Best Computer Courses List with Fees Details To Win Jobs: Step-by-Step Guide 2022

Today you and I will be discussing the best computer courses list with fees details which can effortlessly conquer Jobs. These courses are helpful for each and every student or a job-seeking person out there. In fact, Rohan (my friend) is doing quite well with the help of these courses.

As a student I’ve also been through this phase, now I’ll list you down all the computer courses with a good income, read this and take away that knowledge that a student is really struggling to get on the web.

And believe me

After reading this article your mind will be crystal clear for which course to opt for because I’m going to discuss it from a clean slate and some of these courses might make a career for you with a high salary!

The things that will be discussed are quite simple and easy to understand and 

It’s not…

Rocket Science! 

And you might not believe that…

Once Rohan asked me, what should I go for after I complete my 10th standard? I asked him about his passion, he replied that I’m a geek and I love the computer and I’m looking forward to opting for some computer courses.

I asked Rohan, have you tried any course? He laughed and replied, No Ramesh there are dozens of courses online and I’m not able to figure out that for which course I should go.

Later on, Rohan was convinced and got his advice.


How I convinced and what information did I serve to Rohan?

Well, seriously?

Now I’ll be discussing some killer and awesome computer courses, but for that…

You need to make a promise : )

Make a promise

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That you’ll not skip the headlines and will read each and every line, I’ll feed you the best possible information available on the internet.

I’ll also share some tactics and BONUS, for you all, so be with me till the last line.

So, now without any further due let’s start…

As of now, there are loads of computer courses out there in the market, but which one to choose? 

I’ll be sharing several tips that will help you.

Let’s Start!

Let’s start from the clean slate, from the basic level.

Here’s your Index that you are going to go through. You can hover your mouse or click on any section to directly reach there.

Table of Content: INDEX

Starting get ready…

4 Types of Computer Courses

Types of Computer Courses

Let me be honest, I’ll not pull this basic part more….


Basically there are 2 types of Computer Courses and that is…

  1. Free
  2. Paid

If we go in-depth…

But, in these two types, we have more 4 types included and that is offline, online, short term and long term.

So in total for Free:

  1. Free Online Course
  2. Free Offline Course
  3. Free Long Term Online Course
  4. Free Short Term Online Course
  5. Free Long Term Offline Course
  6. Free Short Term OfflineCourse

Same goes of Paid:

  1. Paid Online Course
  2. Paid Offline Course
  3. Paid Long Term Online Course
  4. Paid Short Term Online Course
  5. Paid Long Term Offline Course
  6. Paid Short Term OfflineCourse

I hope that now you are clear about the type of computer courses present.

Moving forward…

Most awaited, Amazing and Best section of this post which is fully power-packed with value.

The Wait is Over ; )

Now don’t let your eyeballs get distracted while reading and learning what I’m about to say.

Here’s it:

The Ultimate List: 21+ Best Computer Courses with fees details

My best part, yey!

In this part, I’ll be sharing 21+ List of Computer Courses


#1 Computer Basic Course

If you are quite new and you have zero idea about the computer and how the OS works then you should go for this course.

I mean if you are totally blank and don’t know about how to deal with small problems of the computer, how to use windows, Microsoft excel and word then you should go for this course.

This course for those who don’t know about the computer and are totally new to these terms.

You can go for paid and free courses, I’ll suggest you go for the free one.

Free courses are also valuable.

But if you know the basics then you should go for other mentioned courses!

Fees: Rs. 1000 – Rs. 5000 this cost is an approx value and not the exact value.

#2 Computer Programming Course

Well, this is one of the courses where most of the people dig into because this helps in winning jobs.

(There are more courses below, have a look on them before choosing a specific course)

Do you want to excel in Programming Languages like Java, C++, C, Python and many more?

You can do this course after your 10th or 12th standard which may help you in your carrier to move forward.

You can learn most of the programming languages from this site named ‘W3Schools’ because this is one of the best sites with flawless user experience. 

You can checkout LetsTute for Best Computer Courses In India. They are one of the well known E-learning companies that mostly focuses on ‘Self-Learning’.

Even my online mentor who used to teach me computer programming courses and tips for paid, he himself learned most of the things from W3 schools.

Fees: Rs. 2000 – Rs. 50,000 this cost is an approx value and not the exact value.

#3 Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering

So, this course is long term and in-depth about Computer Science. You can do this course after your 10th or 12th.

This course duration is 3 years and you can go for this course from any private college, school or governmental school, college.

After this course, you can move on and get yourself a job or else can go ahead for higher studies.

Fees: Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 2,00,000 this cost is an approx value and not the exact value.

#4 DCA (Diploma in Computer Application) 

(This course falls under Computer Course After 12th section)

This course can be done after 12th class and not important to belong from a specific stream like Arts, Commerce, Science.

A person who only knows quite less about Computer then this is one of the courses which he is searching for after 12th which can make him capable of jobs.

It is approximately 6-12 months course where you’ll be awarded the certificate once the course is completed.

Fees: Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 25,000 this cost is an approx value and not the exact value.

#5 Android Application Development Course

For people who love to make money from home, they only need a laptop and an internet connection.

Basically this is an Application Development Course where you’ll learn java, how to deal with the application development tools, how to use it, and etc.

You can also learn this Online and on YouTube. I’ve seen lots of people teaching this on YouTube.

Can also move towards paid courses on Udemy.

Fees: Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 50,000 this cost is an approx value and not the exact value.

Moving on…

Computer Degree Courses after 12th

Primarily there are a lot of computer degree courses, but in further paragraphs, I’ll be explaining the most demanded ones.

#6 BTech (CSE) Computer Science Engineering

This is one of the most popular course I think, 73% of my seniors are in this field and are doing good enough. 

Let’s know more about this course

After you pass your 12th standard you can opt for this course. 

What you’ll basically learn in BTech?

You’ll be covering most of the programming languages, how to create software, web-designing, Linux OS, cyber-security, and much more.

Interested in BTech (CSE) then can go for it…

This Course is expensive but worth it because you can learn a hell lot of it.

And you can only do this course when you have done your 12th standard with the Science Stream where the subject maths is mandatory.

You can move forward with this course if you are willing to learn. You can go for this computer course by a private institute or else by the governmental institute.

You’ll also be asked to appear for an entrance exam if you choose to go for a governmental institute.

Fees: Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 1,50,000 this cost is an approx value and not the exact value.

#7 BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)

Here too it’s quite similar to BCE, I mean in learning.

Let’s know more about BCA…

So in BCA, you’ll be learning programming, web-designing, web-application, Linux, algorithm, software-making, software-engineering and etc.

As I said in BSE that only science students with maths subject can go for it.


In BCA anyone can go, I mean a student from Science, Arts, Commerce can opt for this course.

So, BCA and BCE were the Computer Degree Courses after 12th that I was discussing. Now, I’m stopping here for the Degree courses section and now I’ll be continuing the normal list of computer courses.

Fees: Rs. 1,50,000 – Rs. 6,00,000 this cost is an approx value and not the exact value.

I wanted to ask some questions….

Bro, are you bored?

Very rare people are there who keep on reading but never get bored.

Never the less,

If you are bored then watch this video, I mean seriously this video will recap all the things that I’ve mentioned in the above valuable paragraphs.

And few content from the above lines is inspired by this Video!

Hope! That you have watched the video and happy with my recommendation for watching this video.

Moving forward…

#8 Web Designing

This is another amazing one, as you might have seen me mentioning this word in some of the above-mentioned courses which had this name quite a number of times.


Web designing course is all about developing a site with the programming languages (Html, Java, ASP, CSS, PHP, etc.) which turns out excellently. This is also a work from home opportunity.

Once you have your hands on Web designing you can do this job by being at home and that’s Freelancing. This field is also massive and you can earn well by freelancing and jobs.

Talking about the course, yes it is a lengthy course which lasts till 1 year but can go for short courses like their time duration is 3-6 months. After completing the course students are awarded a diploma certificate in web designing.

Fees: Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 15,00,000 this cost is an approx value and not the exact value.

#9 Hardware and Networking Courses

Yes, a demandable course!

This is one of the most demanding courses for getting jobs, employment. I mean being at this course you’ll be always energetic because every now and then you’ll see that the need for these jobs is advertised on TV and the Internet.

And in this faith, you start working hard, and it is true that there are good placements in this Course too.

Fees: Rs. 30,000 – Rs. 1,50,000 this cost is an approx value and not the exact value.

#10 Software, Programming Languages Courses

Software development always has been in recognition in the world of computers and no doubt I can proudly recommend you to pursue this course because the demand of Software Developers in the industry is rising.

Here, you’ll learn how to create and develop software using programming languages like Html, Java, Python, C, Ruby, LISP, Perl, Matlab, SQL and many more.

And if you ask me, which is the best institute to learn this Software, Programming Languages Courses then I’ll recommend NIIT. 

Yes, NIIT’s is a good place to learn where it is well-established institutes with centers covering most parts of India.


Once you are done with the course you need to keep one thing in mind that just doing the course would not land you to a job rather putting your whole heart in the course.

Fees: Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 2,00,000 this cost is an approx value and not the exact value.

#11 Animation & VFX

Are you really interested in visuals, animations, and all?

If you are seriously interested then you should go for this because this course is in demand again where this industry was not focused much before but due to the high demand rise, there’s a boom in this industry.

The salary is great, but you should know all the skills.

In this course, you’ll be covered: Animations, 3D innovation, illustrations, Graphics, Visual Effect which can further help you in getting offers to make cartoons, animation movies, and much more.

Or else if you want to work independently then doing this as a freelancing job will also work for you.

It’s mostly high demandable and evergreen course which can get you a job at a good position in media houses, film industries, mass media and many more.

Fees: Rs. 1,00,000 – Rs. 20,00,000 this cost is an approx value and not the exact value.

#12 Tally ERP 9

This course is under Finance and let le tell you that ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and ERP 9 is the latest version of Tally

Tally is accounting software. Tally courses teach you how to use tally and how does it works. Tally is trusted by many trusted companies and is used to store and transfer financial statements.

You can also go for Diploma Courses in Finance and Accounting which can help you to win the job.

Again you can go for this course from a private or governmental institute.

Fees: Rs. 3,000 – Rs. 10,000 this cost is an approx value and not the exact value.

#13 Microsoft Office & Typing Jobs

I’ve covered this course in the 1st point about the ‘Basic Computer Course’.

None the less.

Let me tell you again, this is different than the 1st one.

So in the ‘Basic Computer Course,’ you are totally new to computers but in this one, you are familiar with the computer but not for Microsoft Office and other functions.

In this course you’ll learn the MS Word, MS Excel, Powerpoint, and increasing typing speed.

This course can help you to get Data Entry Jobs which are really not that good but as a part-time, not bad.

Can be learned online for free of cost.

Fees: Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 10,000 this cost is an approx value and not the exact value.

#14 Computer Hardware Maintenance

Now, if you are not interested in the Software part you can opt for this course too. Here you’ll be taught how to repair the basic computer parts like a mouse, monitor, printer, CPU, and other problems.

You’ll be taught all the knowledge related to hardware so that if any hardware problem arises you can solve it within a fraction of seconds.

Fees: Rs. 2,000 – Rs. 10,000 this cost is an approx value and not the exact value.

#15 Data Entry Course

Yes, as I said that this is not a high-income job profile but can pursue as a part-time job. 

Here you only require good typing skills and if you are not having good computer software knowledge then you can go for it.

There are several online typing jobs and copy paste jobs where they have to do these data entry work.

Fees: (No perfect idea)

#16 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Course

Basically in this course, you’ll learn how to rank a webpage on a particular keyword on google to drive organic traffic.

Here you have to write articles and make money by SEO. This is done in Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and many more. 

SEO can help you to get crazy savvy income if you are quite good at it. It takes 6-7 months to understand it completely in-depth.

After doing this course you can represent yourself as an SEO Expert and can get higher position jobs in good companies that may pay you Rs. 1L / month.

Fees: Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 1,00,000 this cost is an approx value and not the exact value.

#17 Digital Marketing

Yes, this is a wide course and I’ve been in this, Digital Marketing is one of those courses which is on boom after the Jio Internet.

This demanding course contains SEO, Social Media Marketing (SMM), FB Marketing, Email Marketing, Google Ads, and much more.

Trying to do this?

I would recommend you to go for this because this course can open doors to success for you if you are starting a business.

Fees: Rs. 30,000 – Rs. 1,50,000 this cost is an approx value and not the exact value.

#18 Content Writing Course (Copywriting)

Content writing was in demand, is in demand, and will be in demand. 

In this course, you have to write high-quality articles. Content Outsourcing is being practiced by most of the pro bloggers and internet marketers.

Content is the king as it is truly said, so be in this field I’ll give you a 100% guarantee that you’ll be benefited once you have mastered the art of copywriting.

Fees: Rs. 1,000 – Rs. 20,000 this cost is an approx value and not the exact value.

#19 Artificial Intelligence

You might be knowing that how demanding this course is, as this is a fresh new industry that came a few years back in the role and is booming.

There are many more things coming in the future that are related to artificial intelligence.

Fees: Rs. 1,00,000 – Rs. 2,50,000 this cost is an approx value and not the exact value.

#20 Data Analyst

This is also a good carrier option, and you might not believe that there’s one of my friends in this field who manages and analyzes the data of a company.

But what does a Data Analyst Actually does?

He basically collects and stores the data on sales numbers, market research, and other behaviors.

And many more!

You can go for this course if interested and make a good carrier in it!

Fees: Rs. 1,00,000 – Rs. 20,00,000 this cost is an approx value and not the exact value.

#21 Cyber Security

This Course is self explanatory, and this course is really helpful and high job oriented.

Course has it’s demand, as the technology is increasing there’s a need of a cybersecurity specialist who can protect the back-end of the company.

It’s all about the safety measures, and if you ask me the salary, then the salary amount is great!

Fees: Rs. 1,00,000 – Rs. 2,00,000 this cost is an approx value and not the exact value.

That was it…

Hence, we come to an end of the list of these courses where I tried my best to recommend you the computer course with a job guarantee.

Disclaimer: The fee details that I’ve provided are just a rough and approx value which I found on the high authority site. Fees can be more or less than the amount mentioned.

Now, Let me clear some questions 


Which Course is Best for Beginners?

For beginners I’ll recommend ‘Basic Computer Course’ where you’ll learn all the basics and in future you can opt any of the mentioned courses according to your interest.

Which course will give me high job salary?

This question itself states that you want to do a job where you get a high salary, but actually there’s nothing like this. Choose a course according to your interest, master the skills and earn as much as you want. Best of Luck!

Can these courses be learned for free?

Yes! but only a few of them, for instance, the typing courses, SEO Course, Programming Languages and etc. but paying for a course and learning them would give you results faster.

Done with the FAQ’s 

Now let me tell you something very important

Yes, Important…

Oh, we are now at the end part and have almost completed the guide, but do you know Rohan?

Yes, that guy my friend Rohan!

If you know, well, and good if not just read the starting few lines…

So, in the same way, that I guided you throughout this guide I did it for Rohan too.


He patted on my back, and went to his house and thanked me for the knowledge that I showered on him.

Now your turn,

I just need you to comment below your feedback or just drop a question. I’ll definitely reply.




How can I forget that I need to remind you that guys please mention the best course that you loved?

So, here’s the deal: Just comment that “course name”


Just take action, and leave a comment!

Best of luck for your future!

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