How To Connect Dell Laptop To Printer Wirelessly? (Step-By-Step)

Wireless printers employ a Wi-Fi connection to print items on your laptop without being attached to a printer cable and can accept files from anywhere in the room or office.

If you’re distant from your Wi-Fi, a wireless printer might also print files emailed to it. But how do you connect the wireless Printer to your Dell laptop? 

Well, in this article, I’ll guide you step-by-step on how to connect Dell laptop to printer wirelessly, so without any due, let’s get into it!

Follow The Steps Below To Enable Wireless Printing On Dell By Employing An Installation CD

  • Power on your Printer and the laptop established with the Wi-Fi connection  
  • Put in the Software and CD that was packaged with your Dell printing device into your laptop’s disc drive.
  • Click accept on the terms of the License and take to the instructions provided by the software.
  • Attach your USB cable between your Laptop and your Wireless printer if the on-screen instructions demand you to.
  • Finish the installation as directed, then set up your printer and adjust your cartridges.

Wireless printers operate through a network connection; if your printer is used in the home, it would exist as an Internet connection, while in the office, it will be an office network. 

The method of attaching a wireless printer to a Wi-Fi network will depend on the manufacturer. So, skim through the printer manual and follow the directions before setup

Steps To Set Up Internet Access On Your Printer

  • Turn up your Wi-Fi device and your Dell laptop 
  • Turn up your printer
  • Access the Control panel of the Printer and check its wireless setup settings. For Epson printers, go to Setup – Wireless LAN Settings; for HP and Canon printers, go to Network.
  • Click the wireless SSID of the Wi-Fi connection. 
  • Type in the security passcode (which is a WEP key or WPA paraphrase for the router) of the Wi-Fi
  • When the printer establishes a connection with the Wi-Fi, the printer’s wireless light will come on.

And in this way, you can easily set up your Internet Access on your printer by connecting it to a Wi-Fi device.

Moving on…

How To Connect Dell Laptop To Printer Wirelessly (Step-By-Step)

Once it gains access to the Wi-Fi connection, place the wireless printer icon on your laptop.

  • Turn up the printer 
  • Tap the Windows Search text box and enter “printer.” 
  • Click Printers and Scanners 
  • At the settings area, click Add a Printer/Scanner 
  • Click your Printer 
  • Click add device 
  • Be patient for Windows to configure the required drivers, then place the printer icon on your laptop. 
  • Windows may request that you install more software. If this is the case, click Get the App to download & install the application from the respective store. 
  • After the setup, your laptop will send documents for printing from the wireless printer without any USB or printer cable connection.
  • If your printer isn’t appearing on Windows, navigate to the Printers & Scanners area. If Windows can’t connect with the Printer, ensure the laptop and printer employs one network. 
  • Click Add a Printer/Scanner. 
  • Click where it indicates that the printer I want is not on the list.
  • At the Add printer area, click Add a Bluetooth, wireless/network discoverable printer and press next.
  • Click the wireless printer and press next 
  • Exit the settings area when done. 

And in this way, you can effortlessly connect a Dell laptop to a printer Wirelessly. But, if you cannot connect your laptop to the printer wirelessly, you can refer to this short video. It shows you how to connect a wireless printer to your Windows 10 laptop.


Why Won’t My Dell Laptop Connect To My Printer? 

What is required of you is disconnecting all devices attached to the printer and laptop. Place the USB cable connecting the printer and laptop properly by removing the two ends and putting them in again.  

How Do I Connect My Dell Laptop To A USB Printer? 

Insert the power cable of the Dell laptop into an outlet. Connect one side of the Printer’s USB cable into it and the second end to your laptop’s USB opening.  


Connecting a Dell laptop to the printer wirelessly is easy if you follow the guidelines above step-by-step

Just check these things before proceeding to your primary task of printing documents: your laptop and printer are connected to one Wi-Fi device, and the printer installation process on your Dell laptop is appropriately carried out. You are good to go if all these things are proper and perfect.

If you cannot set up the Wi-Fi, refer to this guide by Microsoft – Setting up a wireless network.

So, I hope this article has helped you wirelessly connect your Dell (windows) laptop to a printer. If you still have any queries, leave them in the comments, and I’ll get a solution back to you!

Thanks for the read!

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