How To Use Docking Station With Laptop Closed? 5 Effortless Steps (With Pictures)

Are you confused and want to know how to use Docking Station with Laptop closed? I’ve explained it in just five simple steps in this detailed picture guide below.

Most tech-savvy users have laptops to take their work with them everywhere; however, I frequently find the need to work with a larger screen than my laptop provides. Enter the docking station, allowing external monitor(s), keyboards, and mouse with the laptop as CPU.

For tasks requiring larger, and possibly multiple, screens, or just for the comfort of having a larger screen, the easier typing on a full-sized keyboard, and the precise control of a mouse, can’t beat a docking station.

However, you have to use the laptop with the lid closed, and therein lies the problem – Window’s default action is to put the laptop in sleep mode when the laptop is closed.

So, how to use the docking station with the closed laptop? Well, I’ve got your answer; keep reading!

What Is A Docking Station?

The docking station is a hardware piece allowing users to connect external monitors, keyboards, and mice to a central processing unit (CPU). Desktop computers can be fitted with a docking station, allowing you to dock a laptop with the desktop and use the monitor, keyboard, and mouse. 

docking station for laptop

It also lets you keep the laptop in sync with the desktop, so whenever I undock it, it’s current with the data and applications on my desktop.

The docking station allows you to use the external hardware while making the laptop the CPU. This is a more likely setup for a home user or a remote worker, who wants to take the work with them wherever they go, but still use external screens, keyboards, and mice when the occasion arises.

How To Use Docking Station With Laptop Closed (Step-By-Step)

Windows 10 automatically puts a laptop in sleep mode whenever the lid is closed. It does this to keep you from doing a cold boot whenever you want to use the machine. It’s a good reason; cold boots take a long time and have more wear and tear on the hardware. Windows 10 does, however, allow you to change the setting so the machine stays active with the lid down.

So, I’ll be discussing the Windows laptop OS; if you want the Mac OS settings, just let me know; I’ll also include that, but I think most people face this issue in the Windows laptop! So, let’s get into the picture guide…

Step 1: Open Control Panel

Open the control panel in the Windows laptop to change the main settings. Search in ‘all apps’ and ‘Control Panel’ and open them.

Step 2: Go To ‘Hardware and Sound’

Step 2: Go To ‘Hardware and Sound’

Here you’ll get many settings to adjust your laptop; for now, we have to go to the ‘Hardware and Sound’ option.

Step 3: Select Power Options

In this step, you’ll get five options to select; from these options, select the ‘Power Options’ icon and click it. 

Step 4: Select ‘Choose what closing the lid does.’

There are several choices down the left side; select the “Choose what closing the lid does” option.

When the screen opens, there are three options:

  1. When I press the power button:
  2. When I press the sleep button:
  3. When I close the lid:

To the right of these choices are two columns:

  1. On battery
  2. Plugged in

Step 5: Select ‘Do Nothing’ in the ‘When I close the lid’ row for the ‘Plugged in’ Column.

Under these two headings (On Battery and Plugged In) are drop-down option boxes; the default selection for all three power modes is “sleep.”

You must change the “When I close the lid” setting to keep the laptop active while docked. Drop the selection menu down by clicking in the box under “Plugged in.” Change the option to “Do nothing” and save changes. The laptop will stay active when you shut the lid, allowing you to use it as the CPU in a docking station.

Easy, and I hope that it has helped you!!! In this way, you can keep your monitor on when the laptop is closed for Windows OS.

Plus, your external keyboard will be on; once the laptop is closed, it will not get disconnected from your monitor.

How To Use Dell Docking Station With Laptop Closed?

Dell docking station is one of the most common docking stations which is globally used. To use the Dell docking station with the laptop closed, open Control Panel in your Windows laptop > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > Select ‘Choose What closing the lid does’ > In the ‘When I close the lid’ row, select ‘Do nothing’ in the column ‘Plugged in.’

And in this way, you’ll easily use your external monitor with the Dell docking station and your laptop closed.

How To Use HP Docking Station With Laptop Closed?

To use the HP Docking station with the closed laptop, go to your control panel in your Windows laptop, then select ‘Hardware and Sound,’ choose ‘Power Options,’ now select ‘Choose what closing the lid does’ and select ‘Do nothing’ under the ‘Plugged In‘ option for the ‘When I close the lid’ row.

Now you can use your HP docking station with the laptop closed.


What Kind Of Docking Station Should I Get?

Check with your machine manufacturer to see if they offer a docking station; if they don’t, a generic one should be compatible with your Windows PC. Dell and HP docking stations are also quite acceptable; you can get them too.

What Features Should I Look For Before Getting a Docking Station?

Getting a docking station allowing multiple monitors would be best – you never know when you’ll need a second external screen. There should also be ports for the keyboard and mouse and external USB ports. It’s hard to get to your USB ports on the laptop when it’s docked.

I’m Having Problems Using My Laptop With The Docking Station; What Do I Do?

First, verify you have everything set up correctly. If you do, and the docking station is from your laptop maker, contact the support desk of your laptop and explain your problem – they should be able to help you resolve it. If your laptop manufacturer does not make the docking station, contact the docking station maker for help.


Staying mobile with technology is the name of the game; however, when you are in a stable location for a while, do yourself a favor and consider a docking station. It makes using your laptop far more accessible and better physically – hunching over a small screen for hours of work is not good. 

Using a larger keyboard and mouse’s also better for your hands. Using mice for long periods can give you a “Mouse Elbow,” but a finger pad doesn’t cut it for drawings and diagrams where precision is necessary. Ultimately, you’ll find it a worthy purchase for your computer work.

So, I hope I’ve solved your query about using a docking station with a laptop closed. Still, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments, and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for the read!

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