How To Make Your Keyboard Light Up On Lenovo? Easy

The keyboard lighting feature is a feature that illuminates the buttons on your Lenovo laptop keyboard to make it easier to type in a dark or dimly lit environment. All recent Lenovo laptops have this feature; you can enable or keep them off.

If you think your laptop should be capable of lighting up in a dark room, it almost certainly is. In this article, you’ll learn how to use the keypad backlighting feature on most Lenovo laptops and troubleshoot keypad lighting issues.

How To Make Your Keyboard Light Up On Lenovo?

To enable keyboard lights on a Lenovo laptop, press and hold down the (Fn + spacebar) Fn key and then press the spacebar once. Your Lenovo laptop should light up at once if your laptop has the keypad backlight feature. Hold down the Fn key and press the spacebar twice to increase backlight brightness.

The Fn key, also known as the function key, is available to the right of the control button on most Lenovo laptops. If you’ve used your laptop long enough, you must’ve turned on the keyboard light by mistake, as it’s easy to hit the key combination that enables this feature.

Does All Lenovo Laptop Have Keyboard Light?

Most recent Lenovo laptops have keyboard lights, but not all Lenovo laptops have this feature. Newer versions of Lenovo laptops have well-equipped keyboard lights, unlike older versions. Most Ideapad and Thinkpad lineup laptops have some of the best-equipped keyboard lights of all Lenovo laptops.

Why Is My Keyboard Not Lighting Up On Lenovo Laptop? (Reasons)

If your laptop keyboard is not lighting up, it may be because it doesn’t support the backlit keyboard feature. In this case, you can upgrade your device to newer versions to enjoy the functionality. However, if your computer has a backlit feature and is still not lighting up, you should try using the Lenovo vantage software to activate it.

Here is a breakdown of some of the top reasons your keyboard may not light up and a hint on how to solve them.

Why Is My Keyboard Not Lighting Up On Lenovo Laptop? (Reasons)

1. Your Laptop Doesn’t Support It

Not all Lenovo Laptops support the keypad light feature, so your keyboard is failing to light up because you are using an older version that doesn’t support it. You can purchase a newer Lenovo laptop model if you want your keyboard to light up in dark environments.

2. Faulty Keyboard

Another reason your keyboard may fail to light up is if it is faulty. If keyboard lights that work previously suddenly stop working, it’s usually due to a faulty keyboard. You should take the keyboard to a technician for repair or, better still, get the whole keyboard replaced to turn on the lights again.

However, if you are sure your keyboard is okay, the problem may be related to the keyboard drivers. Consider reinstalling the keyboard drivers to fix the fault.

3. Faulty Drivers

Corrupted drivers may be why your keyboard isn’t lighting up when it should. Drivers are the files that serve as an intermediary between your computer and your keyboard; they make your laptop know how to interact with your keyboard. If the driver responsible for lighting up your keyboard is faulty, you may encounter lightning problems.

Uninstall the keyboard drivers and restart the laptop; it will automatically reinstall them. Uninstalling the driver should fix the problem; if it doesn’t, it may be unrelated to the driver. Consider trying other options.

Sometimes, all you need to fix a keyboard lightning issue is to restart the Lenovo laptop. Restarting your computer is a natural troubleshooting step you should try before attempting other options. Restarting your computer will clear the memory and fix many minor issues, including the laptop keyboard not lighting up.

Why Is My Backlit Keyboard Not Working?

There are many reasons why your backlit keyboard may stop working. These may include faulty device drivers, faulty keyboards, outdated laptop models, or using a keyboard that doesn’t support backlighting in the first place. You can fix these faults by identifying the cause of the problem and taking the necessary steps to solve it.

Do Lenovo Chromebooks Have Backlit Keyboards?

Most recent Lenovo Chromebooks have backlit keyboards you can turn on by pressing the key combination specified earlier. However, very old and cheap Chromebooks from Lenovo usually skimp on this feature. If you press the necessary key combination and your keyboard doesn’t light up, you’re unfortunately out of luck.


How To Turn On Keyboard Light Lenovo Ideapad S145?

It’s impossible to turn on the keyboard lights on this specific Lenovo laptop model as it doesn’t come with a backlit keyboard. Pressing the Fn + Spacebar key combination will do nothing, and trying all the fixes above will likely not work. You’ll need to upgrade to a better Lenovo laptop to use the keyboard lighting feature with an Ideapad laptop.

How To Turn On Keyboard Light Windows 10 Lenovo?

To turn on the Keyboard light on Windows 10 Lenovo, press and hold the Fn key and spacebar key on your keyboard. Repeat this step to turn off the keyboard light and increase brightness. If your keyboard refuses to turn on, it’s usually due to one of the aforementioned causes.

How To Turn On Keyboard Light Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3?

Turning the Keyboard backlight on your Lenovo Ideapad 3 Slim resembles other models. Press and hold the Fn and spacebar keys to toggle the keyboard light on and off.

How Do I Turn On The Keyboard Light On My Lenovo Chromebook?

Since Chromebooks have a different keyboard setup, turning on the keyboard light on Lenovo Chromebooks is different from other laptops. Simply locate and press the Ctrl+Alt+I, and a menu will pop up asking you to select your preferred lighting effect. Select the one that suits you best, and you are good to go.


Turning on the Lenovo keyboard lightning isn’t challenging to identify your laptop model and learn how to go about it. Note that your laptop version needs to support the backlit keyboard feature before you can light up your keyboard.

To turn off the keyboard lights during the day, you can always use the same key combinations you used while turning it on. It will gradually increase the brightness and eventually turn off after getting to the brightest setting.

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