How To Charge A Laptop Without A Charger? 7 Possible Ways Explained

Have you broken your charger, or do you not have one? Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can charge your laptop without a charger. 

What do you do when your laptop charger fails you, and nobody around you has the same brand as you?

What if you forgot your laptop charger at home and needed a quick charge? Or maybe you’re traveling but can’t find an outlet to plug into. What do you do then?

(I’ve been in the same situation last weekend, but I got my laptop later charged without a charger.)

There are several ways to keep your laptop charged, even if you don’t have a charger. And I’ve discussed all of those possible ways in this blog post.

What you’ll learn today:

  • How to charge a Laptop without a Charger with seven different smart working solutions.
  • I’ve also answered six different queries related to the topic below.

How To Charge A Laptop Without A Charger?

You can charge your laptop without a charger in several ways. You can use a power bank, which is a portable battery. You can use a universal adapter, a car battery, or a smartphone or carry an extra battery. 

List Of Possible Ways To Charge A Laptop Without a Charger

Ever find yourself in a situation where you have no electricity, and your laptop is about to die? It’s not the end of the world if you know how to charge it. Many ways might work, such as using a power bank, having an extra piece of laptop battery, and more.

I’m sure that one of these methods will help you out! So, let’s get into this..

1.) Use a Power Bank

Most people prefer this option because this is the least complicated and most convenient way to charge your laptops without chargers. Power banks are essentially portable power sources for your laptop. All you have to do is plug your laptop into the power bank, and it will charge your laptop for you.

Power banks are offered in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Hence, they are all also built with various charging capacities. Power banks are typically capable of replenishing your battery once or maybe twice. This becomes especially true when you are aiming to charge a high-powered laptop.

Power banks have to be charged too. When your power bank runs out of power, you can no longer use it to charge your laptop. Hence, I would suggest ensuring your power bank is kept charged; that way, you can take it whenever you spontaneously need to head out, but your laptop is not charged.

But make sure you use a power bank suitable for laptops, like those in the market only have 5V USB output, whereas a Laptop needs a higher voltage than smartphones. A Laptop would need a high voltage output of 16V-20V, depending upon your device specifications.

2.) Use USB Type-C to charge your Battery

The USB connector is the most commonly used laptop connector. We will discuss the USB Type-A and USB Type-C connectors.

Types Of Port

USB ports are the most common way to charge your Laptop and connect devices. They come in many shapes, sizes, and configurations with different features that can be confusing. Today we will discuss the USB Type-A Port and USB Type-C Port.

USB Type-A Port

This USB is flat and rectangular; laptops are typically equipped with these USB ports. The Type-A USB can be easily recognized.

Depending on your hardware, the USB Type-A connectors can support USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and USB 3.1. Type-A USB ports offer data transfer, power output, and connectivity to other devices like printers

USB Type-C Port

This USB port is a more modern design, and its appearance is distinct compared to the USB Type-A port. The Type-C port possesses connectors that are similarly sized to the micro-USB connector. The Type-C USB ports are oval-shaped connectors. 

Type-C USB ports can support USB 3.1 or USB 3.2 technology, enabling you to transfer data at 20Gbits per second. The Type-C USB port possesses all the features of previous USB port models. However, a distinct critical component of the Type-C USB port also offers power input. This feature allows you to charge your laptop without using a specific brand charger.

Charging your Laptop with a Type-C USB port

You will need a power bank and a USB Type-C connector to use this charging method. All you need to do is connect your laptop to the power bank utilizing the Type-C USB port.

However, most laptops operate at eight to twelve volts of power, whereas most USB ports used for charging can only deliver five volts of power. If you need to use your laptop while charging, you must get a power bank suitable for the laptop. 

3.) Use a Universal Adapter

If you own an older laptop model, the charger for that model will likely be discontinued. What would you do if it breaks? Fortunately, you can use an adapter to charge your laptop without the model-specific laptop charger.

The universal adapters are AC/DC connectors sold with various connecting tips. These tips support a wide range of multiple brands. Fortunately, you do not have to purchase a complete set to acquire a specific tip. Tips are also sold separately if you only need a particular tip. 

Universal adapters operate similarly to the laptop’s original charger. You can also use your laptop while it is charged with a universal charger. However, you risk damaging your battery if you set your amperage too high. The high amperage will cause your laptop to overheat, resulting in a damaged battery, so I suggest you exercise caution when using universal adapters.

4.) Use of a Car Battery

If you spend a lot of time on the road, you will likely need to charge your laptop while not having access to a wall socket. Conventional chargers typically do not work without access to traditional wall electricity sockets.  Luckily, you can use your car battery to charge your laptop.

A power inverter is the most common way to use your car battery to charge your laptop without a charger. Power inverters can be plugged directly into your car’s cigarette lighter socket. They can be used to power devices that operate continuously at 300 watts, which is ample for your laptop.

The negative aspect of this solution is that you have a bulky device placed on your car’s floor. Despite that disadvantage, this option is still significant because it is easy to implement. Another obstacle with this solution is the laptops’ absence of a built-in voltage regulator.

Most devices built in a manner that allows for car use come with built-in voltage regulators that adjust the battery voltage accordingly. However, laptops have been designed so that their distinct AC adaptors do all the regulating, so charging your car with your car battery can be tricky.

An AC adapter is another method to charge your laptop with your car battery. You must connect a USB Type-A connector on one side and a USB Type-C on the other. At this point, you only have to connect the USB charger to your laptop.

5.) Have an Extra Piece of Battery

Laptop brands do sell spare parts. If you will be away from a power source for your laptop, getting an extra battery would be a relatively uncomplicated way to go about having extra power while you are out.

You could get an external battery charger to charge your spare battery effortlessly. These external battery chargers can be plugged into your wall, and you can place your laptop battery into the device. By using this device, you will be able to charge your laptop and your spare battery simultaneously.

However, laptop brands have also made external chargers specific to their brands. If you decide to acquire an external charger, you should pay close attention to ensure it is compatible with your laptop.

6.) Use Externally Chargeable Laptop Battery

Using an external Chargeable battery is also one of the clever ideas for charging a laptop without a charger. This would be a good option if your laptop has a broken charger port or you want a power saver.

But make sure that whenever you get an external chargeable laptop charger, choose a brand specific-battery that matches your laptop, or else you’ll get the wrong one.

Most of these external chargeable laptop batteries have light indications that help us detect the battery level.

7.) Use Your Smartphone

This method is usually used as a last resort in emergencies. Most smartphones can operate as power banks supplying your laptop with power. For obvious reasons, your smartphone will be unable to supply your laptop with power for an extended period.

Even when you use up your battery power, you will probably only be able to power your laptop for thirty minutes. A dead phone battery essentially becomes the tradeoff for thirty minutes of battery life.

Even though the benefits are short-lived, this is still a great solution when you have no alternative and you urgently need to use your laptop, so how should you go about using this method? You will need a Type-C USB cable. You can connect your laptop to your smartphone with this cable, select the appropriate option, and be done.


How To Charge Laptop With HDMI?

To charge your laptop with an HDMI cable, you should connect your HDMI cable to your television. After that, you should connect the other HDMI end to a Type-C USB port and plug the opposite end of the Type-C connector port into your laptop.

How to Charge a Laptop Without Electricity?

You can charge your Laptop without electricity by using a power bank. A power bank is a supplementary power source for your laptop. It is charged and stores power to supply your laptop with power. If you do not own a power bank but you own an appropriate connector, you can charge your laptop in your car.

How to Charge a Laptop without a Charger and Power Bank?

You can charge your laptop with an HDMI or in your car. You can charge your laptop in your car using USB ports. You must connect a USB Type-A connector on one side and a USB Type-C on the other, then connect the USB charger to your laptop.

How to turn on a Laptop without a Battery or Charger?

You can run your laptop without a battery by using an AC adapter. Laptops are designed in such as way that they can run on battery power and an AC power supply. You can plug the AC adapter into your laptop, and it will run even without a battery. Ensure that you are using your laptop’s distinct AC adapter.

How to Charge a Laptop with a Broken Charger Port?

Use an “Externally chargeable Laptop Battery” to charge your laptop with a broken charger port. Once your laptop battery is consumed, remove the (rechargeable) Laptop Battery from the backside of your laptop, plug it into the battery charger, and then mount the charger to the electric socket board. Once your battery is fully charged, you can put it back into your laptop and use it.

How to charge a Laptop with another Laptop?

Laptops can be charged with other laptops by placing your battery into the other laptop (if they have the same voltage). You can charge your battery on the other laptop and then put it back into it. 

How To Charge Dell Laptop Without Charger?

You can use alternate power sources to Charge your Dell Laptop without Charger, like, a power bank, universal adaptor, smartphone, car battery, and more.


Make the conscious choice to investigate and plan for times when your laptop runs out of power, but you desperately need to use it, as it is an investment you are making in yourself. 

These methods are tremendously helpful and will quickly relieve a sticky situation. Hopefully, at least one of these methods of charging your laptop without a laptop charger will appeal to you.

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