Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Not Working Windows 10 (Fixed)

Having a faulty keyboard on your Lenovo keyboard isn’t a very exciting experience. If your laptop’s keyboard starts acting up during use, you should know you’re not alone. Most Lenovo users have experienced problems with their Lenovo laptop keyboard at least once.

If you have a Lenovo laptop with a malfunctioning keyboard, this guide should help. Here, you’ll learn the possible causes and practical solutions to a defective Lenovo laptop keyboard, especially ones running the Windows 10 operating system.

Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Not Working Windows 10 (Causes)

If your Lenovo keyboard stops working suddenly, it’s usually due to a minor error in the device’s software. Hardware failure caused by dirt or debris entering the computer might suddenly cause your keyboard to fail. In some cases, you need to update your driver or operating system to get your keyboard working again.

Here are details of some issues that may cause a dysfunctional Lenovo Windows 10 laptop keyboard.

Outdated Or Corrupted Device Drivers

Drivers are software that oversees how your computer communicates with the hardware components, which is your keyboard. When there is a problem with your keyboard driver, it may negatively affect the functionality of your keyboard.

Dirty Keys

It is imperative to clean your computer regularly. Cleaning your computer will prevent dirt and debris from entering your computer hardware. When dirt accumulates in the keyboard, it may not work.

Damaged Hardware

Your keyboard may also stop working due to damaged components. If you notice some buttons on your keyboard don’t respond like they should, broken or stiff, then it may be time to replace the whole keyboard. You can always seek the services of a licensed Lenovo technician to help you replace the hardware.

Interference From External Keyboards

If you’re using external wireless or wired keyboards, it may be interfering with the original Lenovo keyboard. Disconnect all external keyboards, if any are connected, and restart your computer to see if it works. You should generally avoid connecting multiple keyboards to your laptop if it does.

How To Fix Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Not Working Windows 10 (Solutions)

Here are some effective techniques to fix a faulty Lenovo keyboard on Windows 10.

How To Fix Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Not Working Windows 10 (Solutions)

Restart Your Laptop

Restarting your laptop will close all running programs and refresh your computer. As simple as it is, it’s one of the most effective ways to solve fundamental issues with your computer. However, if the keyboard is not working after restarting your computer, you may consider other fixes.

Update Lenovo Keyboard Drivers

Faulty drivers are among the most common reasons for faulty keyboards on Lenovo laptops. Simply uninstall the current keyboard driver and restart your computer, and the system will automatically update the drivers to the latest version.

You can manually update the driver through the device manager under the ‘keyboards’ option. Always try getting the update from Windows Update or a trusted driver manager to avoid installing an incompatible version when updating manually.

Install Latest Windows Update

You are encountering problems while using your keyboard because you’re using an outdated or buggy version of Windows. Consider upgrading to the latest version to restore your keyboard functionality. You may consider running the troubleshooting wizard on your Windows 10 system if this doesn’t work.

Update Your Windows Laptop

Run Troubleshoot Wizard

Use the troubleshooting utility to find and fix your computer software or hardware problems. Search for “Troubleshoot” in the Windows search box and open the settings to run the troubleshooting wizard. Click on “the keyboard” and follow the prompts to troubleshoot the issue. If this doesn’t fix this issue, try other options.

Turn off Filter Keys

Enabling filter keys might be the primary reason your keyboard is not working. Consider turning off the filter keys feature to see if this fixes the issue with your keyboard. To turn off filter keys, visit the control panel and navigate to “Ease of Access,” then enter “Ease of Access Center.”

Then you’ll select “Make the keyboard easier to use.” Lastly, you will uncheck the “Turn on Filter Keys” option, which can be found in the “make it easier to type” option. Your keyboard should return to normal after you implement these settings.

Uninstall Multiple Keyboards

If you use two or more keyboards with your computer, they might interfere, resulting in your keyboard not working correctly. Consider disconnecting the external keyboard to keep using your Lenovo laptop keyboard. You can easily uninstall the external keyboard by plugging it or removing the driver from your settings.

Reinstall Synaptics Driver

If you still can’t figure out what went wrong with your keyboard, you may try reinstalling the Synaptics driver. To reinstall the Synaptic driver, go to your device manager from the control panel and locate the Synaptics Driver option.

Right-click on this option and select uninstall. Select “Scan for Hardware Changes,” and your computer will automatically search and reinstall the Synaptic driver. Restart your Lenovo laptop to see if this fixes the problem with your keyboard.

Remove The Battery And The Power Cable

Another helpful hack that could solve the keyboard’s not working issue is removing and reconnecting the battery and power cable. To do this, turn off your Lenovo laptop and remove the power cable and the battery. Press and hold the power button for around 60 seconds.

Re-fix the battery and plug in the power cable. Power on your laptop and use the keyboard to see if this trick solves the issue. If the problem with your keyboard is only due to a minor fault, this should solve it.

Tap The Problem Keys Diagonally

This trick is simple yet effective; you could use it if you know the problem keys on your keyboard. Hit the problem keys diagonally for a few seconds. The hack should solve the problem if it doesn’t try other DIY tips.

Run The Keyboard Troubleshooter

If your Lenovo laptop is running the latest Windows 10 version, running the Keyboard troubleshooter can help you find and fix problems with your laptop keyboard. To run a keyboard troubleshooter, go to the Windows settings app on your Lenovo laptop. Click on the Update and Security option and select Troubleshoot.

Please navigate to the keyboard option in the right section and click on it. Select “Run Troubleshooter” and let the computer do its job. Restart the computer when the troubleshooting process is complete, which should fix the problem with your defective keyboard.

End Task Cortana

If you’re using an older version of Windows 10, you may still have the intrusively buggy version of Cortana. It’s not uncommon for users to report the Cortana process actively stopping their keyboard from functioning optimally. If this is also the case with you, you may need to end the Cortana task to get your keyboard functioning optimally.

To close Cortana, right-click on the taskbar and select task manager. Go to Background Processes and find ‘processes.’ Select the Cortana process and click on End Task. If it asks to restart your computer, close all running programs and restart to see if your keyboard works again.

My Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Is Not Working After Windows 10 Installation

If your Lenovo laptop keyboard suddenly stops working immediately after Windows 10 update installation, it’s almost certainly a result of an incompatible driver. You can use the Device Manager or a software program to install new drivers compatible with your keyboard to make it work again.


Windows 10 Laptop Keyboard Not Working When Resetting Lenovo

A missing driver is one of the most common reasons your Windows 10 laptop keyboard might not work when resetting. In most cases, your computer should automatically install the appropriate drivers, but that process takes some time. Consider waiting a few minutes after a reset before using your keyboard to ensure it works optimally.

Why Are Some Keys Not Working In Lenovo Laptop Windows 10?

If you notice some buttons are not working as they should on your Lenovo laptop Windows 10, it is usually due to dust or debris getting in between them. Try cleaning up your laptop or pressing it diagonally to fix the problem.

Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Is Not Working Cannot Enter The Password.

Try connecting an external keyboard if you cannot enter the password to log into your computer because of a malfunctioning keyboard. You can also enable the on-screen keyboard from the Ease of Access options to enter your password without needing a keyboard.

How Do You Unlock The Keyboard On A Lenovo Laptop Windows 10?

If you cannot type on your Lenovo laptop keyboard because the key is locked, try holding down the right shift key for about 8 seconds. That should turn off the filter keys and unlock your laptop’s keyboard. Alternatively, you can disable the filter keys from the control panel.

How Do I Unfreeze My Lenovo Laptop Keyboard?

If you have a freezing keyboard, the first fix you should attempt is to restart your computer. If it doesn’t work, consider using an external keyboard. However, if an external keyboard doesn’t sit well with you, updating your keyboard driver or performing a system restore or hard reset can help unfreeze your keyboard.

Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Not Working After Cleaning

If you disassemble your laptop before cleaning, there might be a fatal mistake while reassembling the components. Check if the ribbon cable is connected correctly to feed power to the keyboard. If you are unsure what to do, take your Lenovo laptop to a qualified technician to look it up for you.


These are some causes and ways to fix the keyboard not working issue on your Lenovo laptops, and there are appropriate solutions to match. Running these fixes will be easier if you can accurately diagnose the problem.

If you get stuck trying to fix your keyboard, consider using the services of a qualified repair technician. In extreme cases, you may have to replace your laptop’s keyboard as a last resort.

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