business. 

How to post a free job on LinkedIn?

  1. Click on the Work icon on the top side of your homepage.
  2. A menu will appear, click on ‘Post a Job’
  3. Fill all your company details.
  4. Select Job Functions and company industries based on which Employment Type and Seniority Level will be auto-populated.
  5. Enter Job descriptions, skills, and click on continue.
  6. Now you’ll see add screening options, add those so that it’s helpful for your candidates.


Moving on…

Link: LinkedIn

#16. Upwork


Here basically you need to post a job by yourself on Upwork! And as this is my favourite I have also added images so that you can understand better!

How to post a Free Job on Upwork?

Follow these steps to post a job on Upwork:

  1. Signup with Upwork
  2. Now Once you are done with that, under the jobs section you’ll see an option ‘Post a Job’
  3. Click on that and fill the 7 steps form which contains:
    1. Title
    2. Description
    3. Details
    4. Expertise
    5. Visibility
    6. Budget
    7. Review
  4. Click on Post Job.
  5. Once you are done with it, you’ll start getting a response after a while!

Here are 2 images (screenshot) which can give you a rough Idea.

Image 1: How to Post a Free Job on Upwork?

Job Posting Steps on Upwork
Job Posting Steps on Upwork

So, basically you a have lot of options to choose when you fill this form, choose them correctly so that you can reach a perfect candidate. You can hire for the long term and short term work.

Just give a try I love Upwork and I think that after using it, you will also love it!

Image 2: Final Review Job Post on Upwork?

Final Review Step to Post Free Job on Upwork
Final Review Step to Post Free Job on Upwork

STEP 4: Now, you have to re-check all the things that you had filled. There’s an editing option that will help you to edit anything that you think of.

And in STEP 5 you can click on the Post Job Now Button!

(Upwork is mostly used to hire online employees & Freelancers. But if you are in search of local candidates you can go with the above 15)

Finally finished the (#16 My Favourite Part)

How was it? Did you liked it?

Link: Upwork

#17. WorkIndia

An easy interface, and a free job posting site. You just need to register as a member by submitting an online form. 

Once done, you have issued a username and password. They do not receive applications on your behalf. Therefore, you need to provide a postal address if you want to receive applications by mail or an email ID.

The online free job posting is really easy, you just need to fill the form and it’s not that complicated and anyone can do it having basic computer knowledge.

Link: WorkIndia

#18. Placement India

This platform allows you to post any kind of job posts by registering for free. This job portal is trusted by 5+ million job seekers. It has some of the topmost companies and corporate houses in India amongst its list of clients.

You are able to post a free job but paid ads are prioritized more, so you can consider paying to get featured on this job site.

As this site has both paid and free job posting you can hire from the free option too.

Link: Placement India

#19. Craigslist

It is an American classified major that allows you to advertise almost everything. It is also widely famous in India and abroad. 

But if you are trying to post a free job on Craigslist make sure that you optimize your ad by inserting proper keywords, title, locations and etc.

Link: Craigslist

#20. Career Age

On this portal, you’ll find amateurs, experts, and experienced senior managers. If you want to hire a candidate from India then you can do it by simply posting free jobs.

In India, it is a trusted site that supports students by offering completely researched and comprehensive information about several career choices.

Before moving further I would like to say that, these job portals are available for people all over India, whether you are from Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Gujarat, or any city, these above listed 15+ sites are great to go!

Now moving to the climax and the main point for which you are were waiting for!

Come-on, don’t skip any line, read each line you’ll get what I wanted to say.

Link: Career Age

#21. More Sites To Publish Free Job Post

So, the above-mentioned sites are really helpful and good-to-go but if you want to try more sites then you can go through these sites mentioned in the list. They are free job posting sites where you can easily publish free job posts.

Here’s the list:

In these sites you can choose a specific location and run ad in that region only! You can check either one of them.

That was it!


So, basically, I’ve covered the 15+ list of free job posting sites in India for employers which will help you to hire the best candidate for your company. 

There are zero disadvantages in posting free jobs and since I’ve cleared this myth in the start itself. And also don’t believe that paid ads only get the professional candidates, this is also a myth.

I’ve also shown my personal method in #16 which was jaw-dropping! 

There are ocean full of talented people out there, some are fresher and experts, you can hire them by listing your free job on these sites which will definitely help you!

But you also need to know that free job posting may take time, so keep updating your free job ad, so that you save your ad from going down to the bottom!

I hope that you enjoyed and learned a lot from this article. 



Now I’d like to hear from you? Which free job posting portal will you try first to hire candidates? Will you give a try #16 Upwork, Yes/No? Let me know your precious opinions in the comment section below!

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