How To Change The Dual Boot Order In Windows 10 And Ubuntu? (Easy)

When you turn on a computer, you’ll notice that it automatically loads whatever operating system is on the hard drive. This is the optimal behavior for simplicity and ease of use, but there are times when it’s just a pain.

For instance, booting directly from the hard drive makes it impossible to install a new OS from a USB stick. You may have to change the boot order to boot from a USB stick to boot.

This article will show you how to do that on the two most popular PC operating systems that aren’t macOS or ChromeOS.

How To Change The Dual Boot Order In Windows 10 And Ubuntu? (2 Methods)

Method 1 – Change Boot Order On Windows 10 (Step-By-Step)

The steps for changing the boot order on a computer typically don’t differ across operating systems. Since you do everything from the BIOS before the computer boots up, it doesn’t matter if you use Windows or Ubuntu.

However, the Windows operating system made the process easier with seamless access to the BIOS. Here are the steps required to change the boot order on a computer running Windows 10:

1. Navigate To The Recovery Options In Windows 10

To change the boot order using the utility offered by the operating system, you’ll need to navigate to the Settings app on your Windows 10 and click on the Update & Security option. Then, click on Recovery Advanced Startup and click on Restart in the Advanced Startup section.

That should restart your computer and take you to a recovery screen where you can make many adjustments to your computer.

2. Select UEFI Firmware Settings And Navigate To The Boot Order Section

There’s usually an option at the Windows recovery screen that lets you access the UEFI firmware settings. If your computer lacks this option, it’s generally because you’re running on an old processor that uses BIOS and not UEFI.

Either way, you should be able to boot up into whatever firmware your computer uses from this recovery screen. When you do, find settings related to boot priority or boot order by navigating around with your keyboard.

3. Change The Boot Priority To The Preferred Device And Save

Using the appropriate buttons from your keyboard, change the boot device to your preferred option. If you’re trying to install an operating system, it’s likely to be a USB thumb drive. Otherwise, it’s usually an alternate hard drive for a second operating system.

Save your changes and watch your computer boot with the new device you selected when you’re done. Congratulations, you’ve just changed the boot priority on your Windows 10 computer.

Method 2 – Change Boot Order On Ubuntu (Step-By-Step)

If you’re a Linux stan that uses Ubuntu, all of the steps above do not apply to you. Ubuntu doesn’t offer a tool like Windows 10 Advanced Startup to help boot into the BIOS or UEFI firmware right from inside the operating system.

Thankfully, you can do that without access to the OS. Here are the steps required to change the boot order on Ubuntu.

  1. Shut down your computer completely. You should note that shutting down is different from putting it to sleep or hibernating the computer system.
  2. After shutting down the computer, turn it on while hitting the BIOS key repeatedly on your keyboard. This key varies across different computer makes and models, but it’s usually F10, F1, F2, or DEL. You can refer to your computer manual for precise information.
  3. From the options that show up, navigate to the boot options and change your boot order. Save your changes, and your computer should start up with your desired changes.

How To Set Windows As Default OS When Dual Booting Ubuntu?

Setting Windows as the default OS after an Ubuntu dual boot requires altering some information from the terminal. Navigate to Grub through the terminal and change the default value to 4 from 0 to always boot into Windows automatically.

How To Change Boot Order In Dual Boot?

You can change the boot order in a dual boot from Grub in the Ubuntu terminal. By changing the value of default from 0 to 4, you’re essentially telling your computer always to load Windows 10 automatically.

How Do I Change The Default Os In Dual Boot Windows 10 And Ubuntu?

The steps required to change the default OS after a dual boot involve tampering with the terminal. Unless you know what you’re doing, it’s recommended to get professional help to avoid nuking your PC.

How Do I Change Boot Order Between Ubuntu And Windows?

To change the boot order on a computer running Ubuntu or Windows 10, you’ll have to access the BIOS. This article shows you how to do that without bricking your computer.

How Do I Change Grub Boot Order In Windows?

Changing the Grub boot order requires altering the Linux filesystem, which is problematic for Windows. Since your PC is likely a dual boot of Windows and Linux, access the terminal from the Linux OS to simplify the process of changing the Grub boot order.


Both Windows and Ubuntu have made it easy to change the dual boot order on your computer. By following the steps in this article religiously, you can change what disk or operating system your computer boots to without seeing a tech professional.

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