Is PS4 Region Locked? How To Change The Region? (Explained)

Some fantastic and exciting thing to know about your gaming console is whether it is region-locked. And this term describes your console games and content that applies to a particular region worldwide. While it is essential to know about your PS4 being Region locked or not, the PS4 gaming console is not Region Locked.

For good performance with an incredible playing experience, it is advisable to download games and content that’s regionally tied to your PS online user id.

Another essential thing to note is that your PS4 console will support the disc version of the games you run on it, while the digital version of the game might have issues running if it doesn’t belong to the region where your online id is registered. 

Is PS4 Region Locked?

Generally, the PS4 gaming console is not Region Locked except for consoles marketed and distributed in China. This means to PS4 console gamers that their console can run any disc games even if it is from another country different from where their console is purchased. The only cause for concern is that downloadable game contents (digital content) are Region Locked. This implies that you can only download digital content tied to your PSN account in the same region where your console is purchased and registered.

Can You Play PS4 In Different Regions?

Yes, you can play games on your PS4 in different regions, and this is possible if you’re running disc games and not downloading digital content. The PS4 console games are not Region Locked, meaning you can run virtually any disc game except for China consoles. Though the games run may be subjected to different gaming rules such as languages, censorship, and other changes. 

How To Change The Region On PS4?

You may change the region of your PlayStation Network for countless reasons. And the most notable reasons are to access another region’s streaming services, access exclusive games, and play new games before being released to your region. You can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or create a new PSN account to change your console region. Using the VPN or creating a new user id method will grant you unrestricted access to the PS store in another country.

Creating a new PSN account
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Which Are Region 2 PS4 Countries?

Due to differences in laws and ethics, the PlayStation console has different regions registered to their console with other contents. The Region code is usually found on the back of the DVD cover. The Region, 2 PS4 countries, include the United Kingdom (UK) and Europe, Japan, the Middle East, Egypt, South Africa, and Greenland. The above countries correspond to the Region 2 PS4 designated countries. 

Is The Playstation 1 Region Locked?

Yes, the PlayStation 1 gaming console is region-locked, which also applies to its contemporary PlayStation 2 console. The Playstation 1 gaming console is further locked into three regions: the NTSC U/C, NTSC-J, and PAL. 

Which Are Region 3 PS4 Countries?

Different Playstation games are released based on regions, and this happens due to foreign laws, ethics, languages, and censorship that operates in other countries. While the disc version of games released is playable on the PS4 console, the digital contents are region locked. The Region 3 PS4 countries comprise South East Asia, Taiwan, South Korea, Macau, and Hong Kong.

Can An American PS4 Play European Games?

Yes, an American PS4 can play European games on their console without stress, owing to the certainty that PS4 consoles are not region locked. This implies that a game gotten outside the United States can play on the PS4 console in the US. The only thing to be aware of is changing your PSN account region to make purchases.

How Do I Bypass Region Lock On PS4?

Fierce or competitive gamers with limited access to Playstation games in their PlayStation store will want to look for ways to bypass their PS4 for access to games that are unavailable in their region. This quest to satisfy their burning desires raised the question of how to bypass a PS4 region-locked feature for access to unlimited content on their PlayStation store. To bypass the region lock on PS4, a user can create a new PSN account on their PlayStation or use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to gain access to game content in another region. 

Here’s a simple “How To” video which will help you!

How Do I Change My PS4 Region To Us?

The only thing that could warrant a change in the region on your PS4 console could be the abundance of digital content available from one region to another. To change your PS4 region to the US, you can either create a new PlayStation Network account on your PS4 or use Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access other region content.  

How Do I Remove The Region Lock?

As discussed earlier, the PS4 gaming console is not region locked and does not require any expertise on how to remove the lock. The only constraint to this is your PS4 console will only play disc games from another region, but digital content of another region can not be accessed on your PS4. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) will grant users unlimited digital content in another region.

How Do I Know My Region On PS4?

PS4 Region is also important to check on the console because it determines the types of gaming content available in your Region. For illustration, the Region of your PS4 can be checked by different means. Log in to your Playstation website, locate the Account setting menu, and click on the edit button close to Residential Address; your Region is found in the address you signed up with. Another option you can use is your PSN ID by logging in to the PSN profiles domain to check your console Region. 

How Can I Bypass The Region Lock Without VPN?

Most times, using VPN doesn’t come for free, and the free-to-use VPNs will only grant limited access for a short time. And this can become frustrating over time if there is no access to a free VPN service when a user wants to access the content of another region on their PlayStation. To bypass a Region-Locked PS without using VPNs, a proxy Browser Extension can be engaged to access your PS store quickly and effortlessly or via a website using a proxy server.  

How Do I Get Around A Region-Locked Game?

Regular gamers are constantly faced with the dilemma of getting a new episode of their favorite games which may be costly. And while many can download any game of their choice, fewer are not opportune. Users looking to get around Region-Locked games and digital content can use Proxies to mask their IP address to access this content. Public proxies tools allow users to get around Region-Locked games and grant unlimited access to digital content without being denied.

Another essential tool is the VPN; it performs a similar function to public proxies by masking your IP address and granting you access to unlimited digital content online. 


Does PSN Region Matter?

The PSN Region may be fine for users who only play games without attached passions and may not be bothered about other interesting games unavailable in their region. While a serial and enthusiastic gamer may find this region matter amusing. The PSN matter will only become serious when users can find a particular game available in their region. 

Will a US PS4 Work In The UK?

Affirmative, your US PS4 will work in the UK; the only exception is getting a new recommended power cord to connect your console. If your PS4 has been registered before being brought to the UK, you can only play disc games, and you won’t be able to access the PSN store for digital content. The only exception here is you either use VPN to access the game store or change your PSN account to that of the UK for easy access to digital content online. 

Can I Play Japanese Games On My US PS4?

Yes, your US PS4 console was built virtually to play all region-based games without needing a VPN or a PSN ID change. The PS4 console supports multiple languages, allowing users to play different disc games from different regions. This also implies that you can buy Japanese PS4 games and play them on your US console, but the drawback is you need help to buy or access digital content and games.


The Playstation gaming consoles are distinguished based on the region they will be distributed to.

Region-locked PS is also achieved based on the country’s language differences, regulations, and censorship. This lets users know whether their gaming console is region-locked and what streaming service is available. 

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