How To Make Laptop Screen Brighter Than Max? Complete Guide (3 Methods)

In this modern age of technological advancements, laptop screens have been built with automatic settings that enable them to regulate the brightness level by the natural lighting of the environment. 

The screen gets dimmer and brighter in well-lit areas to balance the illumination in dark environments. But sometimes, the maximum brightness level might still not be enough or malfunction when viewing the screen. In such a scenario, what can you do? 

I have a few ways to make your laptop screen brighter than max if you face such a frustrating scenario. 

How To Make Laptop Screen Brighter Than Max?

You can make your laptop screen brighter than the max in 3 different ways. One is by installing Brightness software applications, the second is by going into the Color Calibration Wizard, and the third is by adjusting your Laptop’s brightness level by going into the Action Center menu.

Ways To Make Laptop Screen Brighter Than Max

If you have increased the brightness levels of your laptop to the maximum of 100% and still find it frustrating watching multimedia content on your screen, there are ways you can quickly solve this problem. But first, how can you adjust the brightness levels of your laptop?

Adjusting Brightness Levels By Making Use Of Your Keyboard 

The brightness levels of your laptop can be adjusted to bright or dimmer levels by finding the sun icon on the keyboard of your laptop. It is usually located on the F1 or F2 keys, with F1 used to dim the screen and F2 to brighten it. 

(F11 and F12 function keys also make the brightness level dimmer or brighter in some laptops.)

If you use a Windows 10 laptop, you can adjust the brightness levels through the Action Center menu, denoted by a message icon on the bottom right of your screen. Then click on the expand button; now, you can easily brighten or dim your screen’s contrast.

(Below is a shortcut way for the same process to get to the Action Center Menu on Windows 10 Laptop)

The Shortcut option to Brightness Level in Windows:

You can easily make your laptop screen brighter than max by going into the Action Center Menu on your Windows Laptop. Press the “A” and “Windows key” simultaneously on your keyboard, and the brightness bar will display on the right side of your laptop. You can drag this brightness level bar to the max to make your Laptop screen brighter.

However, the keyboard method of adjusting the brightness levels differs for MacBooks. For people using MacBook laptops, the screen brightness can be adjusted by going through the below steps: 

  • Click on the System menu.
  • Click on the Apple menu to adjust the brightness levels according to your preference. 

But when you have done the above steps and still want to increase the brightness levels past the max, the following ways will help you achieve your desire. 

Make Use Of The Color Calibration Wizard 

First, if you are using a Windows 10 laptop, you can get the laptop screen to surpass the maximum brightness levels by running the Color Calibration Wizard. You can make use of this application by taking the following steps:

  • Click on the Start menu on your screen’s lower left side, denoted by the famous Windows logo.
  • Click on “Settings,” represented by the gear icon.
  • Click on the “System” option under Settings.
  • Click “Display,” then scroll down and click on the “Advanced Display Settings” hyperlink under the “Multiple displays” menu.
  • Click on the “Color Management” bar that shows on the pop-up window when you click on “Display adapter properties for Display 1”
  • Another pop-up window opens; click the “Advanced” menu tab. 
  • Go to the Display Calibration bar at the lower right of your screen and click on the “Calibrate Display” Button. 
  • Adjust the screen brightness levels according to your preference.
Color Calibration Wizard Settings In Windows 10

The above steps are the usual way of getting the screens of most laptop brands to brighten past the maximum levels. 

However, the Color Calibration Wizard steps are different if you are using a MacBook laptop. The Calibration Wizard can be assessed through these steps: 

  • Click on System Preferences.
  • Choose the Display option.
  • Click on Color.
  • Click Calibrate.
  • Adjust the brightness levels to your preference.

Use Brightness Software Applications 

Another way to get the brightness level of your laptop going past the maximum is to use software applications specifically made for this issue. Several software applications can brighten your laptop’s screen past the maximum levels.

Applications like the Lux App, Gama Panel, and Lamin App for Windows 10 allow you to brighten your laptop’s screen above the maximum levels through its customizable settings. You can even have your laptop screen automatically regulate the brightness levels under the natural brightness or darkness lighting of the environment where you are using your laptop. 

For users of MacBook laptops, the Brightness Slider app is a good choice. With this software application, you can easily adjust the brightness levels from the menu bar. It also enables the easy customization of your MacBook’s brightness levels according to your desire.

The software apps that boost your laptop screen’s brightness levels are suitable for your eyes as they help reduce eye strain to the minimum caused by prolonged viewing of your screen through its low-light intensity feature. The apps also help to conserve the battery life of your laptop. 

How To Disable The Automatic Brightness Feature On Your Laptop

The Automatic Brightness Feature of most laptops is developed to minimize straining of the eyes from prolonged viewing of your screen and conserve your laptop’s battery. But sometimes, it does interfere with the desired brightness levels of your laptop, making it a strain to view some videos. 

You can easily have this feature disabled on your laptop by performing the following steps: 

  • Click on the Windows OS logo on the lower left of your screen.
  • Initiate the Control Panel option.
  • Click on the Hardware and Software option.
  • Click on Power Options under this menu.
  • Click the Change Plan Settings under the performance plan option.
  • Adjust the brightness levels with the use of the calibration bar.

Without exception, this is the same procedure for disabling the automatic brightness feature regardless of the laptop brand you are using. 


How To Make Lenovo Laptop Screen Brighter Than Max In Windows?

You can make the screen brighter in Windows laptops by pressing the Fn key followed by the F1 to F12 keys with the sun icon. Press Fn, then F1 to brighten, and Fn, then F2 to dim the screen as you prefer for your eyes. 

How To Make HP Laptop Screen Brighter Than Max?

You can make your HP laptop screen brighter than the maximum levels by going through the Control Panel. Next, get into the “Hardware and Sound” Click on Power Options, then Change Plan Settings. Click on the Adjustment Brightness plan and use the calibration bar to adjust accordingly.

You can also make use of the Function key to perform this action. Press the Fn key, followed by the F10 key, to make this adjustment quickly.

How To Make My Laptop Screen Brighter Than Normal?

You can make your laptop’s screen brighter than average by downloading one of the internet’s reliable brightness-boosting software applications. Applications like the Lux, Gama Panel, and more are good examples.

How To Make Your Chromebook Screen Brighter Than Max?

The screen of your Chromebook can exceed its maximum brightness levels by pressing the function keys with the sun icon. If that does not achieve your desired brightness levels, you can go through the Action Center to adjust the brightness levels with the calibration bar on your Chromebook.

What Could Cause Random Brightness And Dimming Of A Laptop Screen? 

This happens when your laptop’s battery is not working correctly or has been corrupted by a computer virus. Always visit websites that are genuine to prevent such an occurrence.  


The brightness of a laptop screen goes a long way in enjoying multimedia content a great deal. I believe with this article on how to make your laptop screen brighter than max, you will now be able to adjust the brightness levels of your laptop with ease.

But always remember to ensure it does not affect your eyes and take a toll on your laptop’s battery life.

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