How To Reduce Screen Size On HP Laptop? (Simplified In Easy Steps)

Screen resolution, expressed in terms of pixels on the horizontal axis and pixels on the vertical axis, refers to the clarity of images and data displayed on your laptop screen. That said, it is a no-brainer that image sharpness immensely depends on the screen resolution and size. 

With so many HP laptop models having different features and screen sizes, knowing how to reduce screen size on HP laptops as needed is essential. Reducing the size of objects means higher resolution for enhanced clarity. Keep in mind that the same resolution will be clear on a smaller screen but gradually lose sharpness as the screen is enlarged. 

That said, an adequately adjusted screen size will deliver visually appealing output. This post will guide you through various ways you can use to resize your HP laptop screen size for better resolution. Keep reading!

How To Reduce Screen Size On HP Laptop (Step-By-Step)

The most comfortable and most convenient way to reduce screen size on HP laptops is using the built-in capabilities of OS functionality. Thankfully, the approach is straightforward and can be accomplished in a short while. 

Reducing Screen Size On HP Laptops

It is also good to note that resizing the screen size depends on the version of the Windows OS you’re using. I will show you how to reduce screen size in windows 10 and 7, the most standard windows. 

1. Reducing Screen Size Of HP Laptop In Windows 10

Step 1

Close open windows, if any.

Step 2

Right-click on the desktop and select Personalize. This will open the Background setting page. 

Step 3

On the top right corner, type “display” the select Display Settings. This will open the Display Settings window, which will automatically direct you to the Display page under the system page.

Step 4

Under the Screen Resolution (Scale and layout), select the resolution you desire from the drop-down menu. After choosing the resolution you want, you will be prompted to select Keep Changes and Revert. By clicking Keep Changes, you will have adjusted the display resolution.

2. Reducing Screen Size Of HP Laptop In Windows 7

Step 1

Right-click on the desktop and select Personalize. This will display the Personalization system page. 

Step 2

Click Display > Adjust resolution, and you will see the screen resolution setting page pop. 

Step 3

Select the resolution you desire from the menu and click OK. A confirmation window will open, prompting you to save changes.

Step 4

Click Keep Changes to save the new settings.

You can now continue using your HP laptop with a newly reduced screen size. For a richer, clear color composition, choose the 64-bit processor and the default refresh rate. This will give a better display of data and images. 

Native Resolution Of Different HP Laptops

HP Laptop

HP laptop screens are usually LCD type and run best at native resolution. While laptop screens are designed to work best at a specific resolution, the exciting part is that they typically support the higher resolution. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the screen, the higher the resolution it supports. 

If you’re not sure of your laptop’s native resolution, check its manual or on the HP website. The most popular HP laptop screens include: 

19” screen: 1280 x 1024 pixels
20” screen: 1600 x 1200 pixels
22” screen: 1680 x 1050 pixels
24” screen: 1900 x 1200 pixels

Again, remember that screen sizes and native resolutions differ significantly. So, the surest way to know the native resolution for your HP laptop is by referring to the product’s manual.

How To Resize Text And Images On HP Laptops

If you want to make objects on your Laptop appear smaller or larger without necessarily changing other settings, there is an easy way to zoom in or zoom out. However, you will need a mouse. 

Some HP laptops have a touchpad with an option to scroll just like you would do with a typical mouse scroll wheel. 

Connect your mouse to your laptop and follow these steps to zoom in or zoom out objects such as images, desktop icons, text, and webpages. 

Step 1

Click anywhere on your laptop’s screen or on the object you want to zoom.

Step 2

Press and hold the Control (CTRL) key on your keyboard.

Step 3

Rotate the connected mouse’s scroll wheel to zoom in or zoom out the object on your screen. 


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1. How Do You Make The Screen Smaller Using A Keyboard?

Reducing screen size on HP laptop using a keyboard is relatively easy. Just click anywhere on your Laptop’s screen, then press and hold the CTRL key on the keyboard. While holding the CTRL button, press the “-”. Keep pressing the two keys together until the screen is reduced to the size you desire. To restore standard view, press CTRL and “0” together. 

2. How Do You Make The Screen Smaller In Google Chrome?

You can scale information displayed by Google Chrome by changing the browser settings. 

To do this, open your browser and locate three dots (strips) located in the upper right corner. Click on those dots, and a drop-down menu will pop. Select Zoom, then use “-” to reduce Google Chrome’s display to the desired size.

3. How Do You Make The Screen Smaller In Microsoft Word Output?

To change the screen size in Word format, open a new MS Word document or any document you want to resize. On the toolbar, locate the View tab and go to it. Next, find a section with the inscription Zoom and a lens-like image, then click on it. On the window that pops us, type the desired zoom-in percentage and click OK. This will reduce the MS Word output to the desired size. 


Resizing the screen of your HP laptop doesn’t need to be hard. Thankfully, most approaches are easy, convenient, and user-friendly. Again, the procedures tend to be the same for most Windows OS versions. With the tips and techniques I have shared in this article, you will obtain smaller screens for different HP laptop models. 

That was it for this post and I hope that now your query that is ‘How To Reduce Screen Size On HP Laptop’ is solved and you are quite satisfied with it. If you have any doubts or you are facing any problem while reducing the screen size of your HP laptop just comment your doubts and I would definitely assist you.

And yes, if you have more solutions to reduce the screen size on HP laptops you can comment your ideas. Thank You!!!

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