Why Is My Lenovo Laptop Battery Charging But Percentage Not Increasing?

Charging issues are prevalent among laptop owners, but they may also be some of the easiest to fix. They can come in different forms: plugged in but not charging, charging but percentage not increasing, etc. A faulty battery isn’t necessarily the cause of all charging issues.

Sometimes, the charging percentage not increasing issue on your Lenovo laptop might be due to bad power settings, outdated software, or even hardware issues. Even if the problem is with your battery, the worst-case scenario would be replacing it.

In this article, you’ll learn some of the most prominent causes of the issue and how to solve them. You’ll also learn some essential battery care tips to get long-lasting battery life.

Why Is My Lenovo Laptop Battery Charging But Percentage Not Increasing?

If your laptop is charging, but the percentage isn’t increasing, then it’s most possibly due to a software malfunction or faulty battery. Using a damaged charger could also complicate things. Other possible reasons include missing or outdated drivers, damaged power sources, outdated OS or BIOS, or unhealthy battery maintenance practices.

Why Is My Laptop Battery Percentage Not Increasing While Charging? (9 Solutions)

Sometimes, the percentage might increase, but it’s happening too slowly for you to notice. In this case, you’ll have to do some basic fixes to return the computer to normal. Restarting your computer should be one of the first troubleshooting hacks you’ll employ if you encounter the issue.

If restarting your computer doesn’t work, here are some other proven tips to solve the percentage not increasing issue on your Lenovo laptop.

Lenovo Laptop Battery Charging But Percentage Not Increasing (9 Solutions)

1. Off The Conservation Mode

Conservation mode is a feature in your laptop that helps you to extend its battery life. It won’t allow your battery to charge 100%, but it would increase the overall battery health. To turn off conservation mode on your Lenovo laptop, go to settings, click on the 3 bar menu option, power, and click on the toggle near Conservation mode to turn it off.

2. Install Latest BIOS, And Reboot The PC

BIOS is a function on your computer that allows you to identify and fix primary issues on your computer. Therefore, your computer might experience a percentage not increasing fault if there’s a problem with the BIOS. Go to the Diver and Software section on the Lenovo support page, select BIOS, and follow the appropriate instructions to update the BIOS for your system.

Reboot the PC after performing the update.

3. Hard Reset Your Lenovo Laptop

Performing a hard reset on your Lenovo laptop might help cure the percentage not increasing issue. A hard reset isn’t a factory reset, meaning you won’t lose anything essential on your laptop. To perform a hard reset, remove the battery from the system and unplug it from the power source; press and hold the power button for around 30 seconds. Put the laptops back together and power them on, and it should be working fine now.

4. Disable Fast Startup

Fast startup is a feature in your computer that puts it in hibernation after a shutdown, allowing it to boot up faster. Enabling this feature and software problems can cause a percentage of not increasing issues on your laptop. To disable fast startup, go to Settings, System, Power, Select Additional Settings, and disable the function under Power Options.

5. Troubleshoot Power

Troubleshooting power is essential for fixing the percentage, not increasing issues on your laptop. Check the power outlet and adapter for any breaks or cuts. Also, check the conditions of the charging ports and indicators; if they are all working fine, try other fixes from the article.

6. Uninstall / Install Battery Driver

You might need to reinstall your drivers to fix the percentage not increasing issue. Open your settings and select Add or Remove Programs, check for the driver you want to remove, and uninstall it. You can re-download the drivers on the official Lenovo site and install them on your laptop.

7. Restore Default For Power Settings

Resetting your power plan will take it to default settings and hopefully help eradicate the percentage not increasing issue on your laptop. Open the start menu and type “Power Plan”; click on the result to enter the plan settings. Select Change Advanced power settings and restore plan defaults to restore the power plan to the original settings.

8. Troubleshoot Hardware Issue

It’s imperative to troubleshoot hardware issues in your laptop as they might be the source of the percentage-increasing problem on your computer. Check the power cable and the AC adapter to ensure it’s in stable condition. If you suspect the replaceable hardware is problematic, consider using an entirely different one to charge the system; if it works, you might need to replace that particular component.

9. Update Your Battery Driver

Outdated battery drivers remain one of the most prevalent causes of the percentage not increasing issue. You can update the drives automatically or manually, depending on the one that sits right with you. Go to Device Manager on your settings and locate “Device and Drivers,” click on battery drivers and update it automatically or replace it with a manually downloaded one compatible with your laptop.

Why Does My Lenovo Laptop Only Charge to 60%?

Your Lenovo laptop stops charging at 60% because you turn on conservation mode. Conservation mode improves your device’s battery health, but it will only let the battery charge up to 60%. However, you can disable the feature through the power options on your device settings.

Why Is My Laptop Not Charging Past A Certain Percentage?

Besides enabling conservation mode, laptop problems might also trigger abnormal charging percentages. Common causes include a faulty AC adapter or power cable, battery issues, or problematic battery calibrations. Check the hardware and replace the faulty ones. A hard reset and adjusting power settings can also help solve charging issues.

Why Is My Laptop Not Charging Completely?

A faulty charger or damaged wall outlet is the most common cause of the laptop not charging issue. The charging ports on your computer could also be the culprit; check the ports for dust or debris that might hinder transmission. Sometimes, a faulty motherboard could be why your device isn’t charging completely.

Why Is My Laptop Battery Stuck at 80?

Battery configuration might be why your computer can’t charge past 80%. To increase battery life, you can configure your Lenovo laptop battery to stop charging at 80%. In this case, it’s completely normal if it’s stuck at 80% and your battery is safe from harm.

How Do I Check My Lenovo Battery Health?

You can check your Lenovo battery health using the battery saver tool. Go to your start menu, search “battery saver,” and enter to check your battery life and health. Alternatively, you can contact Lenovo support for inquiries about your battery health. BIOS and third-party battery health checkers are also realistic ways to check battery health on your laptop.

Lenovo Laptop

Can Resetting the Laptop Fix the Battery?

Resetting your Lenovo laptop will fix simple software issues with the system, but it won’t work for hardware issues like a faulty battery or charger. Before running fixes on your device, knowing the exact source is crucial to avoid problems. You should also consider resetting your computer as a last resort if their fixes don’t work. However, you can perform a soft rest to refresh your device memory before attempting more advanced fixes.


What Is The Cost Of Lenovo Battery?

The cost of Lenovo laptop batteries heavily depends on the model and type you want to buy. Lenovo DENAQ 6-cell lithium-ion batteries cost around $50, while the DENAQ G40-70 8-cell lithium batteries cost $100. Sometimes, the store you buy your batteries from also impacts the price of the batteries.

How Do I Know If My Lenovo Battery Is Bad?

Decreased battery life is usually the most prevalent sign of a bad battery. Other causes of faulty batteries include overheating, slow charge, and unexpected power issues. Replace the battery with another compatible one, as replacing it with an incompatible one might cause problems for your system.

Can I Reset My Lenovo Battery?

Most Lenovo laptops have a small reset button near the battery. Unplug your system from the power source and power it off completely. Press the reset button with a small pin or paper clip, and the battery will reset.

How Do I Know If My Charging Port Is Damaged?

If the charging indicator on your Lenovo laptop doesn’t turn on when you plug it in, it might be due to a faulty charger, AC adapter, power source, or charging port. Check the charging devices and power source to see if they are in good condition. If they are, then your charging port might be faulty.


These are ways to solve the percentage of not-increasing issues on your Lenovo laptop. Power issues are challenging on laptops because the system will only work if it has a significant power glitch. It’s simpler to solve power issues when you know the origin, and I’ve provided some possible causes before delving into the solutions.

If you run the fixes in this article and your device still doesn’t return to normal (which is very unlikely), consider contacting Lenovo support if your laptop is still under warranty. Alternatively, you can meet a qualified technician to inspect the system. It’s best to take your devices to competent technicians to avoid further problems on your Lenovo laptop.

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